(Agro)industrial Fungi & Yeasts Collection, BCCM/MUCL
A bibliography of the archaeozoological literature present at the laboratory of osteology in the Royal Museum for Central Africa
A biotic index of fish integrity (IBIP) to evaluate the ecological quality of lotic ecosystems - application to the Meuse River Basin (Belgium)
A comparative study of physiological, genetic and behavioural mechanisms involved in the sexual growth dimorphism of two teleost models : perch Perca fluviatilis L. and the Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus L.
A faunistic, synecological and zoogeographical study of the spiders (Araneae) of Belgium
A floral ontogenetic study of the Cornidae and related taxa: towards an improved characterisation of floral characters
A molecular study on the phylogeny of the Dipsacales based on the nucleotide sequences of the ndhF gene and of nuclear ribosomal DNA
A taxonomic revision of the Haplochromine cichlids (Pisces) from Lake Kivu (Africa)
Abiotic and biotic factors, and the metacommunity structure of zooplankton in shallow ponds of the nature reserve "De Maten" (Genk, Belgium)
Abundance, fluxes and effects of contaminants (metals, radionuclides, organics) in marine ecosystems
Acari (Arthropoda) collection of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Active restoration of species-rich grasslands, mainly in Wallonia (Belgium)
Adaptative and microevolutive ecology in mites (Acari)
Adaptive significance of intraspecific diversity: paedomorphosis and cannibalism in polyphenic amphibians
Adhesive mechanisms in marine invertebrates, especially echinoderms
African Amphibia Collection of the Royal Museum for Central Africa
African Biodiversity Information Centre (ABIC)
African Birds Collection of the Royal Museum for Central Africa
African Fish Collection of the Royal Museum for Central Africa
African Mammals Collection of the Royal Museum for Central Africa
African Reptilia Collection of the Royal Museum for Central Africa
African small mammals (Insectivora- Rodentia)
Agro-meteorology in apple and pear orchards
Agroforestry in Africa
Algological study of the Northern basin of Lake Tanganyika (C-Africa), in particular diatoms from the littoral and from surface sediments
Amaryllidaceae, Hypoxidaceae and Iridaceae of the Flora Malesiana and Flora of Indochina
Amphibia and Reptilia of Papua New Guinea
Amphibia and Reptilia of tropical Africa
Amphibia collection of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
An ecological assessment of the freshwater and soil diatoms from Subantartic Islands
Analysis of environmental information stored in lignified tissues
Analysis of the Hippuris vulgaris - H. tetraphylla species complex: study of the within and between populations variation of morph. characters (leaf-form, plasticity, phyllotaxis, rhizome-architecture), study of their biology, chorology and ecology
Aphids mounted on slides
Application of AFLP technique for the genetic resources conservation of a model plant with a mixed mating system (Lima bean) and test of sampling strategies for the set up of core collection
Application of the Diatom Biological Index (IBD) to water quality evaluation networks in Wallonia (Belgium)
Aquatic ecology of the lake Blankaart and adjacent ponds (Woumen, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium)
Aquatic macrophytes and freshwater algae in Africa and Belgium
Arachnida of Belgium in the collections of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Arbuscular mycorrhizal Fungi
Archaeobotanical diatom investigations in Flanders (Belgium)
Archaeopalynological investigations in the territory of Sagalassos (southwestern Turkey)
Archaeozoological reference collection (Vertebrata; Mollusca; Crustacea)
Archaeozoology in Europe, N-Africa and SW-Asia
Archaeozoology: archaeometry of mammal bones
Archeozoology of Roman sites in Turkey, especially Sagalassos
Archeozoology of roman and medieval european sites
Arctic and Antarctic Rotifera (Invertebrata)
Artemia (Anostraca, Crustacea) species and strain characterisation
Artemia cyst collection
Assessing zooplankton diversity in shallow lakes using resting egg banks
Assessment and management modelling of woody vegetation in a forest zone in southern Senegal
Associate editor of the journal Nematologica, responsible for morphology and taxonomy
Atlas of the Walloon Karst and integrated conservation of underground habitats in Wallonia (Belgium)
Atlas of the distribution of vascular plants in Belgium (edition 1972)
Atmospheric pollutants (heavy metals, radionuclids, NOx, SO2) in forest ecosystems, with special attention for mycorrhizal fungi
Augmentation of natural parasitoid hymenopterid populations (Insecta) by strip management
Author of the "Flore algologique des côtes du Nord de la France et de la Belgique"
Aves collection of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Avifauna of Congo-Kinshasa, especially Province de l'Equateur
BCCM/LMBP Plasmid collection (including DNA libraries and microbial host strains
Bacteria Collection, BCCM/LMG
Bacteria-host interactions in domesticated animals
Baikal and Antarctic Gammarid Amphipods (Crustacea): a key for understanding polar gigantism
Barriers of incompatibility of Vigna unguiculata (Fabaceae) and its wild relatives in Northern Africa
Basic inventory of four forest reserves in Flanders (Belgium): Hallerbos, Bos Ter Rijst (Pepingen), Wijnendalebos and Beiaardbos
Basic research in echinoderm biology
Bats of the Brussels-Capital Region (Belgium)
BeBIF: Belgian Biodiversity Information Facility
Beetle diversity and forest characteristics in Flanders (Belgium)
Behaviour of Tetrigidae (Orthoptera, Insecta)
Behavioural and chemical ecology of the ant Crematogaster scutellaris (Formicidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta)
Behavioural and ecological studies on dragonflies (Odonata, Insecta)
Belgian Apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) Genetic Resources Collection
Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms (BCCM) / (Agro)industrial Fungi & Yeasts Collection, BCCM/MUCL
Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms (BCCM) / Bacteria
Belgian Pear (Pyrus communis L.) Genetic Resources Collection
Belgian Prunus (European Plum, Cherry, Peach) Genetic Resources Collection
Belgian bird ringing centre
Benthic freshwater macro-invertebrates in wetlands (Wallonia, Belgium)
Bibliography of Nannenga-Bremekamp Herbarium BR
Bibliography of the molluscs of Papua New Guinea
Biochemical study of mycotoxin production by Fusarium spp. (Fungi)
Biochemical systematics, phylogenetics and phylogeography of African small mammals: shrews (Soricidae, Insectivora) and murids (Muridae, Rodentia)
Biochemistry and taxonomy of Nepeta (Lamiaceae)
Biodegradation by white-rot Fungi of organic dyes contained in effluents
Biodegradation of grease in water purification plants by fungi
Biodiversity Resources in Belgium
Biodiversity analysis in wild cherry (Prunus avium L., Amygdalaceae) population using RAPD markers
Biodiversity and aquaculture of catfish (Siluriformes) of Benin
Biodiversity and ecology of Neotropic Dolichopodidae (Diptera)
Biodiversity and evolutionary processes in the species complex of Armeria maritima (Plumbaginaceae)
Biodiversity and fluxes of the meiobenthos in the biogeochemical environment of Antarctica (Antarctica - Phase IV): co-ordinator
Biodiversity and seasonality of benthic macroalgae around Socotra, Yemen
Biodiversity and sustainable use of microbial ecosystems in soil and freshwater environments involved in the nutrient cycles
Biodiversity conservation in international and European law
Biodiversity conservation, especially in NW-Europe, with emphasis on the network "Natura 2000" and the management of protected sites
Biodiversity in a Museum Collection
Biodiversity in an arctic ecosystem: role of dispersal, colonization and resistance to climatic extremes
Biodiversity in shallow lakes (taxon diversity, genetic diversity, resting egg banks)
Biodiversity indicators and sustainable management in parks
Biodiversity of Lake Tanganyika cichlids (Pisces): taxonomy, distribution, evolution and speciation
Biodiversity of bioplastics degrading microorganisms
Biodiversity of carabid (Coleoptera, Insecta) fauna in agricultural ecosystems
Biodiversity of fishes in Gabon rainforest, one hundred years after Mary Kingsley
Biodiversity of ground arthropod (Invertebrata) communities in urban environment
Biodiversity of litter ant communities of the Ceará (Brazil)
Biodiversity of marine algae and echinoderms in the transition zone between temperate and tropical South Africa
Biodiversity of marine benthic communities along ecological gradients (Part I)
Biodiversity of planktonic cyanobacteria in European freshwater lakes
Biodiversity of selected invertebrates of the Southern Ocean
Biodiversity of the Camaenidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in Papua New Guinea
Biodiversity of the non-marine Ostracoda (Crustacea) of the World
Biodiversity of weevil communities (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in tropical environments, rainforests in particular, its origin, maintenance and conservation
Biodiversity scientific expertise and advice
Biodiversity sustainable agricultural management in the Condroz natural region (Wallonia, Belgium)
Biogeochemical cycles of the mixed deciduous forest ecosystem (Aelmoeseneiebos, Gontrode, Oost-Vlaanderen) related to global change and sustainable development
Biogeography and community ecology of carabid beetles (Coleoptera) in Belgium
Biogeography of Sphecidae (Hymenoptera, Insecta) of western Europe
Biogeography of bees and bumblebees (Hymenoptera Aculeata, Apoidea) in Wallonia (Belgium)
Biogeography of diatoms in the australasian region (Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand)
Biogeography, community structures and (paleo-)ecology of testate amoebae and diatoms in the Arctic and Antarctic
Biogeography, faunistics and ecology of birds in southern Africa
Biogeography, taxonomy and biodiversity of the field mouse (Apodemus, Rodentia, Mammalia) in Western Europe
Biological characterisation of non-navigable water courses in Flanders (Belgium)
Biological characterisation of sediments of navigable watercourses in Flanders (Belgium)
Biological diversity of the freshwater and brackish water fish fauna from Cameroon
Biological water quality assessment
Biology and cultivation of marine invertebrate resources
Biology and ecology of the brackish water species Sarotherodon melanotheron (Pisces) in a freshwater man-made lake on the Bia River, Ivory Coast
Biology of African Diplopoda (Insecta)
Biology of invertebrate larvae and comparative biology of echinoderm larvae
Biology, ecology and biocontrol potential of predatory Heteroptera (Pentatomidae, Asopinae; Anthocoridae; Miridae; Insecta)
Bioluminescence as a genetic marker
Bioluminescence control mechanisms in ophiuroids (Echinodermata, Invertebrata)
Biomanipulation and restoration of lakes and ponds
Biomonitoring and restoration ecology of the river Scheldt (Belgium)
Biomonitoring of heavy metal pollution in Northern Australia (Finnis River, Rum Jungle)
Biomonitoring, faunistics, population genetics, bio-indicator research on carabid beetles (Carabidae, Coleoptera) in Belgium, with implications for nature conservation
Bioreceptivity of building materials and survey of autotrophic organisms colonizing building materials in Belgium
Biosystematic studies in the tribe Pavetteae (Rubiaceae-Ixoroideae)
Biosystematic study of tropical Rubiaceae with a focus on the tribes Pavetteae and Ixoreae and on Malagasy representatives of the family
Biosystematics of Lymantriidae (Lepidoptera, Insecta)
Biosystematics, chorology and ecology of Dactylorhiza (Orchidaceae) in Western and Southwestern Europe
Biosystematics, cytotaxonomy and evolutionary mechanisms in polyploid complexes
Biotic indexes of rivers in Wallonia and Brussels (Belgium), using macro-invertebrates
Bird monitoring, mainly in France
Black alder (Alnus glutinosa, Betulaceae) autecology and adapted forestry for integrated humid forest management
Botanic Garden at Sart Tilman, the University campus of Liège
Botanical illustrator: line drawings of vascular plants
Breeding populations and inbred lines of maize and faba beans
Breeding systems: the case of a short-living perennial alternatively outbreeder-inbreeder, Phaseolus lunatus L. (Fagaceae), and its consequences for germplasm conservation
Breeding working collection on Hordeum vulgare (Poaceae)
Bryophyte floristics in Belgium and adjacent countries
Bryophytes of Andorra
Bryophytes of Belgium and Europe
Bryophytes of Wallis (Switzerland)
Bryophytes of the Queyras Regional Park (dpt Hautes-Alpes, France)
Burbot (Lota lota), a neglected predator fish in Flanders (Belgium) - a case study for its restoration
Butterfly diversity loss in Flanders (North Belgium): Europe's worst case scenario?
