Biological Control


The use of predators, parasitoids or pathogens to control forest or urban insect pests.

Systems under study
Classical biological control with predators (Rhizophagus grandis against Dendroctonus micans in France and D. valens in China)
Conservation biological control with predators: Thanasimus formicarius in France and in Belgium;
Conservation biological control with parasitoids: braconids et pteromalids in France and Belgium;
Microbiological control of Ips typographus using Beauveria bassiana in Belgium.


biological control


Ecology and Evolution {Research discipline}
Life Histories (incl. Population Ecology) {Research discipline}
Pests, Health and Diseases {Research discipline}
Land and Parks Management {Research discipline}
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Forest {Habitat type}
Mountain {Habitat type}
Technical and Scientific Cooperation {Research purpose}
Sustainable Use of Components of Biological Diversity {Research purpose}
Research and Training {Research purpose}
Insecta {Taxonomical scope}
Ascomycota {Taxonomical scope}
Coniferophyta {Taxonomical scope}


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Prospective Research for Brussels unknown
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Gilbert, Marius member
Meurisse, Nicolas member
Grégoire, Jean-Claude promotor
Jannin, Anaï member
Molenberg, Jean-Marc member


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Lutte biologique et écologie spatiale unknown


Reference Role
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