Classifications Schemes

ID Description
AcademicTitle Researchers academic Title
Biodiversa Research discipline
BiodiversityUnit Integration level
CooperationStatus Cooperation status
Diversitas Research orientation
Geographical Geographical scope
Habitat Habitat type
InterestGroup Researchers interest group
ResearchPurpose Research purpose
Taxonomical Taxonomical scope
Tags Tags
FoE Fields of Expertise
Bgr Bioregions of Expertise
DD Distribution data
EI Environment of Interest
GA Geographical area of Expertise
Mng Management
OtE Other Experience
Pre Prevention
RA Risk Assessment
TA Taxonomical area of Expertise
EdBa Educational background
PrBa Professional background
FoWSci Science
FoWPol Policy
FoWPra Practise
SPI Science-Policy Interface
BenRis Benefits/Risks
TooApp Tools/Approaches
TAGAE Geographical area of expertise
sFoW Secondary field of work
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