Analysis of physiological and economical impact of the ornemental trees pruning


Morpho-physiological reaction analysis of trees after a drastic pruning; study of wounds and cavities resulting from topping: sanitary aspects and mechanical resistance of shoots; formulation of "restoration pruning" principles for the obtention of a well balanced architecture in adequation with environnement; economic prospects, patrimonial value of ornamental trees and landscape evaluation

Analysis of physiological and economical impacts of the roadside trees pruning. The management of the roadside trees requires special care. Several factors interact with their growth and development, many trees presenting decay. In addition of aesthetic impact, this decay leads to high pruning costs, or even costs of replacing trees, and serious risk of tree fall. Although the situations are more and more complicated, an increasing lack in trees monitoring is observed. Due to neglected plantations, overpruning is very often adopted, although researchers have demonstrated for several years the damage of this practice. An economic study is here proposed and concerns a walkway of common limes (Tilia ??europaea L.). It constituted a landscape reference mark of high patrimonial value. Trees were topped and their crowns were overpruned. The comparison of costs between crown thinning at regular intervals and topping shows a ratio of one to two or more and a patrimonial value loss of trees of nearly 85%. Customer education and teaching managers are the best ways to stop drastic pruning, due only to easier alternative and a lack of professionalism.


ornamental trees, physiology, economy, mechanical resistance, cavity, Roadside trees, crown thinning, topping, labour cost, Belgium


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Analyse de l' impact physiologique et economique de l' elagage des arbres d' alignement en port libre author

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