Calculating the biodiversity of regions in tropical Africa by means of the moth fauna (Lepidoptera)
Catalogue of the new marine Harpacticoid Copepods (Crustacea)
Catalogue of vascular plants from the Kinshasa-region (D. R. Congo)
Catalogues of Diptera (Insecta)
Cereal pathogens in Belgium
Changes in biodiversity in relation to plantation duration of poplar trees, a case study with springtails (Collembola, Insecta) and herbaceous vegetation
Characterisation and identification of unusual pathogenic bacteria from human and animal origin
Characterisation and identification of wild strains of rhizobia
Characterisation of sediments in Flemish (Belgium) water courses
Characterization, use and conservation of the diversity of freshwater fish species in Ivory coast
Checklist and other information on the dragonflies of Wallonia (Belgium)
Checklist of littoral Asteroidea (Echinodermata) of the Mombasa area, Kenya
Checklist of littoral regular Echinoids (Echinodermata) of Kenya
Checklist, distribution and other information on the amphibians and reptiles of Wallonia and Belgium
Checklist, organisations and other information on the freshwater fish fauna of Wallonia (Belgium)
Checklist, red list and other information on mammals of Wallonia (Belgium)
Checklist, red list and other information on the butterflies of Wallonia (Belgium)
Checklist, red list and other information on the birds of Wallonia, including the atlas of breeding birds in Belgium (1972-1977)
Chemical defense in insects, mainly leaf beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae), lady birds (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) and ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)
Chorological and floristic database of the vascular plants of Flanders (Belgium) (Florabank)
Chorological and floristic database of the vascular plants of Flanders (Belgium) (Florabank)
Chorology and vegetation analyses of water- and marsh plants, especially from the Belgian polders
Chorology, taxonomy and systematics of european native orchidaceae
Cichlidae of east african rift lakes
Ciliate diversity in lake Tanganyika
Ciliate diversity in shallow lakes in Flanders (Belgium) and the Netherlands
Cladistics as a tool in the study of evolution, morphology, phylogeny and systematics
Cladistics in Gentianales
Classification of habitats of Slovenia, Albania and FYROM
Classification, identification and evolution of Vibrio (Bacteria)
Climatological characteristics of the distribution area of the genus Artocarpus (Moraceae)
Clonality in Vaccinium myrtillus (Ericaceae) in the Ardenne natural region (Wallonia, Belgium)
Co-editor of a book on freshwater and brackish water fish species from the rivers and lakes in West Africa
Co-ordination of the XYLOBIOS network and public awareness
Coccinellidae of orchard ecosystems
Coleoptera in the collections of the Royal Museum for Central Africa
Collaborator of a new field guide to the orchids of France, Belgium and Luxembourg
Collection of Siphonaptera (fleas) from Wallonia (Belgium)
Collection of articles and books concerning amphipods of antarctics
Collection of articles, books, bibliographical references and species iconographic files concerning amphipod crustacea of the world and the Southern Ocean
Collection of belgian old spelt landraces
Collection of diatoms from Europe, Tanzania and Papua New Guinea
Collection of living ecotypes of wild flowers in Belgium and northern France
Collection of living plants in greenhouses, expositions in plant biology
Collection of microfilms of historical herbaria BR
Collection of reprints focused on Pteridophytes (ferns and allies)
Collection of slides of species and habitats in europe
Collection of type material of Nematoda of the Nematology and Marine Biology Sections (Department of Biology, University of Gent)
Collection of worldwide Arachnida, except Belgium, of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Collembola of Belgium
Colonisation patterns and processes of reconstructed brackish tidal marshes.
Colonization of forest plants: relative importance of dispersal and habitat quality
Combined vertical gillnets and electrofishing method applied to the study of the ichthyological communities in reservoir lakes (Belgium)
Communication and organisation of social insects
Community ecology of termites (Isoptera, Insecta)
Community structure of demersal fish species and larger epibenthic crustaceans in the Gulf of Guayaquil, Ecuador
Community structure, habitat use, distribution and trophic role of benthic Amphipods (Crustacea) in the Southern Ocean
Comparative biochemistry of maize resistance to aphids (Homoptera)
Comparative biomineralisation in metazoans, mainly echinoderms: molecular, supramolecular and cellular approach
Comparative germination ecology of Fabaceae and the genus Rumex (Polygonaceae, Angiospermae)
Comparative studies of bioluminescence in marine organisms (Cnidarians, echinoderms and fishes)
Comparative study of membrane proteins in vascular plants
Comparison of the embryology of Nematoda
Compilation of a database of the fish collection of the Royal Museum for Central Africa
Compilation of a database on Antarctic Amphipoda (Crustacea)
Compilation of chorological and floristic information on vascular plants in Flanders (Belgium) extracted from the Gent herbarium
Compilation of literature data on the phytosociology and phytogeography of tropical regions
Compiling a database of the freshwater molluscs in Belgium
Computer Network Management in relation to biological research
Conservation Targets for Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and Special Protection Area (SPA)
Conservation action for the Mediterranean monk seal, Monachus monachus (Mammalia, Pinnipedia)
Conservation action for the slender-billed curlew (Numenius tenuirostris, Scolopacidae, Aves)
Conservation genetics of the Galápagos Giant Tortoise (Geochelone nigra)
Conservation of Amphibia in Belgium
Conservation of indigenous elm species (Ulmus minor, U. glabra and U. laevis, Ulmaceae, Angiospermae) in Flanders (Belgium)
Conservation on natural populations of edaphic insects in calcareous shale grassland: the case of Coleoptera Staphylinidae
Conservation plan for the Black Stork (Ciconia nigra, Ciconiidae, Aves) in Belgium
Conservation strategies for the endangered bullhead (Cottus gobio L., 1758) in Flanders (Belgium) by integrating ecological, physiological and genetic research methods
Conservation, characterisation and usage of autochthonous gene sources of woody plants in Flanders (Belgium)
Consultant of the Lake Tanganyika (Africa) Biodiversity Project (GEF), partim Ostracoda (Crustacea)
Contribution to the epigeal invertebrates study related to forest management (sylviculture) in south-east of Belgium
Contribution to the knowledge of the Portuguese grasshoppers (Orthoptera, Insecta)
Control of spider mites (Tetranychidae, Acari) in sugar beets (Chenopodiaceae, Beta vulgaris div. cultivar.)
Control of the main animal pests in horticulture
Coordination of the Walloon freshwater fish working group GIPA (Belgium)
Creating and maintaining a database on data about fish, fish stocks and fisheries in Flanders (Belgium)
Creation of an Interdisciplinary Centre for research on abiotic stress factors in cereals and oil plant (CIERSACO) in Meknès (Morocco)
Culture of ecologically important and/or endangered freshwater fish species in Belgium
Cytotaxonomy of Centaurea subgenus Jacea (Asteraceae)
Database Albertine Rift specimens of the familiy Papilionidae (Insecta, Lepidoptera) from the collections of the Royal Museum for Central Africa
Database Distribution and Migration of Bats (Mammalia, Chiroptera) in Belgium
Database administrator of the Royal Belgian Institute for natural Sciences
Database and management of the African herbarium (especially Lower-Congo) of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Database concerning traditional veterinary medicinal plants in Sub-Saharan Africa
Database of marine Nematodes of Antarctica
Demographic and genetic consequences of habitat fragmentation
Demography of forest rodents in fragmented landscapes
Dendrological herbarium of prof. G. Gilbert (1903-1979)
Dendrology and floristics in Belgium
Description and comparison of the animal biodiversity in tropical zones and of mechanisms underlying its emergence and maintenance
Description of paleo-environments based on fossil wood identifications and actual vegetations
Descriptions and redescriptions of species of the gastropod families Rissoidae, Caecidae, Omalogyridae
Detection of the apple bud weevil (Anthonomus piri Kollar, Curculionidae, Coleoptera, Insecta) in pear orchards
Detection of the sinuate pear borer (Agrilus sinuatus l., Buprestidae, Coleoptera, Insecta) in pear nurseries
Determination of fungi growing in buildings
Developement of a framework to evaluate forest expansion as a possibility to increase nature developement in alluvial ecosystems
Development and species richness of macrophyte vegetations related to the nutrient dynamics of shallow standing waters in Flanders (Belgium)
Development of a Biodiversity Reference Centre for Antarctic Amphipoda (Crustacea)
Development of a conservation strategy for indigenous tree and shrub species in Flanders (Belgium)
Development of a database on Admiralty Bay benthos biodiversity (Antarctica)
Development of a decision support system to evaluate afforestation as a strategy for nature conservation in river valleys
Development of a methodology for countryside survey for the biodiversity survey in Wallonia (Belgium)
Development of a monitoring methodology for strict forest reserves in Flanders (Belgium)
Development of a new assessment method for the water quality of rivers in the G.-D. Luxembourg based on the aquatic vegetation
Development of advanced methods in animal genetics for a sustainable development of animal production
Development of indicators and indices for forest plant species diversity and the consequences of fragmentation on forest plant species in Flemish forests (Belgium)
Development of indicators and instruments for sustainable forest management
Development of methods for molecular detection of viral plant pathogens
Development of nature-based decission support system for forest extension in river plains
Development of new agricultural techniques for a sustainable use of the environment
Development of non-degrading, NOvel MArine TEChnologies (NOMATEC) for the sustainable exploitation and protection of Mediterranean marine resources
Development of techniques for biodiversity restoration in grasslands
Developmental and evolutionary aspects of tooth shape in some representative Teleostei (Cichlidae and Cyprinidae, Pisces).
