The inselberg flora of Atlantic Central Africa: vegetation description, ecology,  biogeography and phylogenetic structure.


Inselbergs are rocky outcrops standing out from encircling plains. Due to their edaphic properties, inselbergs in the rain forest landscape are xeric "habitat islands". Their vegetation contrasts strongly with the surrounding rain forest. I described the inselberg vegetation in Atlantic Central Africa using the phytosociological methodology. I identified the relative contributions of environmental determinism, dispersal limitation and historical factors in the spatial structure of the inselberg flora at the local and regional scales.


terrestrial, flora, vegetation, tropical rain forests, botany, ecology, vegetation releves, vegetation analysis, Precambrian granite outcrops, natural grasslands, taxonomy, systematics, classification, nomenclature, forest ridges, savannas, inselbergs, plant communities, phytogeography, biogeography, distribution, chorology, nature conservation, Biogeography, Ecology, Systematics and taxonomy, Dry grasslands and steppes, Savannahs, Forests, Conservation, Systematics, Inventorying and Classification, Central Africa, tropical Africa, continental Equatorial Guinea, Rio Muni, Niefang mountains, Monte Alen, Engong, vascular plants, Gabon, Cameroun


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