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The ecological niche of rare softwater shore plants in Western Europe
Study of the initial dynamic of the vegetation colonization in hardwood forest gaps
Evaluation, faunistics and management of the pollinating bees of natural reserves of the Pyrénées (France)
Early dynamic of the vegetation community and the natural regeneration in gaps, in beech mixed forests, in the Alsace region (France)
Ecotoxicology, pathology and trophic position of marine mammals of European coasts
Variation and adaptation of heavy metal tolerant plants
Study of plant bio-indicators for water quality in surface waters
Spatial ecology in conifer bark-beetles (Coleoptera)
Orthotrichaceae in Europe
Genetic structure and reproductive ecology of Ericaceae and other heathland species in Western Europe
Population biology and genetics of Sorbus aucuparia (Rosaceae) in Europe
Bryophytes of Andorra
Fruit trees virus detection
North Sea seabirds and marine mammals: pathology and ecotoxicology
Bird monitoring, mainly in France
Host range, ecological requirement and genetic diversity of Polymyxa spp. (Fungi), vectors of plant viruses
Characterisation and identification of wild strains of rhizobia
Bryophytes of the Queyras Regional Park (dpt Hautes-Alpes, France)
Biological Control
Conservation biology of amphibians : intra- and inter-specific diversity
Behavioural ecology of amphibians: diversity of courtship and feeding tactics
Biogéochimie des écosystèmes forestiers et gestion durable: Estimation des risques nutritionnels liés à la récolte accrue de biomasse en forêt


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