Developpement of decision-making processes as part of a participating approach for sustainable forest management
Diatom collection
Diatom culture collection
Diatoms in Antarctic fresh water bodies
Diatoms in microbial living and fossil mats in Antarctic lakes
Didactical collection of crop pests and beneficials (insects, mites, nematodes) (mainly european)
Didactical collection of food industry pests
Didactical collection of invertebrates and vertebrates of the Institute of Zoology of the University of Ghent
Diet of the mouse-eared bat Myotis myotis (Chiroptera, Mammalia) in southern Belgium
Differentiated checklist of the mosses, liver- and hornworts (Bryophytes) of Flanders (Belgium)
Distribution and impacts of a recently accidentally introduced freshwater fish species, Pseudorasbora parva (Cyprinidae) in Belgium
Distribution and seed propagation of Zannichellia palustris (Zannichelliaceae, Monocotyledons) in the Brussels region (Belgium)
Distribution of alien crustacean species in Belgium
Distribution of terrestrial Isopoda (Crustacea) in Belgium
Distribution of the Belgian Chilopoda, Isopoda, Thysanura and Collembola (Insecta)
Distribution of the Belgian grasshoppers (Orthoptera, Insecta)
Distribution of the red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) in the Brussels Capital Region - Effects of patch size, patch quality and patch isolation, taking the matrix between the patches into account by using the Cost Distance extension in ArcView
Distribution patterns and vulnerability for recreation of a selection of biological indicators in the Kempisch Plateau natural region (Flanders, Belgium)
Distributional patterns of micro-organisms
Diversification of forest production: potentialities of the birch species Betula pubescens Ehrh., Betula pendula Roth (Betulaceae) and the black locust, Robinia pseudoacacia L. (Fabaceae)
Diversity (genetic, morphologic and phenologic) and mating systems of black poplar (Populus nigra): strategies for conservation of Black poplar and restoration of populations in the Meuse Valley (Flanders, Belgium)
Diversity of benthic diatom communities in New Zealand alpine aquatic systems
Diversity of phytogeographical groups in the Odzala National Park (Congo-Brazzaville)
Diversity, distribution and seasonal evolution of Rotifera (Invertebrata) along the Belgian coast
Diversity, ecology and impact of bark beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) and their natural enemies in Belgian deciduous forests
Diversity, phylogeny, taxonomy and zoogeography of Rotifera
Does a direct stray from the Cambrian explosions still persists? The horseshoe shrimp test case (Crustacea: Cephalocarida)
Dolichopodidae (Diptera) as bio-indicators in nature conservation
Dutch common names of trees and shrubs
Dynamics of heathland and bog vegetations in Western Europe
Dynamics of phytoplankton in large rivers, mainly the river Meuse (W-Europe)
Dynamics of shallow water diatoms in the last 150 years in lakes Naivasha and Sonachi (Kenya)
Early dynamic of the vegetation community and the natural regeneration in gaps, in beech mixed forests, in the Alsace region (France)
Echinoderm biodiversity in tropical marine environments
Echinoderms as tools and targets for marine environmental studies (effects of pollution by heavy metals and PCBs; impact of sand extraction)
Eco-ethology of the serotine bat Eptesicus serotinus (Chiroptera, Mammalia) in southern Belgium
Ecofunctional biodiversity of benthic crustacean taxocoenoses in the Southern Ocean
Ecological and parasitological analysis of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes, Rodentia) population in Flanders (Belgium)
Ecological evaluation of water courses in Flanders (Belgium)
Ecological genetics and population genetics of zooplankton
Ecological research on Diptera (Insecta) in the Belgian coastal dunes
Ecological study of the guild of the frugivorous and granivorous anmals (Aves, Megachiroptera, Primates, Rodentia) as possible seed dispersers and/or predators in the littoral rainforest of Ste Luce, SE-Madagascar
Ecological typology, assessment and evaluation of lentic freshwaters in Flanders (Belgium)
Ecology and biogeography of Anostraca (Crustacea)
Ecology and community structures of Late-Pleistocene, Holocene and recent diatom and testate amoebae communities of the Belgian Campine
Ecology and conservation of hygrophilous butterflies in the Ardenne natural region (Wallonia, Belgium)
Ecology and ethology of Labridae and Sparidae fish
Ecology and ethology of Ladybirds (Coccinellidae, Coleoptera)
Ecology and ethology of a particular Ladybird: Coccinella magnifica Redtenbacher (Coleoptera, Insecta)
Ecology and faunistics of Chironomidae (Diptera, Insecta)
Ecology and systematics of lignicolous Fungi from Papua New Guinea
Ecology and taxonomy of the meiobenthos, mainly free-living nematodes, of the Magellan Strait and Beagle Channel, Chili
Ecology of Acari (Arachnida) and Collembola (Insecta) in soil and canopy in African habitats
Ecology of Anostraca (Crustacea) in the Mediterranean region
Ecology of European eel Anguilla anguilla (Pisces, Anguillidae) in Flanders (Belgium)
Ecology of Phelsuma-geckos (Reptilia) of Mayotte (E-Africa)
Ecology of commercially exploitable seacucumbers of Kenya
Ecology of demersal fish species and larger epibenthic crustaceans in the coastal zone and estuaries in the SW-Netherlands
Ecology of estuarine fish communities in the Zeeschelde (river Scheldt, Belgium)
Ecology of ground beetles (Coleoptera) in forests in Flanders (Belgium)
Ecology of harpacticoid copepods (Crustacea): structural biodiversity in tropical seagrass beds
Ecology of marine benthic protozoa, species composition of ciliate communities
Ecology of plant-insect relationships
Ecology of protected freshwater fish in Flanders (Belgium)
Ecology of the African oil palm Elaeis guineensis (Palmae)
Ecology of the Gobiidae (Pisces) in a tropical mangrove ecosystem (Gazi Bay, Kenya)
Ecology of the hymenopteran parasitoids of Ips typographus and Ips sexdentatus (Scolytidae, Coleoptera, Insecta)
Ecology, distribution and control of the Coypu (Myocastor coypus Molina 1782) in Flanders (Belgium)
Ecology, evolution and conservation of butterflies (Lepidoptera, Insecta)
Ecology, habitat affinity and zoogeography of Carabidae (Coleoptera) and Araneae in Belgium
Ecology, habitat affinity and zoogeography of European Dolichopodidae (Diptera)
Ecology, life-history strategies, faunistics and taxonomy of migrant birds
Ecology, specificity, taxonomy and systematics of Laboulbeniales (Ascomycetes, Fungi)
Ecology, zoonoses and conservation of mammals in Belgium
Economic valuation of forest ecosystems: Case study Heverleebos- Meerdaalwoud
Ecosystem vision of some tributaries of the Dender river (Flanders, Belgium)
Ecosystem vision of the valley of the A-beek (Flanders, Belgium)
Ecosystem vision of the valley of the Grote Nete (Flanders, Belgium)
Ecosystem visions of valley ecosystems in Flanders (Belgium)
Ecosystematic importance of microbial activities in the element cycle in forestrial and aquatic systems
Ecotoxicology, pathology and trophic position of marine mammals of European coasts
Ectomycorrhiza of Pinus sylvestris
Editor of the Bulletin and the exsiccata (approx. 1000 specimens every 2 years) of the "Société pour l'Echange des Plantes vasculaires de l'Europe et du Bassin méditerranéen"
Editor of the Bulletin du Jardin botanique nationale de Belgique-Bulletin van de Nationale Plantentuin van België
Editor of the journal Hydrobiologia
Editor of the series 'Distributiones Plantarum Africanarum': distribution maps of African plants
Effects of groundwater on tropical coastal ecosystems
Effects of habitat fragmentation on dispersal and population dynamics of european red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris L. 1758)
Effects of habitat fragmentation on the genetic variability of vertebrates in Belgium (Flanders) and Kenya (Taita Hills)
Effects of landscape structure on the morphology, dispersal and gene flow of nine tropical forest bird species
Effects of metals on terrestrial organisms
Effects of site history on plant species diversity in forests (in Belgium and northern France)
Effects of the growth of macrophytes and macrophyte cutting on the discharge capacity of lowland rivers (Belgium)
Effects of water stress on flowering parameters of buckwheat Fagopyrum esculentum Moench
Endangered ferns in Europe and West-Africa
Endocrine control and effect of bioamines and pesticides on ion transports through the gills of euryhalin crustaceans and migrating fishes
Endocrine disruption in the estuarine invertebrate Neomysis integer (Crustacea, Mysidacea)
Endosymbiont bacteria of the genus Buchnera and their influence in hostplant-aphid (Homoptera) relationships
Energy budgets of Invertebrates
Environmental impact assessments in river waters using benthic diatoms attached on artificial substrates
Epibenthos and nekton of tropical shallow coastal habitats
Epibenthos of salt marshes in the Westerschelde estuary
Epiphytic bryophytes in the city of Ghent (Flanders, Belgium)
Establishment of a germplasm collection of Mediterranean Pistacia species (Anacardiaceae)
Ethanol fixed finclips of the bullhead, the stone loach and the gudgeon
Ethnobotanical survey of the Namib desert
Ethnobotany (medicinal plants, vernacular names) and tropical horticulture in Central Africa
Ethnobotany of Quercus suber (Fagaceae) in Morocco
Ethnomycology in Africa
European ECP/GR Pyrus genetic resources database
European Sphecidae (Insecta, Hymenoptera)
European native species of Orchidaceae
Eutrophication of coastal waters in Belgium
Evaluating the effect of Pleistocene climate changes on speciation patterns in selected African vertebrates
Evaluation and conservation of barley genetic resources - Evaluation of virus resistance
Evaluation of management practices to optimise the ecological value of poplar plantations in Flanders (Belgium)
Evaluation of the 'Paardenmarkt' marine site (Belgium, North Sea)
Evolution of the biodiversity of fish after the construction of a man-made lake on the Bia River, Ivory Coast
Evolutionary Genetics: Molecular phylogenetics and population genetics
Evolutionary biology, taxonomy and biogeography of termites (Insecta, Isoptera)
Evolutionary ecology of reproductive modes in non-marine Ostracoda (Crustacea)
Evolutionary ecology, systematics and population genetics of spiders in the Galapagos Archipelago (Ecuador)
Evolutionary genetics and diapause of Daphnia magna (Crustacea)
Evolutionary implications of resting egg banks in large branchiopods (Crustacea)
Ex situ conservation of rare and endangered vascular plant species in Belgium
Experimental and comparative research on the effects of trampling on vegetation and soil in different plant communities
Experimental management of a limestone grassland in the Viroin Valley (Wallonia, Belgium)
Faunistics and ecology of dragonflies (Odonata) in Papua New Guinea
Faunistics and floristics of old sand quarries and recolonization after exploitation
Faunistics of the Echinodermata of the western Indian Ocean
Faunistics of various insect groups in Belgium
Faunistics, ecology, zoogeography, biomonitoring, Red data lists of Diptera in Belgium
Feeding ecology of carabid beetles (Carabidae, Coleoptera)
Feeding ecology of four mormyrid (Crustacea) species in a man-made lake on the Bia River, Ivory Coast
Feeding ecology of invertebrate predators
Feeding ecology of marine Nematods
Field identification keys of trees and shrubs
Fish biodiversity in the coastal zone: a case study on the genetic diversity, conservation and sustainable use in aquaculture and fisheries of black-chinned tilapia in West Africa
Fish biodiversity in tropical freshwater ecosystems
Fish biology and fish culture
Fish communities of the Lake Blankaart nature reserve and the surroundings (West-Vlaanderen, Belgium)
FishBase: a database on biological and applied aspects of all fish species
Flora and vegetation of the deserts of Iran
Flora of Senegal
Floral biodiversity of rain forests in Central Africa
Floral nectaries, Systematics of flowering plants
Floral ontogeny and chloroplast-DNA in the Cornidae
Floristics and chorology of Macrofungi in Belgium
Floristics and toxicology of macromycetes (Fungi)
Floristics in Belgium, G.-D. Luxembourg, northern France and neighbouring regions
Floristics in Corsica and preparation of a flora of this island
