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Name Role Start End
CLANIMAE: Climatic and Anthropogenic Impacts on African Ecosystems unknown
PEACE: Role of pelagic calcification and export of carbonate production in climate change unknown
MICROMET: Microbial diversity and metal fluxes in contaminated North Sea sediments unknown
AMBIO: Antarctic Microbial Biodiversity: The importance of geographical and ecological factors unknown
ALIEN IMPACT: Biodiversity Impacts of highly invasive alien plants: mechanisms, enhancing factors and risk assessment unknown
BALANS: Balancing impacts of human activities in the Belgian part of the North Sea unknown
FEFOCON: Environmental, social and economic feasibility of forest conversion unknown
GAUFRE: Towards a spatial structure plan for sustainable management of the sea unknown
INPLANBEL: Invasive plants in Belgium: Patterns, processes and monitoring unknown
Invasion and biodiversity in grasslands and field borders unknown
Linking dispersal, connectivity, and landscape structure to produce habitat evaluation/restoration guidelines unknown
XYLOBIOS: Diversity, ecology and roles of saproxylic organisms in Belgian deciduous forests unknown
BELLA: Belgian cluster on lake research in the framework of global climate change unknown
FRAC-WECO: Flux-based Risk Assessment of impact of Contaminants on Water resources and ECOsystems unknown
MANSCAPE: Integrated management tools for water bodies in agricultural landscapes unknown
BWZee: A biological valuation map for the Belgian continental shelf unknown
ECONET: Feasibility study of ecological networks: ecological, economic, social and legal aspects unknown
CALMARS: Validation of alternative marine calcareous skeletons as recorders of global climate change unknown
CLIMAR: Evaluation of climate change impacts and adaptation responses for marine activities unknown
MODIRISK: Mosquito vectors of disease: spatial biodiversity, drivers of change, and risk unknown
BIANZO: Biodiversity of 3 representative groups of the Antarctic Zoobenthos unknown
FISHGUARD: Impact assessment and remediation of anthropogenic interventions on fish populations unknown
PELAGANT: Status, control and role of the pelagic diversity of the Austral Ocean unknown
SPEEK: Study of post extraction ecological effects in the Kwintebank sand dredging area unknown
The Hinder Banks: yet an important region for the Belgian marine biodiversity? unknown
CCCC: Role of oceanic production and dissolution of calcium carbonate in climate change unknown
BELCANTO II: Assessing the sensitivity of the Southern Ocean’s biological carbon pump to climate change unknown
BIOCORE: Conservation and restoration of fragmented biodiversity hot spots: Calcareous grasslands of South-Belgium unknown
CALMARS II: Critical evaluation of marine calcareous skeletons as recorders of global climate change unknown
HOLANT: Holocene climate variability and ecosystem change in coastal East and Maritime Antarctica unknown
AMORE III: Combined Effect of Changing Hydroclimate and Human Activity on Coastal Ecosystem Health unknown
INRAM: Integrated risk assessment and monitoring of micropollutants in the Belgian coastal zone unknown
WESTBANKS: understanding benthic, pelagic and air-borne ecosystem interactions in shallow coastal seas unknown
BIANZO II: Biodiversity of three representative groups of the Antarctic Zoobenthos - Coping with Change unknown
MANUDYN II: Macrophytes and nutrient dynamics: process and field studies in the upper reaches of river bassins unknown
PONDSCAPE: Towards a sustainable management of pond diversity at the landscape level unknown
SELNAT: How to make Natura 2000 work properly? Socio-economic, legal & ecological management unknown
MYCARBIO: Mycorrhizae impact on biodiversity and C-balance of grassland ecosystems under changing climate unknown
IMPECVOC: Impact of phenology and environmental conditions on BVOC emissions from forest ecosystems unknown
B-BLOOMS: Algal blooms: Emerging problems for health and sustainable use of surface waters unknown
BEWREMABI: Belgian shipwreck: hotspots for marine biodiversity unknown
ECOTOX2: Effects of pollutants on benthic populations and communities of North Sea organisms unknown
MALUS: Studying apple biodiversity: opportunities for conservation and sustainable use of genetics resources unknown
REFCOAST: Typology, reference condition and classification of the Belgian coastal waters unknown
Sustainability of certified production systems : the case of labels in the food sector unknown
TROPHOS: Higher trophic levels in the Southern North Sea unknown
Viability of the Northeast Atlantic harbour porpoise and harbour seal populations (genetic and ecological studies) unknown
ADAPT: Towards an integrated decision tool for adaptation measures - Case study: floods unknown
CLIMLAKE: Climate variability as recorded in Lake Tanganyika unknown
