Host range, ecological requirement and genetic diversity of Polymyxa spp. (Fungi), vectors of plant viruses


ation and characterization of Polymyxa spp. associated with transmission of peanut clump virus, soil-borne viruses on sugarbeet, barley, wheat and other gramineae. Multiplication on various hosts, temperature requirement, genetic diversity,virus vectoring capacity, detection metods,integrate control.


integrate control, vectors of plant viruses, Biogeography, Climatology, Culture , agri-, aqua-, sylvi-, etc., Ecology, Genetics, Microbiology, Pathology, Pedobiology and soil biology, Phylogeny and evolution, Systematics and taxonomy, Dry grasslands and steppes, Savannahs, Garrigue, maquis and bush, Cultivated and artificial habitats, The effect of Biodiversity on Ecosystem Functioning, Origins, Maintenance and Change of Biodiversity, Systematics, Inventorying and Classification, Monitoring of Biodiversity, Soil and Sediment Biodiversity, Pakistan, India, Mexico, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Belgium, France, phytopathology, soil-borne viruses, Fungi, Viridaeplantae, vascular plants, monocotyledons, Polymyxa betae, Polymyxa graminis, Plasmodiophoraceae, plasmodiophorids, Arachis, Triticum aestivum, Hordeum vulgare, Sorghum, Pennisetum, Beta vulgaris


Mexico {Geographical scope}
Belgium {Geographical scope}
Burkina {Geographical scope}
France {Geographical scope}
India {Geographical scope}
Mali {Geographical scope}
Niger {Geographical scope}
Pakistan {Geographical scope}
Senegal {Geographical scope}
Agricultural {Habitat type}
Dry and Sub-humid Lands {Habitat type}


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Maraite, Henri promotor


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Unité de phytopathologie unknown


Reference Role
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