Study of Lake Tanganyika picoplankton


The project is a study of Lake Tanganyika picoplankton, with respect to its nature, its abundance and its production. It aims, thanks to the use of various techniques (epifluorescence, cytometry, moleular biology) at characterising spatial and temporal variations of this picoplankton, as a function of environmental conditions. Remote sensing is also used to extend the spatio-temporal resolution to the entire lake.


picoplancton, Lake Tanganyika, biomass, production


Surfacewater Hydrology {Research discipline}
Microbial Ecology {Research discipline}
Phycology {Research discipline}
Freshwater Ecology {Research discipline}
Genetic {Integration level}
Ecosystem {Integration level}
National {Cooperation status}
Burundi {Geographical scope}
Congo, Democratic Republic of {Geographical scope}
Tanzania {Geographical scope}
Zambia {Geographical scope}
Inland Waters {Habitat type}


Name Role Start End
Descy, Jean-Pierre promotor 2003-09-01
Stenuite, Stephane member 2003-09-01 2009-01-01


Name Role Start End
Unité de recherche en biologie des organismes member 2003-09-01 2007-10-01


Reference Role
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Hugo Sarmento, Fernando Unrein, Mwapu Isumbisho, Stephane Stenuite, Josep M Gasol, Jean-Pierre Descy (2008) Abundance and distribution of picoplankton in tropical, oligotrophic Lake Kivu, eastern Africa. Freshwater Biology, 53: 756-771 author
Stephane Stenuite, Samuel Pirlot, Anne-Laure Tarbe, Hugo Sarmento, Mélanie Lecomte, Sophie Thill, Bruno Leporcq, Danny Sinyinza, Jean-Pierre Descy, Pierre Servais (2008) Bacterial abundance and production in a large tropical lake (Lake Tanganyika, East Africa). Freshwater Biology, submitted author
Stephane Stenuite, Anne-Laure Tarbe, Hugo Sarmento, Fernando Unrein, Samuel Pirlot, Sophie Thill, Mélanie Lecomte, Bruno Leporcq, Josep M Gasol, Jean-Pierre Descy (2008) The everlasting dominance of picoplankton in Lake Tanganyika: biomass distribution patterns with depth, season and basin. Journal of Plankton Research, submitted author

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