Research on soil-borne plant viruses


Research on soil-borne plant viruses like Indian peanut clump virus or Beet necrotic yellow vein virus. Collection and molecular characterization of viral isolates and their vector, the Plasmodiophorid Polymyxa.


systematics, biogeography, phylogeny, mapping, distribution, taxonomy, systematics and taxonomy, phylogeny and evolution, Systematics and taxonomy, molecular genetics, phylogenetics, Bioinformatics and databases, Culture, agri-, aqua-, sylvi-, etc., Land cover and habitat mapping, GIS, Microbiology, Phylogeny and evolution, Cultivated and artificial habitats, India, West Africa, Senegal, Mali, Niger, Belgium, Netherlands, France, UK, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Pecluvirus, Benyvirus, Pomovirus, Bymovirus, Furovirus


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Bragard, Claude promotor


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Unité de phytopathologie unknown


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