BELCANTO III: Integrated Study of Southern Ocean Biogeochemistry and Climate Interactions in the Anthropocene unknown
ENSO: Recent Enso And Paleo-Enso of the last 1000 Years in Lake Tanganyika unknown
Providing access to biodiversity data on African Rodentia unknown
Updating the database of the Belgian Arachnofauna unknown
AMORE II - Advanced modelling and research on eutrophication linking eutrophication and biological resources unknown
BBLOOMS 2: Cyanobacterial blooms: toxicity, diversity, modelling and management unknown
CANOPY - Biogeochemical carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus fluxes in the North Sea unknown
ENDIS-RISKS: Endocrine disruption in the Scheldt estuary: distribution, exposure and effects unknown
LAQUAN: Late Quaternary climate history of coastal Antarctic environments: a multi-proxy approach unknown
SISCO: Silica retention in the Scheldt continuum and its impact on coastal eutrophication unknown
LUSI: Land Use Changes and Si Transport through the Scheldt River Basin unknown
Climate change impact on the sustainable use of Lake Tanganyika fisheries (CLIMFISH) unknown
Theory of the norm and democratic governance unknown
Digitization of a reference collection of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Paraguayan dry Chaco unknown
Specimen database of dacine fruit flies (Diptera, Tephritidae) from Africa unknown
Belgian Biodiversity Platform unknown
PERINBEL : Public <b>PER</b>ception of <b>IN</b>vasive species in <b>BEL</b>gium unknown
FORBIO - Assessment of the effects of tree species BIOdiversity on FORest ecosystem functioning unknown
Wild coffee species (Coffea; Rubiaceae) in central and West Africa unknown
Political Instruments of sustainable development and population role unknown
WellBeBe - Towards theoretically sound and democratically legitimate indicators of well-being in Belgium  unknown
WETMAT (Wetland Management Tools) unknown
CONstruction of ScENarios and exploration of Transition pathways for SUStainable consumption patterns (CONSENTSUS)  unknown
CONstruction of ScENarios and exploration of Transition pathways for SUStainable consumption patterns (CONSENTSUS) (PHASE II)  unknown
Ecosystem services of Freshwater systems (ECOFRESH) unknown
Enhancing methodology and feasibility of Sustainability Impact Assessments (SIA) for the Belgian federal level unknown
Development of Belgian REDD Information Systems (BE REDD) unknown
(BELDIVA) Belgian Microbial Diversity Project in Antarctica unknown
Valuation of Terrestrial Ecosystem Services in a multifunctional peri-urban space (VOTES) unknown
Sustainable agriculture: an integrated approach for communication between scientists and stakeholders unknown
SUDEM- CLI - Impact of climate change on river hydrology and ecology: A case study for interdisciplinary policy oriented research unknown
PLANTCOL - Centralised electronic information system on genetic resources of living plantmaterial.  A prototype for woody plants unknown
(Marebasse) Management research and budgeting of aggregates in shelf seas related to end-users unknown
SAFE General framework for the evaluation of the sustainability of Belgian agricultural systems unknown
(SUMANOS) Cluster Sustainable Management North Sea unknown
Design and renovation of urban public spaces toward sustainable cities (DRUPSSuC) unknown
Identification of maritime zones affected by eutrophication (IZEUT) unknown
Shifts in wintering area of selected indigenous bird species unknown
MANUDYN I - Macrophytes and nutrient dynamics in the upper reaches of the Schelde basin. unknown
Identification of cryptic diversity in the groundwater genus Trichodrilus Latreille (Clitellata, Lumbriculidae) unknown
Agronomical, economic and sociological norms and indicators for sustainable farming systems unknown
Development of a realistic set of composite urban environmental indicators unknown
Biogeochemical cycles of forest ecosystems related to Global Change and Sustainable Development unknown
MUSICAL-Multifunctionality and local identity as paradigms for sustainable and competitive agriculture unknown
Species diversity: importance for sustainable ecosystems and impact of climate change. unknown
Belgium Ecosystem Services : a new vision for society-nature interaction (BEES) unknown
A biological valuation map for the Belgian Continental Shelf unknown
Gather and promote Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere related belgian efforts unknown
MARE-DASM Marine Resources Damage Assessment and Sustainable Management of the North Sea unknown
Risk analysis of marine activities in the Belgian Part of the North Sea (RAMA) unknown
Climatic and Anthropogenic Impacts on African Ecosystems (CLANIMAE) (PHASE II) unknown
A classification framework for habitat status reporting with remote sensing methods (HABISTAT) unknown
(ECOSTAT) How will the ecological quality status of benthos in coastal waters evolve? unknown

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