Grégoire, Jean-Claude


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Biological Control promotor
Habitat characteristics influence pheromone-trap catches of Ips typographus (Scolytidae, Coleoptera) in Brussels (Belgium) promotor
Biological Invasions promotor
Predator-prey relationships between Thanasimus formicarius (Cleridae, Coleoptera, Insecta), Ips typographus and Ips sexdentatus (Coleoptera, Scolytidae) promotor
Spatial ecology in conifer bark-beetles (Coleoptera) promotor
Stand diversity does influence the reproductive success of the predator Thanasimus formicarius (Cleridae, Coleoptera, Insecta) promotor
The loyalties of knowledge - The positions and responsibilities of the sciences and of scientists in a democratic constitutional state promotor
Ecology of the hymenopteran parasitoids of Ips typographus and Ips sexdentatus (Scolytidae, Coleoptera, Insecta) promotor
The use of forest parasitoids as biodiversity indicators in spruce plantations (Pinaceae) promotor
Tritrophic relationships in the system Picea sp. (Gymnospermae) - Dendroctonus punctatus (Coleoptera) - Hapalaraea sp. (Coleoptera) promotor
Tritrophic relationships in the system Picea sp.(Gymnospermae) - Dendroctonus micans (Coleoptera) - Rhizophagus grandis (Rhizophagidae) promotor
Ecology and control of forest and urban insects promotor
FORBIO - Assessment of the effects of tree species BIOdiversity on FORest ecosystem functioning member 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
FORTHREATS - The European network on emerging diseases and invasive species threats to European forest ecosystems member
Impact of past climate changes on the genetic diversity of phytophagous insects characterized by a Eurasian arctic-alpine distribution member 2009-01-01 2012-12-01


Name Role Start End
Lutte biologique et écologie spatiale leader

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