Floristics of the Antalya, Burdur and Isparta regions in SW-Turkey (approx. C3 floristic region in DAVIS, Flora of Turkey)
Floristics of the Macromycetes (Fungi) of Belgium, mainly Flanders
Floristics, mainly in Wallonia (Belgium) and French Lorraine
Fluctuating asymmetry of spider mites (Acari, Arachnida)
Foraging behaviour of the ant Myrmica sabuleti
Forest environments of the central and north-occidental Middle-Atlas
Forestry guidelines for precious broadleaves (ash, mapple, cherry, indigeneous oaks)
Forestry guidelines for uneven-aged beech stands (Fagaceae, Angiospermae) in the perspective of natural regeneration
Form, function and ultrastructure of pollen of Rubiaceae
Free-living marine nematodes (Invertebrata) from the Indian Ocean
Fresh water fish managements in dam lakes in Wallonia (Belgium)
Freshwater diatom research in Belgium, chemistry of running waters
Freshwater fish database
Freshwater fish parasitology in Flanders (Belgium)
Freshwater fish population research in Flanders (Belgium)
Freshwater fish stock assessment in Flanders (Belgium)
Freshwater fisheries and ecology
Freshwater fisheries biology in the Flemish provinces of Vlaams-Brabant and Limburg (Belgium)
Freshwater fisheries biology in the Flemish provinces of West-Vlaanderen and Oost-Vlaanderen (Belgium)
Freshwater fisheries management, mainly in the province of Antwerp (Flanders, Belgium)
Freshwater macrozoobenthos biodiversity and assessment of the biological quality of watercourses in Wallonia (Belgium)
Freshwater zooplankton
Fruit tree genetic resources and disease resistance
Fruit trees virus detection
Fry and juvenile stages of freshwater fish from reservoir lakes in Belgium and Luxembourg
Functional biodiversity of aquatic meiofauna
Functional morphology and genetics of Lepidoptera (Insecta)
Functional regeneration in luminous ophiuroids (Echinodermata, Invertebrata)
Functional role and characteristics of micro-organisms in Artemia (Bacteria)
Fungal biodiversity, and its relationship to plant biodiversity
Fungi as biological antagonists in root-knot and cyst nematodes (Invertebrata)
Fungi collection
Fytosociology of heathlands and related grasslands
Game damage inventory in Wallonian forests (Belgium)
Gathering and exchange of information on biological diversity
Genebank of medicinal plants in Madagascar
Genera of the Rubiaceae
General herbarium LG of vascular plants (i.e. excl. europe, mediterranean, Macaronesia, tropical Africa)
General seed bank of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Genetic and life history traits variation of Aglais urticae (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera) at different geographical scales
Genetic differentiation of populations within the Tetranychus urticae (Acari, Tetranychidae) complex
Genetic diversity among Xanthomonas (Bacteria) strains
Genetic diversity and social organisation in populations of ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)
Genetic diversity in Phaseolus (Fagaceae, Leguminosae)
Genetic diversity in forest plants with contrasting life strategies in Belgium
Genetic diversity in natural plant populations
Genetic diversity in natural populations of water plants
Genetic diversity of fungal phytopathogens
Genetic diversity within and among populations of the mangrove tree Bruguiera in Sri Lanka
Genetic engineered plants for virus resistance in potato
Genetic improvement of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan, Papilionaceae) and management of intercropping systems in semi-arid areas of East Africa
Genetic resources of crops, use of morphological and molecular markers
Genetic structure and reproductive ecology of Ericaceae and other heathland species in Western Europe
Genetic study of mycotoxin production by Fusarium spp. (Fungi)
Genetic variation in the date palm, Phoenix dactylifera (Palmae), in Tunesia
Germplasm collection, characterisation and crop development of locally used fruit species in southern Ecuador
Global change effects in high arctic ecosystems: experimental physical-ecological and paleo-ecological approach of tendencies in biodiversity and community structures
Growth rate of a Mediterranean pharetronid sponge, Petrobiona massiliana (Porifera, Calcarea)
HABITAT: Intensive monitoring of the evolution of a protected habitat
Habitat binding of freshwater fish in rivers in Flanders (Belgium)
Habitat characteristics influence pheromone-trap catches of Ips typographus (Scolytidae, Coleoptera) in Brussels (Belgium)
Habitat segregation in benthic invertebrates of Lake Baikal (Russia): a contribution to evolutionary ecology, partim Ostracoda (Crustacea)
Habitat use and mobility of the Gatekeeper and the Meadow brown (Lepidoptera): differences and similarities
Has biodiversity been overestimated?
Hemiptera of the Royal Museum for Central Africa
Herbaria of Fungi BR
Herbarium Africanum, Vascular plants, National Botanic Garden of Belgium BR
Herbarium BRLU (including BRGE)
Herbarium BRVU
Herbarium Belgii, Vascular plants, National Botanic Garden of Belgium BR
Herbarium Generale: Vascular plants, National Botanic Garden of Belgium BR
Herbarium Gent
Herbarium J.R. De Sloover
Herbarium LG of Algae and Fungi
Herbarium LG of bryophytes
Herbarium LG of cultivated vascular plants
Herbarium LG of lichens and lichenicolous fungi
Herbarium LG of plant galls
Herbarium LG of seeds and other diaspores
Herbarium LG of vascular plants: europe and mediterranean bassin (incl. Macaronesia)
Herbarium LG of vascular plants: tropical Africa
Herbarium LV
Herbarium LV of the Botanical Institute of the Katholieke Universiteit.Leuven (Belgium)
Herbarium collection of Nannenga-Bremekamp BR
Herbarium collections management of the vascular plants at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Herbarium of Lichenes and Bryophyta (Musci;Hepaticae;Anthocerotida) of the University of Louvain-la-Neuve
Herbarium of vascular plants of the Plateau des Tailles (prov.Luxembourg and prov.Liège, Belgium)
Herbarium of vascular plants of the Unit Management and Economics of Forests of Gembloux Agricultural University
Herbarium of vascular plants of the University of Louvain-la-Neuve
Historic botanic Garden of the University of Liège
Historic quality of the Flemish (Belgium) surface waters by means of macrophytes
Historical limnology and paleolimnology of Flemish (Belgium) fresh and brackish waters in relation to nature conservation and management
Holarctic Dolichopodidae (Diptera) with emphasis on european species
Hop (Humulus lupulus) varieties collection
Host range, ecological requirement and genetic diversity of Polymyxa spp. (Fungi), vectors of plant viruses
Host-parasite relationships in sympatric gobiid species Pomatoschistus sp. (Teleostei, Pisces) in the Voordelta area (North Sea, the Netherlands): influence of ecological and phylogenetic factors
Hydrological, soil chemical and ecological effects of Climate Change in species rich fens
Hyperbenthic communities of beaches: structure and interactions with demersal fish and epibenthic macro-Crustacea
Hyperbenthic communities of the North Sea
Hypogean Crustacea from the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico)
IBOY-DIVERSITAS: LITUS: Interactions of biodiversity, productivity and tourism on European sandy beaches
Identification key of microlepidopterous larvae in apple and pear orchards (Tortricidae, Choretidae, Oecophoridae, Lepidoptera, Insecta)
Identification of Poaceae
Identification of bony fish (Osteichthyes), recent and fossil, by means of otoliths
Identification of lignified tissues by its anatomical characteristics
Identification of the Brachyura (Crustacea) collections in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Identification of tropical African plants
Identification of tropical and subtropical plants in greenhouses and herbaceous plants outdoors in the National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Identification of veterinary important Gram-positive Bacteria
Identification of woody plant species of Central Africa
Identification of woody plants in the outdoor collections of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Identification, biology and control of veterinary parasites
Identification, characterisation and classification of pseudomonads and coryneform bacteria
Identification, characterisation and culture maintenance of Enterococci (Bacteria) isolated from food, human and animal origin
Illé - Restoration of a multi-purpose wetland
Impact of ammonia-deposition on plant communities in Flanders (Belgium)
Impact of forest management systems on the biodiversity of three indicator groups (vascular plants, carabid beetles and breeding birds)
Impact of heavy metals on the species diversity of mycorrhizal Fungi
Impact of host plants on the genetic diversity of aphid (Homoptera) populations
Impact of introduced plant species, including allochtonous material of indigenous species, on the natural flora and vegetation
Impact of mowing on butterfly and moth populations in Ardenne's grasslands (Belgium) and implications for habitat management
Impact of organic pollutants (PCB's) on plankton of the river Meuse (Belgium): incidence of contamination levels and transfer dynamics
Impacts of fertilizers on the dynamics of fungi populations in forest ecosystems
Impacts of land-use/land-cover changes on habitats in eastern Africa
Improvement of scallop (Mollusca) production in rural areas
In vitro culture of endangered and other plant species
Increasing ecological value of the Sonian Forest of Brussels (Belgium) through small scale management in recently established nature reserves
Index Seminum
Indicators for plant species diversity and fragmentation impact there on in Flemish forests (Belgium)
Influence of habitat size, gene flow and metapopulation structure on genetic diversity in local zooplankton population
Influence of local and regional ecological factors on the communities of zooplankton
Influence of the canopy structure heterogeneousness on the spatio-temporal variability of atmospheric deposition in a mixed oak-beech stand
Influence of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) on phytoplankton in Lake Victoria: community structure, biomass, primary production in Nyanza Gulf (Kenia)
Informatic tools to handle biological data
Informatics and numerical taxonomy of yeasts (Fungi)
Informatics, numerical and molecular taxonomy and morphology of Hyphomycetes (Fungi)
Information system on biodiversity in Wallonia (Belgium)
Insect collections of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Insects collection of the Royal Museum for Central Africa
Insects collection of the laboratory of Ecology and Biogeography (Catholic University, Louvain-la-Neuve)
Insects of the agricultural ecosystem
Insularisation of birds in the western Indian Ocean isles, especially the Comoro Islands
Integrated and biological control in orchards and cereal culture
Integrated control against cereal diseases
Integrated control of insect pests in agriculture
Integrated control of insect pests in orchards
Integrated pest management in greenhouse vegetables
Integration of macromolecular (nucleic acids) and morphological (especially floral ontogenetical) data in systematics of vascular plants
Intensive monitoring of eight experimental forest stands for trees' health status, growth, soil conditions, atmospheric deposits and evolution of the herbaceous layer
Interactions between coastal pelagic and benthic food webs: modelling physical and ecological processes in a Mediterranean site
International Azolla (Pteridophyta) germplasm collection
Interrelationships between individual behaviour and spatial structure in Aglais urticae, Polygonia c-album and Inachis io (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae) in Belgium
Intertidal hyperbenthos
Intraspecific genetic variation of Pomatoschistus minutus (Pallas, 1770) and P. lozanoi (de Buen, 1923) (Pisces) from the Belgian and the European continental shelf
Invasive species of freshwater molluscs in Belgium
Inventarisation and identification of invertebrates as ecological indicators in Flemish forest reserves (Belgium)
Inventory and ecological diagnostic of protected species
Inventory and monitoring of butterflies and dragonflies (Odonata) in Wallonia (Belgium)
Inventory of Acari Phytoseiidae (Insecta) in apple orchards
Inventory of Homoptera Psyllidae (Arachnida) in apple and pear orchards
Inventory of Nevroptera (Insecta) from apple and pear orchards
