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Dispersal and recruitment of Olea europaea ssp. cuspidata in degraded Afromontane savanna : implications for forest restoration in the highlands of northern Ethiopia
The inselberg flora of Atlantic Central Africa: vegetation description, ecology,  biogeography and phylogenetic structure.
Mangrove vegetation structure dynamics and regeneration
Diversity, phylogeny, taxonomy and zoogeography of Rotifera
Belgian Biodiversity Platform
Analysis of physiological and economical impact of the ornemental trees pruning
Biological Control
Environment study for the Building of the 4th Lock in Lanaye
Gathering and exchange of information on biological diversity
FEFOCON: Environmental, social and economic feasibility of forest conversion
Biological evaluation and restoration of forest margins
Study of relationships between ecological network structures and functions at the landscape scale and in the scope of heathland restoration.
Implementation of the agri-environmental measures « flowered stretch » and « stretch of arable plants »: scientific support
ALIEN IMPACT: Biodiversity Impacts of highly invasive alien plants: mechanisms, enhancing factors and risk assessment
Conservation of copper flora in Katanga (DRC)
SELNAT: How to make Natura 2000 work properly? Socio-economic, legal & ecological management
Conservation and restoration of calcareous grasslands in Belgium
Coordination and completion of the HBIS database in the context of the ecological network setting up in Wallonia
Setting up of a support cell for invasive plant species management. Proposal of practical and prevention solutions to manage invasive plant species along river banks in the Walloon Region (Belgium)
Population biology of the Japanese knotweeds: Alien invasive species of the genus Fallopia Adans. (Polygonaceae) in Belgium
Study of Lake Tanganyika picoplankton
Demography of two avian frugivores in a recently fragmented rainforest in south-east Kenya
Dynamics of spider and carabid beetle assemblages along a lowland gravel river: effects of flooding disturbance and spatial fragmentation
Evolutionary adaptations of dry-seeded plant species to endozoochorous dispersal
Adaptive plasticity of aeronautic dispersal in plants and arthropods
Biodiversity and evolution of the giant genus Cyperus (Cyperaceae): The C4 clade with laterally compressed pistil: Pycreus, <i>Kyllinga</i> &amp; <i>Queenslandiella</i>
The Cyperaceae of Bénin for the &#39;Flore Analytique du Bénin&#39;
Monitoring structural attributes of trees and surrounding vegetation to detect and forecast status and changes in mangrove forests and assemblages
Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning
CLANIMAE: Climatic and Anthropogenic Impacts on African Ecosystems
HOLANT: Holocene climate variability and ecosystem change in coastal East and Maritime Antarctica
PONDSCAPE: Towards a sustainable management of pond diversity at the landscape level
AMBIO: Antarctic Microbial Biodiversity: The importance of geographical and ecological factors
Layout of an ecosystem-vision for the hilly region of Western Flanders (West-Vlaamse Heuvels)
MICROMAT: Biodiversity of microbial mats in Antarctica
Patterns and drivers of the diversity of the African rain forests
Pest risk analysis for invasive alien plant species (PRAVEG)
Providing access to biodiversity data on African Rodentia
Updating the database of the Belgian Arachnofauna
Potential vectors and reservoirs of the plague bacillus Yersinia pestis in the <b>West</b><b> </b><b>Usambara</b><b> </b><b>Mountains</b><b> (Lushoto district, </b><b>Tanzania</b><b>). </b>
Mycocoenological study of different types of forests in the South of Belgium (MYCOSOC)
Picoplankton and key-grazers in Lake Tanganyika, East Africa
Conservation biology of amphibians : intra- and inter-specific diversity
Layout of an ecological vision for the land-us planning project Brugse Veldzone (Western Flanders)
Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in contrasting Southern European deep-sea environments: from viruses to megafauna
Invasive speed of alien plant species related to plant traits and habitat characterisitcs
Distribution Patterns of Introduced Plants Differ From Native Plants in Lowland England
Tropical Echinoculture: creation of a pilot eclosery at Madagascar
Image classification of the earth for a tropical forest cartography<a href="" target="_blank">
Support for the creation of a multi-disciplinary formation in tourism and the development of an ecotourism project in the region of Baranquilla
Méthodologies pour la gestion des Aires Marines Protégées (AMP): gouvernance des pêcheries et du développement local durable
Strengthening the scientific and technological capacities to implement spatially integrated land and water management schemes adapted to local socio-economic and physical settings
Elaboration of integrated management strategies combining local development and ecosystem conservation in four rural communities of the argan Man and Biosphere Reserve around the Jbel Amsiten massif
Socio-economicals and environmentals impacts of cash crop in Burkina Faso: which strategies for sustainable development?
Biological Valuation Map
Climatic and Anthropogenic Impacts on African Ecosystems (CLANIMAE) (PHASE II)
CLIMAR Evaluation of climate change impacts and adaptation responses for marine activities
LifeWatch - E-science and technology infrastructure for biodiversity data and observatories
Comparison of insectivory by sympatric western lowland gorillas and chimpanzees in lowland rainforest, southeast Cameroon
Ecological study of the north Ardenne rivers : Diatoms flora and vegetation and water chemistry
Ecological study and integration in the landscape of the motorway connection A27 (Verviers-Steinebrück)
Biogéochimie des écosystèmes forestiers et gestion durable: Estimation des risques nutritionnels liés à la récolte accrue de biomasse en forêt
CEECEC: Civil society engagement with ecological economics
Economic Valuation of ecosystem services of (semi) natural landscapes for Cost-Benefit Assessments 
SPICOSA - Science and Policy Integration for Coastal System Assessment
La cohérence des acteurs internationaux
Identification of cryptic diversity in the groundwater genus Trichodrilus Latreille (Clitellata, Lumbriculidae)
Agrobiodiversity in flower-rich field margins
Propriété intellectuelle, droit à l&#39;alimentation et biodiversité


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