FORBIO - Assessment of the effects of tree species BIOdiversity on FORest ecosystem functioning


This cluster project will bring together a large team of forest researchers to tackle the very relevant and timely question of biodiversity functionality. The network that will be further developed during this cluster project will be truly interdisciplinary: scientists from a range of disciplines (forestry, biology, hydrology, ecophysiology, socio-economy, etc.) will be attracted to the network and be invited to participate in the field experiment. These scientists from multiple disciplines will allow building a complementary view on the functional aspects of forest biodiversity. The network will furthermore build bridges between science and policy.
On the one hand, the cluster project will synthesize and disseminate the existing knowledge on the importance of tree species diversity for the provisioning of forest ecosystem goods and services and on the other hand the project will allow establishing a unique and novel experimental approach, which will form the basis for long-term top quality research on forest ecosystems in Belgium.


biodiversity, tree species, forest management, forest


Belgium {Geographical scope}
Forest {Habitat type}
Ecosystem Services {Tags}


Name Role Amount
Science for Sustainable Development unknown


Name Role Start End
Verheyen, Kris co-promotor 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
Carnol, Monique co-promotor 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
Branquart, Etienne member 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
Hermy, Martin member 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
Ponette, Quentin member 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
Grégoire, Jean-Claude member 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
Aubinet, Marc member 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
Van De Kerkhove, Kris member 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
Gérard, Pierre member 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
Muys, Bart promotor 2008-01-01 2010-12-01


Name Role Start End
Laboratory of plant and microbial ecology member 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
Forest Ecology and Management member 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
Research Institute for Nature and Forest member 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
Department of Forest and Water Management member 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
Lutte biologique et écologie spatiale member 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
Faculté d'ingénieurie biologique, agronomique et environnementale member 2008-01-01 2010-12-01

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