Inventory of Prunus (Prunaceae) genetic resources (wild and domesticated varieties) in Belgium
Inventory of biodiversity resources in Belgium, with particular emphasis and consultation possibilities of the locally kept databases
Inventory of physical barriers and other problems related to freshwater fish migration
Inventory of spiders (Arachnida) in apple and pear orchards
Inventory of the Asian chipmunk (Eutamias sibiricus, Laxmann 1769) in De Panne (Belgium)
Inventory of the Entomology Library of the Royal Museum for Central Africa
Inventory of the freshwater and brackish water fish fauna of the protected nature reserve Mayombe in Congo-Brazzaville
Invertebrates (non-insects) in the collections of the Royal Museum for Central Africa
Iron oxides in relation to the phosphorus status of soils
Isolation and identification of animal viruses
Isolation, characterisation and taxonomy of African rhizobia (Bacteria)
Key to Palaearctic Dolichopodid genera (Diptera)
LIVCOL : Database of living plant collections in the National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Lake-wide survey of selected animal groups in lake Tanganyika, partim Ostracoda (Crustacea)
Land cover interpretation and its evolution
Landscape ecology and botanical characterisation of the polders natural region in Flanders (Belgium)
Landscape ecology in the Brussels and Walloon region (Belgium)
Large apes (Primates) densities in relation to vegetation structure and human pressure in the Dja and Mouloundou-Kika regions (Cameroon, C-Africa)
Larval biology of Echinodermata
Larviculture of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus): zootechny, pathology and microbiology
Lepidoptera in the collections of the Royal Museum for Central Africa
Lepidoptera of the orchard ecosystem
Library of the section Agronomy and Forestry Economics
Lichen Herbarium of National Botanic Garden of Belgium BR
Lichens as bioindicators for air pollution by heavy metals: effects on physiological parameters (photosynthesis, ultrastructure), accumulation, subcellular localisation, in situ monitoring
Life history traits in a high-density Natterjack toad population (Bufo calamita, Amphibia)
Limitations and threats associated with polyphagy in the predator Thanasimus formicarius (L.) (Cleridae, Coleoptera, Insecta)
Limnological samples
Limnology of the Sahara
Link between the habitat and anatomical charateristics of the wood in sub-saharian Africa
Links between biodiversity and sustainable development
Living Plant collections
Living ecotypes of wild flowers in Belgium and northern France
Local Ecotypes Multiplication Programme
Local ecoclimatic stability and endemism
Long Term Vision for Nature Conservation in Flanders (Belgium)
Long term monitoring of wintering geese populations in Flanders (Belgium)
Long term studies on the development of terrestrial orchid populations in Western Europe
Long-term dynamics of shallow aquatic ecosystems in tropical Africa
Loss of genetic variation in rare and endangered fishes native to Flanders (Belgium) and measures to reduce impact
MARBIB: collection of reprints on marine biology
Macrobenthic fauna of the Zeeschelde (river Scheldt, Flanders, Belgium), mainly Oligochaeta
Macrobenthos of shallow intertidal and subtidal waters
Macrobenthos, epibenthos and hyperbenthos of subtidal areas along the Belgian coast
Macrosystematics and phylogeny of the Psychotrieae (Rubiaceae, Rubioideae)
Mammal postglacial recolonisation of Europe
Mammalia collection of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Management and improvement of bat (Chiroptera, Mammalia) habitats in Wallonia (Belgium)
Management of Herbarium collections of the vascular plants at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Management of Mycological Herbarium Collections
Management of Vertebrates collections of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels (Belgium)
Management of big game, especially red deer (Artiodactyla, Mammalia), habitat use in a GIS
Management of nature reserves, mainly in Flanders (Belgium)
Management of private nature reserves and nature reserves of the Walloon Regional Government in the Gaume and the Ardennes natural regions (Belgium)
Management of urban forest semi-natural areas in the Brussels region (Belgium)
Management of urban invasive species in Belgium
Mangrove vegetation structure dynamics and regeneration
Mangroves and groundwater: research into a possible critical environment factor
Mapping of Natura 2000 sites
Marine and estuarine plankton
Marine and estuarine plankton, especially in the Western Indian Ocean and Indo-Pacific
Measurements of biodiversity in parks in Flanders (Belgium)
Medical ethnobotany of Quechua farmers and Yuki-indians in Cochabamba, Bolivia: medicinal plant diversity, medicinal plant use and indigenous classification
Medicinal plants from the forest region of Dja as suspected malaria antagonists (Cameroun, Central Africa)
Meiobenthos of hydrothermal sediments
Meiobenthos of intertidal and subtidal areas along the Belgian coast and the Westerschelde estuary
Meiofauna (Nematoda) in Antarctica
Member of the editorial board of the journal Nematologia Mediterranea
Metapopulation structure and movements of the Bog Fritillary butterfly (Lepidoptera) in two highly fragmentated landscapes
Methodology and sampling methods in biodiversity assessments
Methodology of selection of indicators species of species assemblages
Microbial assemblages: comparative study of recent (oncolithes) and fossil (bacterial cover and bioherms) assemblages and their (paleo)ecological significance
Microbiological aspects of the culture of Turbot larvae (Scophthalmus maximus, Pisces)
Microevolution in Echinodermata (Invertebrata)
Migration behaviour of river fish in Wallonia (Belgium): biological caracteristics and implications for the sustainable management of their populations
Migration of forest plant species in a fragmented landscape: an ecological, population genetic and modelling approach
Migration of satellite tagged white storks (Ciconia ciconia, Aves)
Mixed reproductive systems in plant populations: balance between vegetative and sexual reproduction, studied in some plants of the family Ericaceae
Modeling spatial impact of tree species mixture on chemical characteristics of forest top soils
Modelling of climate influence on Black grouse population dynamics in Europe
Modelling of wetlands by means of different key species: Hottonia palustris (Primulaceae), Scirpus sylvaticus (Cyperaceae), Equisetum fluviatile (Equisetaceae)
Molecular adaptation to low temperatures in two species of unicellular Algae (Chlorophyta, Chloromonas)
Molecular diversity of cyanobacteria in microbial living and fossil mats in Antarctic lakes
Molecular evolution and ecomorphological divergence in the endemic Tanganyikan cichlid tribe Eretmodini (Cichlidae, Pisces)
Molecular evolution and phylogeny of protists and invertebrates
Molecular genetics of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Molecular phylogeny and molecular ontogeny of Balsaminaceae and Marcgraviaceae (Angiospermae)
Molecular phylogeny of Nematodes
Monitoring and ecology of mustelids (Mammalia, Carnivora), other carnivores and confusable species in Flanders (Belgium)
Monitoring of conversion of homogeneous pine stands into mixed stands of pine, oak and birch in the Kempen natural region (Belgium)
Monitoring of flora and vegetation in managed nature reserves in the Zoniën forest (Belgium)
Monitoring of orchid populations in the Philippeville region
Monitoring of sandbanks on the Belgian continental platform by means of Nematodes
Monitoring of sites where vegetal techniques are used for bank stabilization (SCEN-RW)
Monitoring of species diversity and vegetation development in strict forest reserves as important reference tools for nature-based forest management
Monitoring of the fungal and lichen flora from the Brussels Capital Region
Monitoring the sustainable use of game species in Flanders (Belgium)
Monography of the fern genus Ceterach (Pteridophyta)
Morphogenesis of flat fish
Morphological analysis (biometry) of floral and vegetative characters of Dactylorhiza taxa. Study of their phenology, life strategies, population dynamics and demography. Special attention for the D. praetermissa-majalis group.
Morphological and molecular study of Lactarius sect. Deliciosi (Fungi, Russulales) and their ectomycorrhiza
Morphological diversity in damsel fish (Pomacentridae)
Morphology and systematics of copepods (Crustacea) of Belgium
Morphology and systematics of harpacticoid copepods (Crustacea) from the Gulf of Mexico
Morphology and taxonomy of plant-parasitic Longidoridae (Nematoda)
Morphology and taxonomy of plantparasitic Nematoda: Tylenchida
Morphology and taxonomy of terrestrial Nematodes of the Galapagos archipelago
Morphology and taxonomy of terrestrial and freshwater Nematoda
Morphology of Salix alba, S. fragilis and <i>S.</i> x <i>rubens</i> (Salicaceae) in Flanders (Belgium)
Morphology, physiology, taxonomy and ecology of Azolla (Pteridophyta)
Morphology, taxonomy and ecology of marine Nematoda
Morphology, taxonomy, phylogeny and systematics of the phylum Nematoda, mainly marine freeliving (Desmoscolecida, Draconematidae, Epsilonematidae) and plant parasitic taxa more specifically on Trichodoridae, virus vector nematodes
Morphology, ultrastructure, ontogeny and typology of orbicules in Gentianales
Morphometric and genetic characterization of natural populations and cultured strains of species used in fish culture in West Africa
Mosses Herbarium of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium BR
Multi-purpose species for agroforestry (East Africa)
Multicriteria evaluation and comparison of integrated forest management alternatives
Multidisciplinary approach of the taxonomy of the genus Otacanthus (Scrophulariaceae): morphology, chemotaxonomy and physiology of the essential oil production, micropropagation
Multidisciplinary research on African catfish (Clariidae)
Myology of the cephalic region and pectoral girdle of three ariid species, Arius heudeloti, Genidens genidens and Bagre marinus, and comparison with other catfishes (Siluriformes, Teleostei)
Myxomycetes (Fungi) in Belgium, herbarium management and fieldwork
Natal dispersal in the Great Tit (Parus major, Passeriformes)
Natura 2000 sites pressure assessment and habitat diagnostic
Natural hybridization in the genus Rhinanthus (Scrophulariaceae)
Naturalisation of alien vascular plants in Flanders (Belgium), post 1972
Nature Community Scheme of Mons (Wallonia, Belgium)
Nature conservation and environmental law in Belgium
Nature conservation in the marine and coastal environment. Overview and analysis of legal possibilities.
Nature development project for the creek area in St-Laureins, near the Dutch border (province of Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium)
Nature development study of the &#39;Zuidelijke Groenzone&#39; on the left bank of the river Scheldt (Flanders, Belgium)
Nature gardens (Belgium)
Nature management and conservation of bats (Mammalia, Chiroptera) in the Walloon region (Belgium)
Nature management in forest areas in Flanders (Belgium)
Nekton of mature and developing marshes in the Westerschelde (Belgium)
Nematode communities in forest soils
Nematode diversity in different bottom substrates in the Antarctic region: sponge spicule mats, bryozoan mats, sandy and muddy sediments, iceberg scours
Neuroptera of the orchard ecosystem
New evolutionary morphology: phylogenetic signals of selected anatomical characters and aluminium hyperaccumulation in angiosperms
Nitrification and denitrification in forest soils: molecular diversity of ammonia-oxidising bacteria and nitrate production
Non-marine Ostracoda (Crustacea) Distribution in Europe: the NODE database
Non-marine Ostracoda (Crustacea) of southern Africa
Non-marine Ostracoda (Crustacea) of southern Africa
Non-wood plant products of the Democratic Republic of Congo (ex-Zaire)
North Sea seabirds and marine mammals: pathology and ecotoxicology
Oak decline in forest ecosystems in Wallonia (Belgium)
Orchid distribution factors in oceanic Central Africa (Sao Tomé, Gabon, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea - Rio Muni)
Ornithological research at Harchies (Hainaut, Belgium)
Orthotrichaceae in Europe
Oryza glaberrina (Steud., Poaceae): intraspecific variability and phylogenetic relationships with Oryza sativa (L.)
