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Name Role Start End
Van Brabant, Bart PhD student 2006-01-01 2009-12-01
Dawyndt, Peter unknown 2008-05-01
Gevers, Dirk post-doc
Van Hoorde, Koenraad post-doc 2010-01-01
Swings, Jean unknown
Gillis, Moniek unknown
De Bruyne, Lies unknown
Delaere, Manuel unknown
Huys, Geert unknown
Martens, Miet unknown
Reekmans, Rieka unknown
Storms, Virginie unknown
Van Der Gucht, Katleen unknown
Van Gremberghe, Ineke unknown
Vandecandelaere, Ilse unknown
Vandroemme, Joachim unknown
Vanhoutte, Tom unknown
Casteleyn, Griet unknown
Coorevits, An unknown
Robin, Temmerman unknown
Elke, De Clerck unknown 2008-05-01
Scheirlinck, Ilse unknown 2008-05-01
Heylen, Kim unknown 2008-05-01
Heyrman, Jeroen unknown 2008-05-01
Naser, Sabri unknown 2008-05-01
Vanlaere, Elke unknown 2008-05-01
Vanparys, Bram unknown 2008-05-01
Willems, Anne co-leader
Vandamme, Peter co-leader
De Vos, Paul co-leader
Masco, Liesbeth unknown


Name Role Start End
Prokaryotic diversity in polar seas and Antarctic lakes. unknown
Integration of microbial data bases into a dynamic, relational system y means of artificial intelligence. unknown
Genomic characterization of the 'Bacillus subtilis'-group via Multi Locus Sequence Typing (MLST) - towards a new bacterial species concept unknown
Involvement of the bacerium Pantoea in diseases of Eucalyptus unknown
Isolation and tracing of Bacillus licheniformis in different biotopes and characterisiation of this bacterial species aiming to a risk assessment study unknown
Diversity of herbicide degrading bacteria and dissemination of their catabolic genes in soil and activated sludge. unknown
Identification and classification of Actinomycetes, specifically bioactive Streptomyces strains isolated from Chinese soils. unknown
Normalisation of the certification, distribution and use of microbial reference material. unknown
Managing rice disease through seed health and rice seed associated bacteria. unknown
Investigation of rhizobia indigenous in South-Africa. unknown
Study of transferable antibiotic resistance in lactic acid bacteria isolated on pre-packed meat products. unknown
Isolation, characterisation and genomic detection of Bacillus contaminants in a gelatine production process. unknown
The effect of probiotics on the human gastro-intestinal microbial ecosystem. unknown
Molecular characterization of bifidobacteries from probiotic products in selection to safety and functionality. unknown
Methodological, instrumental and theoretical extension of polyphasic research of bacterial relatedness. unknown
New approaches to the study of bacterial diversity and its evolution. unknown
Tetracycline resistance genes in food-associated Gram-positive bacteria: molecular detection, transfer and phylogeny. unknown
Exploration of genomic and metabolite diversity of a novel group of abundant soil bacteria. unknown
Biosafety evaluation of probiotic lactic acid bacteria used for human consumption. unknown
Cooperative Double blind study of Pseudomonads and related organisms unknown
Microbial analysis of probiotic products unknown
Fylogenetic and physiological-biochemical study of the genus Bacillus, with special interest for the "extremophiles". unknown
Identification, characterisation and culture maintenance of Enterococci (Bacteria) isolated from food, human and animal origin unknown
Polyphasic taxonomic research of rhizobia and related bacteria unknown
Larviculture of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus): zootechny, pathology and microbiology unknown
Identification, characterisation and classification of pseudomonads and coryneform bacteria unknown
Isolation, characterisation and taxonomy of African rhizobia (Bacteria) unknown
Biodiversity of bioplastics degrading microorganisms unknown
Taxonomy and identification of Bacillus (Eubacteria) and relatives unknown
Characterisation and identification of unusual pathogenic bacteria from human and animal origin unknown
Characterisation and identification of wild strains of rhizobia unknown
Bacteria Collection, BCCM/LMG unknown
Classification, identification and evolution of Vibrio (Bacteria) unknown
Improvement of scallop (Mollusca) production in rural areas unknown
Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms (BCCM) / Bacteria unknown
Functional and structural aspects of biodiversity in an estuarine detrital food web, with emphasis on free-living nematodes and their interactions with bacteria co-leader
Development and application of PCR-based DNA-fingerprinting techniques for identification and epidemiological studies of clinically important Gram-positive bacteria from humans and animals. co-leader
Development and application of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for epidemiological analysis of Burkholderia cepacia like bacteria unknown
Development and application of novel isolation and detection methods for epidemiological investigation of Burkholderia cepacia complex bacteria. unknown
Return grant Tom Coenye: Comparative genomics of the genus Burkholderia: bioinformatics, diversity and functional analysis unknown
European Burkholderia cepacia complex Referral Laboratory and Repository unknown
Epidemiology of burkholderia cepacia complex bacteria: sources of infection unknown
Navigating microbial space with the bioportal member 2006-04-01
Population-level analysis of the bacterial species member 2006-06-01 2008-02-01
Molecular characterisation and population dynamics of Gram-Positive bacteria associated with the production of Flemish artisan Gouda-type cheeses member 2004-10-01 2008-10-01
AMBIO: Antarctic Microbial Biodiversity: The importance of geographical and ecological factors member 2006-12-01 2009-01-01
Elaborating public culture collections of diatoms, polar cyanobacteria and mycobacteria in Belgium member 2005-12-01 2008-03-01
MICROMAT: Biodiversity of microbial mats in Antarctica member 1998-11-01 2001-02-01
Molecular characterization of bifidobacteria from probiotic products in view of a greater safety and functionality unknown 2001-10-01 2005-09-30
Molecular characterization and population dynamics of Gram-positive bacteria associated with the production of Flemish artisanal Gouda-type cheeses unknown 2004-10-01 2008-09-30
Study of transferable antibiotica-resistance by lactic acid bacteria isolated from prepacked meat-products unknown 1998-10-01 2002-09-30
Isolation, characterization and genomic detection of Bacillus contaminants in a gelatin production process. unknown 1999-10-01 2003-09-30
Effect of probiotics on the gastrointestinal microbial ecosystem of the human being. unknown 1999-10-01 2003-09-30
Diversity of rhizobia from Belgian leguminous plants: a molecular inventory member 2007-10-01 2011-09-01
Endosymbiotic bacteria in coenocytic green algae - exploration of a partnership member 2008-01-01 2011-12-01
Taxonomic, phylogenetic and biogeographic studies of Plantae, Fungi and Protoctista unknown
Biodiversity of microbial mats in Antarctica unknown
Hygiene management and disease prevention in marine fish larviculture by the adjustement and control of the microbiological environment unknown
Diagnosis and control of bacterial diseases in penaeid shrimp hatcheries - relationship between microbial flora, nutrition, production techniques and health status of penaeid shrimps unknown
Endosymbiotische bacteriÎn in coenocytische groenwieren. Verkenning van een partnerschap. unknown
Biodegradility of bioplastics : prenominative research, biorecycling and ecological impacts member
Assessment and evaluation of the environmental impact of the Antarctic Research Station & apes, Princess Elisabeth & apos member 2007-11-01 2009-12-01

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