Belgian Biodiversity Platform


The Belgian Biodiversity Platform is an initiative of the Belgian Science Policy. It is an integrated network of members (scientists ad IT specialists) posted in federal and regional research institutions.

The mission of the Platform is to foster biodiversity research that contributes to sustainable development, by:
* Facilitating access to biodiversity data, science and research information;
* Encouraging interdisciplinary cooperation amongst scientists;
* Stimulating interaction between scientists, policy makers and stakeholders in biodiversity research;
* Advising on the designation of biodiversity research priorities;
* Promoting Belgian biodiversity research at international fora.


sustainable development, biodiversity, biodiversity research, biodiversity resources, science policy, primary data, interdisciplinary cooperation


Biological Sciences {Research discipline}
Information, Computing and Communication Sciences {Research discipline}
Genetic {Integration level}
Species {Integration level}
Ecosystem {Integration level}
National {Cooperation status}
European (EU) {Cooperation status}
International (non-EU) {Cooperation status}
Forest {Habitat type}
Inland Waters {Habitat type}
General Measures for Conservation and Sustainable Use {Research purpose}
Access to and Transfer of Technology {Research purpose}
Exchange of Information {Research purpose}
Technical and Scientific Cooperation {Research purpose}
Sustainable Use of Components of Biological Diversity {Research purpose}
Research and Training {Research purpose}


Name Role Amount
Science for Sustainable Development unknown


Name Role Start End
Charbonneau, Danny member 2006-03-01 2007-06-01
Segers, Hendrik member 2004-10-01
Danis, Bruno member 2006-05-01
Youdjou, Nabil member 2006-05-01
Heughebaert, André member 2005-06-01
Cigar, Julien member 2004-11-01
Balian, Estelle member 2005-03-01
Branquart, Etienne member 2000-08-01
Nuytinck, Jorinde member 2005-01-01 2005-12-01
Duflost, Johan member 2002-08-01 2007-10-01
Tack, Jurgen member 2000-05-01 2007-10-01
Desmet, Peter member 2006-01-01 2008-07-01
Van den Broecke, Lynn member 2008-01-01 2008-09-01
Renaudier, Sylvain member 2007-11-01 2009-09-01
Gonzalez, Barbara member 2008-12-01
Baus, Erika member 2005-04-01 2008-12-01
Noé, Nicolas member 2009-01-01
Brosens, Dimitri member 2009-02-01
Keune, Hans member 2010-10-01
Berhault, Angélique member 2000-05-01


Name Role Start End
Bioinformatique member
Freshwater biology member
Conservation de la nature member
Research Institute for Nature and Forest member 2006-01-01
Département de biologie des organismes member 2000-05-01


Name Role Start End
BeBIF: Belgian Biodiversity Information Facility partner
SCAR-MarBIN partner
Providing access to biodiversity data on African Rodentia partner
Updating the database of the Belgian Arachnofauna partner
Digitization of a reference collection of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Paraguayan dry Chaco partner
Specimen database of dacine fruit flies (Diptera, Tephritidae) from Africa partner
Biostrat - Developing the EU Biodiversity Research Strategy partner
BiodivERsA 2 - An ERA-Net in Biodiversity Research  partner


Reference Role
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