Osteological collection (desarticulated specimens) of the Royal Museum for Central Africa
Ostracoda (Crustacea) of the Bolivian Altiplano (Andes)
Ostracoda of the Cyprideis species flock (Crustacea) of Lake Tanganyika (Africa): taxonomy, evolution, distribution
PHYSIS South America: habitat typology
Pacific coral cay islands vegetation
Palaeo-ecological and palaeo-climatological study of limnic and terrestrial sediments in Subantarctica : an analysis of Late- and Post-glacial environmental changes
Palaeontology and actuopalaeontology of Tertairy Ostracoda of N.W. Europe, and of Recent Ostracoda (Crustacea) from the Indian and Pacific Oceans
Paleo-ecology of Tasmanian lakes
Paleo-ecology of invertebrates in Belgium
Paleolimnology and recent limnology of Lake Tanganyika (C-Africa), with special emphasis on the diatom flora
Paleontology of the Quaternary (Late-Quaternary to subrecent) and archeozoology
Palynology of Cinchonoideae (Rubiaceae)
Parasites of the whitespotted rabbitfish (Siganus sutor, Siganidae, Pisces) off the Kenyan coast: distribution within the host population and microhabitat use
Pathogenicity of Verticillium dahliae (Fungi, Deuteromycetes) on the tree genera Tilia and Acer in Belgium
Patterns of genetic variation in animal populations in fragmented habitats
Phaseoleae - Phaseolinae seed collection - IPGRI base collection for wild Phaseolus and Vigna species
Phenology of tropical and subtropical plants in greenhouses in the National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Phenology of woody plants in the outdoor collections of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Pheromone trapping of pest Lepidoptera (Insecta) in apple orchards
Phylogenetic-systematical study of the Polycystididae Graff, 1905 (Platyhelminthes, Eukalyptorhynchia)
Phylogeny and ecology of invertebrates of Lake Baikal (Russia), partim Ostracoda (Crustacea)
Phylogeny and biogeography of the neotropical genus Lisianthius P. Browne (Gentianaceae): a study of morphological and macromolecular evolution
Phylogeny and ecology of invertebrates of Lake Baikal, partim Gammaridae (Amphipoda, Crustacea) and Oligochaeta (Annelida)
Phylogeny and phylogeography of gastropod molluscs in relation to breeding systems, population genetics, phally polymorphism and conservation
Phylogeny of Desmodoroidea (Nematoda, Invertebrata)
Phylogeny of catfish
Phylogeny of the Ericales: a wood anatomical study
Phylogeny of the flowering plants with special emphasis on Gentianales, Dipsacales, Ericales and Dioscoreales
Phylogeny, classification and systematics of the Rubiaceae (Angiosperms)
Phylogeography of the African catfish Clarias gariepinus (Clariidae, Osteichthyes)
Phylogeography, population and eco-genetics of European marine and terrestrial molluscs
Physiological study of ophiuroids (Echinodermata, Invertebrata) bioluminescence
Phytodiversity in relation with ecological and patrimonial values
Phytogeographical links between Africa and Southwest Asia
Phytogeography of the wild flora of agricultural landscapes in South and Central Bénin (Africa)
Phytopathological research on oak decline in the Flemish Region (Belgium)
Phytoplankton ecology in eutrophic shallow waters in and around the Blankaart nature reserve
Phytoplankton ecology in the North Sea
Phytoplankton research
Phytosociology of aquatic plant communities in the République démocratique du Congo (ex-Zaire)
Pisces collection of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Pitfall monitoring of soil dwelling invertebrates and color traps for flying insects in Flemish forests (Belgium)
Plankton samples from the rivers Meuse (Belgium, the Netherlands, France), Moselle (France) and Saar (Germany)
Plant diversity in grassland and on field margins
Plant growth on mine piles in Limburg (Belgium): natural succession and the relation to the substrate
Plant reproductive ecology, in particular flowering strategies
Plant species and soil dynamics across ancient-recent forest ecotones: consequences for ecological restoration
Plant virus (and antisera) collection
Plant viruses and antisera
Plant viruses diagnosis
Plants of metal contaminated soils: natural vegetation and reclamation
Plants with herbicidal and pesticidal properties in Cuba
Plumage colour dimorphism in Mayotte paradise flycatcher (Terpsiphone mutata pretiosa, Aves)
Poaceae of Benin
Poaceae of Benin: checklist and preparation of a user-friendly identification key
Points and lines in the landscape (Belgium)
Pollen microscopic slide collection BR
Polyphasic taxonomic research of rhizobia and related bacteria
Polyploidisation, hybridation and speciation in the genus Dactylorhiza (Orchidaceae)
Population biology and genetics of Sorbus aucuparia (Rosaceae) in Europe
Population dynamics and ecology of animal populations, mainly of Great Tit (Parus major, Passeriformes, Aves)
Population dynamics and habitat selection of red-breasted and lesser white-fronted geese on their wintering grounds in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece)
Population dynamics and movements of feral Egyptian geese in Belgium
Population dynamics and strategy of dispersal of reintroduced eagle owl, Bubo bubo (Strigiformes, Aves)
Population dynamics and zoonoses of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) in Belgium
Population dynamics of earthworms (Lumbricidae)
Population dynamics of red deer (Artiodactyla) in Wallonia (Belgium)
Population ecology of fish in the belgian river Meuse
Population ecology, genetics and biology of Silene nutans (Caryophyllaceae), a rare plant species in Belgium
Population genetics and evolution of phytophagous beetles, mainly leaf beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)
Population genetics and phylogeny of periwinkle (Littorinidae, Gasteropoda)
Population genetics in Melanargia galathea (Lepidoptera, Satyridae) in W-Europe
Population genetics of Teleostei (Pisces)
Population trends and threats of Insectivora (Mammalia) in Flanders (Belgium)
Potential impact of the introduced Asian chipmunk (Eutamias sibiricus, Laxmann 1769, Rodentia, Mammalia) on the breeding bird fauna in Belgium
Predation and dispersal: the impact of local and regional processes on the structure af macro-invertebrate communities in shallow ponds in De Maten, Limburg (Flanders, Belgium)
Predator-prey relationships between Thanasimus formicarius (Cleridae, Coleoptera, Insecta), Ips typographus and Ips sexdentatus (Coleoptera, Scolytidae)
Preparation of a Red List of the marine, freshwater and terrestrial Molluscs of Flanders (Belgium)
Preparation of a catalogue of plant galls found in Belgium and northern France
Preparation of a checklist of the vascular flora of the Maghreb (N-Africa)
Preparation of identification keys to African spider families and subfamilies
Preparation of identification keys to African spider genera
Propagation of seeds of native plants (grasslands and cereal weeds) from different regions in Wallonia (Belgium)
Protective measures (SIGMA-Plan) against inundation of the river Scheldt (Belgium): possible environmental effects (AMIS research project)
Protocols for the Assessment and Conservation of Aquatic Life in the Subsurface (PASCALIS)
Providing information services to partner countries under the Convention on Biological Diversity
Psychrophilic microorganisms and their cold-adapted enzymes: molecular adaptations to catalysis at low temperatures
Psyllidae of the orchard ecosystem
Public forest planning in Southern Belgium
QB.SWAIN.BAS: a software program for the identification of planting Eucalyptus species under specific climatological conditions
Quality and management factors of horticultural productions : analysis of ecophysiological constraints of the development of perennial vegetations
Quality status of freshwater fish used for restocking wild populations
Quantitative ecology of termites (Isoptera)
Quarternary paleo-environment and stratigraphy, based on fossilized diatoms (Bacillariophyta)
Quaternary paleoecology of Flanders (Belgium)
Recent and fossil live forms, for didactical purposes
Recent fish otoliths
Reconstruction, monitoring and remediation of antropogenic impacts on freshwater environments based on the use of biological indicator species
Red Data Book of Dolichopodidae (Diptera) of Flanders (Belgium)
Red data list of macrofungi in Flanders (Belgium)
Reference collection of antarctic Crustacea (Amphipoda)
Regional dynamic of threatened butterfly populations (Lepidoptera) in Southern Belgium
Regional recovery programs for Red List butterflies in the Mechelse Heide (Flanders, Belgium)
Rehabilitation of Atlantic salmon in the Meuse basin area (Belgium)
Relationships between carapid fish (Carapidae) and their hosts (Echinodermata and Bivalvia)
Relict populations along small landscape elements in Flanders (Belgium): from habitat characteristics analysis to dynamic modelling
Remote sensing and landscape stratification for monitoring biodiversity in Wallonia (Belgium)
Reproduction and recruitment of salmonid and cyprinid fish in running waters in Wallonia (Belgium)
Reproduction of limnophile fish in backwaters of the river Meuse (Wallonia, Belgium) with emphasis on fish
Reptilia collection of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Research of a filamentous fungi cloning host
Research on biodiversity of plants in contaminated soil
Research on light production processes (bioluminescence) in Echinodermata
Research on soil-borne plant viruses
Research on the morphological and molecular diversity of roses and hawthorn
Response of forest ecosystems to atmospheric pollution: a dendroecological and dendrochemical approach
Restocking of turbot (Psetta maxima) in the North Sea (Belgium)
Restoration ecology of freshwater fish habitats in Flanders (Belgium)
Revision of Aspleniaceae (Pteridophyta)
Revision of the genera Coffea and Psilanthus (Rubiaceae) for Central and West Africa
Revision of the genus Dictyota (Dictyotales, Phaeophyta) in the Indian Ocean
Revision of the genus Lactarius (Fungi, Russulales) in Europe, tropical Africa and South East Asia
Revision of the genus Oliva (Mollusca, Gastropoda)
Revision of the genus Scleria (Cyperaceae) in tropical America
Revision of the genus Strigula (Lichenes) in W-Europe and Macaronesia
Risk assessment of cereal crop contamination by mycotoxins in Belgium
Roadside vegetation in the Walloon region (S-Belgium), in particular in the Upper Ardennes: phytosociology, ecology, pedology
Rodents of Papua New Guinea (Mammalia, Rodentia)
Role of benthic algae in the ecosystem of the Revellata Bay (Corsica) to model ecological control processes in an oligotrophic Mediterranean site
Role of echinoderm populations in marine littoral ecosystems
Role of the picophytoplankton in the Antarctic ecosystem
Rotifera Reference collection
Rotifera and Tardigrada
SEM of spores of Pteridophyta
Safoutier, Dacryoides edulis (Burseraceae) domestication and cultivation in the Central Province in Cameroon (C-Africa)
Sampling methodologies and techniques for invertebrates
Scientific support to the implementation of the European Community Birds and Habitats Directives
Scientific valorization of the Zoological collections of the University of Liège (Belgium)
Sclerosponges of the Caribbean Sea: biology, taxonomy and growth rate of hypercalcified sponges
Screening for disease resistance in agricultural crops
Screening for insecticide and acaricide resistant strains
Seasonal effects on the Index of Biotic Integrity
