Bacteria Collection, BCCM/LMG


Circa 16,000 strains, representing some 1,200 species, subspecies or pathovars, encompassing plant-associated and phytopathogenic bacteria (pseudomonads, xanthomonads, erwiniae, agrobacteria,coryneforms, etc...), bacteria of medical and veterinary importance (Acrobacter, Campylobacter, Helicobacter), marine bacteria and various groups of biotechnological interest such as lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria, nitrogen fixers, clostridia, bacilli, streptomycetes, etc... . Efforts have been made to incorporate most of the commonly used 'control', 'test' and 'bioassay' strains. This collection is part of BCCM: over 45.000 well-documented and authenticated strains of bacteria, filamentous and yeast fungi (including the most important test and control strains) and over 1.500 plasmids are readily deliverable by BCCM on a world-wide basis.


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