Seasonality of capture and growth rate of plaice, cod, haddock and saithe (Pisces) in the North Sea based on fossil otolithes
Secretary of the board of editors of the Belgian identification flora of vascular plants
Seed bank of wild plants specific for the phytogeographical districts of Belgium
Seed dispersal by mowing and grazing in Flemish nature reserves (Belgium)
Seed predation by harvester ants in Mediterranean ecosystems
Seedling development (blastogeny) as a tool to the generic delimitations in the family Caesalpiniaceae (vascular plants, dicotyledons), mainly in Africa
Selection and Implementation of a set of environmental indicators for the State of the Environment Report of Wallonia (Belgium)
Selection and breeding of noble hardwoods (Quercus, Prunus, Fraxinus) in Flanders (Belgium)
Selection and implementation of a set of environmental indicators for the agricultural sector of Wallonia (Belgium)
Selection of an effective strain of a parasitoid hymenopterid in the biological control of cereal Aphids (Insecta)
Selection of noble hardwoods (Quercus, Prunus, Acer, Fraxinus) in Flanders (Belgium)
Selection, breeding and genetics of indigenous tree-forming willows (Salix sp.) in Flanders (Belgium)
Sexual selection in Sympetrum striolatum (Odonata, Insecta) populations in the province of Antwerp (Belgium)
Shifts in macroinvertebrate communities after remediation of a shallow eutrophied lake (the Kraenepoel) in Flanders (Belgium) by means of sludge removal
Site quality assessment using Dolichopodidae (Diptera)
Slide and photograph collection focused on pteridophytes (ferns and allies)
Slides of species and habitats in europe
South Central African heavy metal phytogeochemistry, mainly from copper outcrops
Spatial and seasonal variation in the structure of nematode communities in the deep sea
Spatial and temporal distribution of forest plant species in fragmented habitats in Flanders (Belgium)
Spatial ecology in conifer bark-beetles (Coleoptera)
Spatial ecology of forest and urban insect pest
Spatial modelling of litter dynamic in mixed stand
Spatio-temporal distribution of the fish communities in reservoir lakes in Belgium and Luxembourg
Species protection plan of Maculinea alcon (Lepidoptera, Insecta) in the Kempen Region (Flanders, Belgium)
Species-rich grasslands restoration, from the sowing to the biomass production
Spelt, a recovered crop for the future of sustainable agriculture in Europe
Spot vegetation: desert locust (Orthoptera, Insecta) habitat monitoring
Stand diversity does influence the reproductive success of the predator Thanasimus formicarius (Cleridae, Coleoptera, Insecta)
Status and distribution of the freshwater fish fauna in Flanders (Belgium)
Status of wild Primula populations (Primulaceae, Angiospermae) in Flanders (Belgium)
Stomach contents of freshwater fish from reservoir lakes in Belgium and Luxembourg
Stored products and household insects
Structural and functional biodiversity of North Sea ecosystems
Structural and functional biodiversity of copepod (Crustacea) communities on the Belgian Continental Shelf (North Sea)
Structural biodiversity along Ecuadorian sandy beaches
Structure and dynamics of autotrophic protists and bacteria in eutrophic waters in Flanders (Belgium)
Structure and dynamics of heterotrophic protists in eutrophic waters in Flanders (Belgium)
Structure and dynamics of microplankton communities in the Schelde Estuary (Belgium, The Netherlands)
Study and conservation of bats (Wallonia, Belgium)
Study and conservation of the forest of Mohéli (R.F.I. des Comores), an indigenous forest block threatened by human pressure
Study of below-ground (root) competition between young seedlings of scots pine (Pinus sylvestris, Pinaceae) in natural regeneration
Study of bioluminescence in echinodermata (Invertebrata)
Study of mixed natural regeneration in older scots pine (Pinus sylvestris, Pinaceae) plantation forests in Flanders sandy regions (Belgium)
Study of mixed natural regeneration of white birch (Betulaceae) and scots pine (Pinaceae)
Study of optimal conditions (soil N and P content and management practices) for the conservation and restoration of species-rich grasslands
Study of plant bio-indicators for water quality in surface waters
Study of spatio-temporal distribution, habitat relation of some species in the river Meuse (Belgium)
Study of the African slugs family Urocyclidae (Gastropoda)
Study of the African terrestrial predatory snail family Streptaxidae (Gastropoda)
Study of the Belgian recent and Quaternary, terrestrial, freshwater, brackish water and marine molluscan fauna
Study of the European landsnails (Gastropoda)
Study of the Indo-Pacific Gastropoda (numerous marine families, some terrestrial, mainly Camaenidae)
Study of the biodiversity of Chinese Artemia (Crustacea) strains and their possible application in research and aquaculture
Study of the botanical importance of small aquatic or marshy landscape elements, such as ditches, pools, etc. Analysis of their importance as parts in the structural defined biodiversity in agricultural landscapes
Study of the growth of giant clams (Tridacnidae, Bivalvia, Mollusca) in their natural environment, coral reefs
Study of the influence of the paleogeographic position of the Antarctic Convergence on the evolution of terrestrial ecosystems in Sub-Antarctic Islands
Study of the preying behaviour of certain spider species
Study of the spider fauna with respect to the restauration of tropical rainforest in Ivory Coast
Sub-consultant of the Lake Tanganyika Biodiversity Project (GEF): Tanganyika special sediment studies, impact of increased sediment load on biodiversity
Supervised control of crop pests in field vegetables
Suppression of soilborne Fungi and plant parasitic nematodes (Invertebrata) by compost
Survey and health status of a Posidonia oceanica meadow (Algae) since 1975: perfecting of a method for the meadow rehabilitation and restoration
Survey and monitoring of habitats in Wallonia (Belgium)
Survey and monitoring of sites of biological importance (SGIB) in Wallonia (Belgium)
Survey and monitoring of species in Wallonia (Belgium)
Survey of and database on the mammals of the Brussels region (Belgium)
Survey of biological communities of derelict railways in the Walloon region (Belgium)
Survey of the birds and mammals of Franz-Joseph-land and Barents Sea (Russia)
Survey of xylophageous agents (fungi and insects) of wood structures in Belgium
Sustainable management at landscape level
Sustainable management of the marine environment: what measures can legally be taken?
Synopsis of Antarctic Amphipoda (Crustacea)
Syrphidae of the orchard ecosystem
Systematic position of Enliniinae and Achalcinae (Dolichopodidae, Diptera)
Systematic revision of the African spiny-eels (Mastacembelidae, Pisces)
Systematic revision of the electric catfish family Malapteruridae from Africa
Systematic revision, phylogeny and zoogeography of world representatives of Achalcus (Dolichopodidae, Diptera)
Systematic studies on tropical African Rubiaceae
Systematic study of Dacryodes (Burseraceae, Angiospermae)
Systematic wood anatomy of Rubiaceae
Systematical study of Mirinae (Heteroptera, Insecta)
Systematics and biogeography of Siphonocladales-Cladophorales (Chlorophyta, Algae) in the Indian Ocean
Systematics and chemical taxonomy of Crematogaster ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)
Systematics and ecology of Basidiomycetes, in particular the Gasteromycetes and lignicolous fungi, mainly in Europe and Papua-New Guinea
Systematics and ecology of Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies)
Systematics and ecology of lignicole fungi (Aphyllophorales)
Systematics and ecology of macro-algae and marine vascular plants (seagrasses), mainly in Corsica and Papua-New Guinea
Systematics and evolutionary biogeography of marine macro-algae in the Indo-Pacific region
Systematics and molecular phylogeny of Amphibia
Systematics and morphological research in the crab family Leucosiidae (Brachyura, Decapoda, Crustacea)
Systematics and nomenclature of Hyphomycetes (Fungi)
Systematics and phylogeny of Neotropical and Afrotropical Cryptobiina (Paederinae, Staphylinidae, Coleoptera, Insecta)
Systematics and phylogeny of echinoderms and of their symbiotes
Systematics of African and South-east Asian Snakes
Systematics of South-East Asian Clarias catfish
Systematics of cichlids (Pisces) from Lake Malawi/Nyasa/Niassa (Africa)
Systematics of cichlids (Teleostei) from Lake Tanganyika (East Africa)
Systematics of the Hymenoptera Ceraphronoidea (Ceraphronidae, Megaspilidae, Insecta) of the world
Systematics, biogeography and ecology of Neotropical herpetofauna, with emphasis on the Guiana Shield ecoregion
Systematics, ecology and biogeography of Anostraca (Crustacea)
Systematics, ecology and biogeography of benthic protists
Systematics, ecology and floristics of Lactarius and Amanita (Fungi) in Europe
Systematics, morphology and ecology of Pteridophyta worldwide
Systematics, nomenclature, culture of Hyphomycetes (Fungi)
Systematics, phylogeny and zoogeography of the world Pselaphinae (Staphylinidae, Coleoptera)
Systematics, phylogeny, biogeography and conservation of Staphylininae (Coleoptera, Insecta)
Systematics, population genetics, phylogeny of major metazoan taxa, with emphasis on Molluscs
Systematics, taxonomy and biometry of African Amphibia
Systematics, taxonomy and biometry of Cephalophus (Artiodactyla, Mammalia)
Systematics, taxonomy and biometry of the mongoose genus Crossarchus (Carnivora, Mammalia)
Systematics, taxonomy and conservation of European and African mammals
Systematics, taxonomy and phylogeny of Holarctic Dolichopodidae (Diptera, Insecta)
Systematics, taxonomy, ecology and ethnomycology of macromycetes (Fungi) of tropical Africa
Systematics, taxonomy, faunistics and ecology of Agromyzidae (Diptera, Insecta)
Systematics, zoogeography and biometry of African Rodentia (Mammalia)
Tanganyika special sediment studies, impact of increased sediment load on biodiversity
Taxonomic position of the marine bacterial pathogen Pasteurella piscicida (Bacteria)
Taxonomic revision of the Paleotropical corticolous Opegrapha (Lichenes)
Taxonomical revision of certain spider families
Taxonomy and biogeography of Algae of the tropical Indian Ocean and the South Pacific
Taxonomy and biogeography of diatoms
Taxonomy and chemical ecology of ants of the genus Crematogaster (Formicidae, Insecta)
Taxonomy and distribution of marine Mediterranean Ostracoda (Crustacea)
Taxonomy and ecogeography of lichenised and lichenicolous Fungi in Belgium, G.-D. Luxembourg and neighbouring regions, with emphasis on the ecology of the species of heavy metal rich sites, old forests and chalky soils
Taxonomy and ecogeography of lichenised and lichenicolous Fungi in Papua New Guinea, especially Gomphillaceae, Ectolechiaceae, Pilocarpaceae, Peltigeraceae and Strigulaceae
Taxonomy and ecogeography of lichenised and lichenicolous Fungi in the Lesser Antilles, mainly Dominica and Guadeloupe
Taxonomy and ecogeography of lichenised and lichenicolous Fungi of central Africa, especially the Kivu region of Congo-Kinshasa, Rwanda, Burundi and Cameroon
Taxonomy and ecology of Myxomycetes (Fungi)
Taxonomy and ecology of Protista
Taxonomy and ecology of algae, especially blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria) in temperate and tropical areas
Taxonomy and ecology of the harpacticoid copepods (Copepoda, Harpacticoida, Crustacea) from a subtropical coastal lagoon of the South-eastern Gulf of California, Mexico
Taxonomy and ecology of weeds, especially Polygonum aviculare (Polygonaceae)
Taxonomy and faunistics of the Chloropidae (Diptera, Insecta) in Belgium
Taxonomy and floristics of the vascular flora of Central Africa (Congo-Kinshasa, Rwanda, Burundi) and editor of the two series (Spermatophytes; Pteridophytes) of the 'Flore d'Afrique centrale'
Taxonomy and geography of Dolichopodidae (Diptera) in Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea
Taxonomy and identification of Bacillus (Eubacteria) and relatives
Taxonomy and identification of food-borne fungi
Taxonomy and phylogeny of birds in West-Africa, mainly Liberia and Cameroon
Taxonomy and phylogeny of birds in central Africa, mainly Congo-Kinshasa, Rwanda and Burundi
Taxonomy and systematics of Acanthaceae of Tropical Africa
Taxonomy and zoogeography of Holothurians (Echinodermata, Holothuroidea)
Taxonomy in an integrated approach of analysis of mycotoxins produced by Fusarium spp. (Fungi)
Taxonomy of African Tachinidae (Insecta, Diptera)
Taxonomy of African Tephritidae, Pipunculidae and Syrphidae (Insecta, Diptera)
Taxonomy of Caesalpiniaceae and Papilionaceae (vascular plants, dicotyledons) of Tropical Africa, mainly Central Africa
Taxonomy of Central African Macromycetes (Fungi)
Taxonomy of Euphorbiaceae (vascular plants, dicotyledons) of Tropical Africa, mainly Central Africa
Taxonomy of Mysidacea (Crustacea), taxonomical databases
Taxonomy of free-living marine nematods (Invertebrata)
Taxonomy of orchids and other monocotyledons in Central Africa
Taxonomy of spiders (Araneae)
Taxonomy of the African vascular flora
Taxonomy of the Porifera of Easter Island
Taxonomy of the Xylariaceae (Ascomycetes, Fungi)
Taxonomy of the fern genus Asplenium (Pteridophyta) in the afro-alpine region
Taxonomy of tropical Polyporaceae and Hyphomycetes (Fungi)
Taxonomy of yeasts
Taxonomy, adaptations, habitat and behaviour of oribatid mites (Oribatida); developmental stability in the spider mite Tetranychus urticae (Prostigmata)
Taxonomy, behaviour and rearing of mites (Acari) associated with stored seeds in northern Iran
Taxonomy, distribution and ecology of Rotifera and Tardigrada (Invertebrata)
Taxonomy, ecology and anatomy of boring Coralliophilidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in the Indo-Pacific Ocean
Taxonomy, ecology, population genetics of carabid beetles (Carabidae, Coleoptera) on the Galapagos Isles
Taxonomy, morphology and distribution of diatoms
Taxonomy, phylogeny and ecology of Turbellaria (Platyhelminthes)
Taxonomy, phylogeny and ecology of marine interstitial Ostracoda (Crustacea)
Taxonomy, phylogeny and zoogeography of marine and brackish water Ostracoda (Crustacea) from Papua New-Guinea and the Indo-Pacific Ocean
Taxonomy, phylogeny, zoogeography and ecology of marine lysianassoid Amphipoda (Crustacea)
Taxonomy, phytosociology and biogeography of diatoms
Taxonomy, phytosociology and phytochorology of the mountainous massif Jebel Uweinat (desert of Libya)
Taxonomy, systematics and chorology of the Dipterocarpaceae (Angiospermae) in Central Africa
Taxonomy, systematics and ecology of aquatic Oligochaeta (Annelida)
Taxonomy, systematics, palynology and chorology of the Bombacaceae worldwide
Technological improvements to perch aquaculture, aiming at the setup of a production line in Wallonia (Belgium)
Temporal habitat selection in Daphnia (Crustacea)
Terrestrial Nematodes from Iran, with a revision of the genera Basiria and Neopsilenchus
The Dendrological Herbarium BR
The Herpetofauna of the Comoro Archipelago
The Hirudinea (Annelida) of the Belgian fauna
The Influence of regional processes at the mesoscale on forest plant community composition: a test for the existence of metacommunity dynamics
The Red squirrel project - Monitoring of numbers and distribution of the Red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) in Flanders
The Rosa Herbarium of F. Crépin BR
The Rubus Collection of J. Van Winkel BR
The SADC/GEF Lake Malawi/Nyasa/Niassa Biodiversity Conservation Project
The Snakes of Africa
The Teratological Herbarium BR
The adaptive value of the bioluminescent behaviour in Glow-worms (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) and a survey of Glow-worm distribution in Belgium
The ancient and recent history of African catfish
The biology of Ericaceae and other heathland species in Western Europe
The collection Gustave Gilson as a historical reference framework for the Belgian marine fauna: a feasibility study
The distribution and spread of coastal plant species along inland roadsides in Belgium
The ecological importance of groynes and other hard substrates in the tidal area on the Flemish coast (Belgium), partim algae
The ecological importance of groynes and other hard substrates in the tidal area on the Flemish coast (Belgium), partim macrozoobenthos
The effects of reproductive mode and multiple invasions on speciation of ancient lake ostracods: comparative molecular genetics of Baikalian Cytherissa (Crustacea, Ostracoda)
The evolution of the acoustic signals in Ranidae (Amphibia) on the Indian subcontinent
The impact of small dam constructions on the environment and the phreatic surface in northern Togo
The insect fauna from Easter Island (Chili)
The inselberg flora of Atlantic Central Africa: vegetation description, ecology,  biogeography and phylogenetic structure.
The new alder disease caused by a Phytophthora (Fungi)
The nitrogen cycle in an oligotrophic marine coastal zone (Corsica)
The relative importance of local and regional factors in determining community structure in phytoplankton in De Maten (Genk, Belgium)
The reproductive behaviour of the African catfish Heterobranchus longifilis (Clariidae, Siluriformes) in an aquarium
The role of Charophytes (Algae) in macrophyte dominated ecosystems in Flemish lakes (Belgium)
The role of marine ecology in the development of a strategic environmental effect report for sustainable development of the coastal area: case study of Saldanha Bay (South Africa)
The role of the Amphipod Crustaceans in the trophodynamics of benthic communities in the Southern Ocean
The soil fauna: the other last biotic frontier
The trophic ecology of the demersal fish community of Lake Malawi/Niassa, Central Africa
The trophic ecology of the demersal fish community of Lake Malawi/Niassa, Central Africa, partim Cichlidae (Perciformes, Teleostei)
The trophic ecology of the demersal fish community of Lake Malawi/Niassa, Central Africa, partim Ostracoda (Crustacea)
The use of carabid beetle remains (Carabidae, Coleoptera) in achaeozoology (paleoecology)
The use of butterflies (Lepidoptera) as indicators for evolution in the tropical rainforest of East and West Africa
The use of capture-mark-recapture data as an estimation of demographic parameter of forest rodent populations
The use of constrained linear models in capture-recapture data analysis
The use of diatom indices in water quality assessment and biomonitoring of lotic freshwaters
The use of forest parasitoids as biodiversity indicators in spruce plantations (Pinaceae)
The use of homoclimates to determine the theoretical possibilities of cultural extension of Eminia holubii (Fabaceae) in the world, out of the natural area of the species
The use of homoclimates to determine the theoretical possibilities of cultural extension of the central American Simarouba glauca tree (Rosidae, Simaroubaceae) in Burundi
The use of indicator species for conservation of habitat networks in Flanders (N-Belgium): a multi-species approach
The use of the freshwater fish communities to assess biotic integrity of Flemish (Belgium) water courses, especially the river Maas (Flanders, Belgium)
The vegetation of the Sonian Forest (Brussels, Belgium): area covering vegetation mapping
Thecamoeba and diatom research in Zackenberg (NE-Greenland)
Thermic ecology of European lizards (Reptilia): a study of the effects of expected climate changes
Ticks (Ixodida, Acari) as vectors of Lyme disease in Belgium
Tissue collection of African small mammals (Insectivora-Rodentia) for biochemical systematics and phylogeography
Towards a better culture and management of larch stand (Pinaceae, Gymnospermae) in Wallonia (Belgium)
Toxicology of cadmium in two stocks of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), from Ireland and Scotland
Tritrophic relationships in the system Picea sp. (Gymnospermae) - Dendroctonus punctatus (Coleoptera) - Hapalaraea sp. (Coleoptera)
Tritrophic relationships in the system Picea sp.(Gymnospermae) - Dendroctonus micans (Coleoptera) - Rhizophagus grandis (Rhizophagidae)
Trophic relationships among plankton in large rivers (river Meuse, Belgium)
Typology of reed beds (Wallonia, Belgium)
Ultrastructure of pharyngeal glands and molecular genetics of Heterodera schachtii (Nematoda, Tylenchida)
Urban ecology in the Brussels region (Belgium)
Use and management of &quot;wild&quot; food plants in southern Ecuador
Use of ants in leaf-litter as bio-indicators
Use of diversity-indices as indicators for sustainable development
Use of entomopathogenic nematodes (Invertebrata) in insect control
Use of grassy strip management in order to increase the period of activity of cereal aphid parasitoid (Hymenoptera, Insecta)
Use of molecular tools (16S rRNA, fingerprints, DGGE, hybridizations) for a polyphasic approach to the taxonomy and ecology of cultured, preserved and on-site cyanobacteria
Use of natural strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeasts, Fungi) as probiotic or prebiotic agents
Use of sclerosponges (Porifera) as biorecorders of environmental changes
Valorisation of medicinal plants in Africa
Valorisation of museum collection databases for biodiversity research
Variation and adaptation of heavy metal tolerant plants
Variation of life-history traits and genetic structure in widespread species: the butterfly Aglais urticae as a model
Variation of winter-hardiness of woody plants in the outdoor collections of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Vegetation dynamics in tropical lake ecosystems of East Africa
Vegetation dynamics of cork oak (Quercus suber, Fagaceae) forests in Morocco and genetic diversity of cork oak in Morocco and Spain
Vegetation in the Southern Alps (France)
Vegetation mapping of the valley of the river Demer (Flanders, Belgium)
Weed biology and control
Weeds in Leguminous Crops in Sri Lanka
West-African Bufonidae (Anura, Amphibia)
Which forests are suitable for red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris, Rodentia, Mammalia)?
Wild Phaseoleae - Phaseolinae collection
Wood anatomical and dendrochronological aspects of oak decline in the Flemish region (Belgium)
Wood anatomy as an ecological evaluation tool for the environmental issues of Asian monsoon region
Xylarium of the Royal Museum for Central Africa (Tervuren wood collection-Tw)
Zoogeography, bathymetry, systematics and faunistics of the world echinoderm fauna (echinoids and asteroids)
Zoological Collections: Mollusca (Molluscs), general collection and Ph. Dautzenberg collection
Zoological collection of the Unit Biology of Organisms (URBO) of the University of Namur FUNDP
Zoological inventory of the river Meuse (W-Europe) and its tributaries, mainly Chironomids (Insecta, Diptera)
Zooplankton dynamics in the river Meuse (Belgium): demography and modelling


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