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Systematics, Inventorying and Classification


Dispersal and recruitment of Olea europaea ssp. cuspidata in degraded Afromontane savanna : implications for forest restoration in the highlands of northern Ethiopia
BeBIF: Belgian Biodiversity Information Facility
The inselberg flora of Atlantic Central Africa: vegetation description, ecology,  biogeography and phylogenetic structure.
Mangrove vegetation structure dynamics and regeneration
Identification of Poaceae
Diversity, phylogeny, taxonomy and zoogeography of Rotifera
Phylogeny and evolution of the genus Peperomia (Piperaceae)
Biodiversity and evolution of the giant genus Cyperus (Cyperaceae): The C4 clade with laterally compressed pistil: Pycreus, <i>Kyllinga</i> &amp; <i>Queenslandiella</i>
The Cyperaceae of Bénin for the &#39;Flore Analytique du Bénin&#39;
Revealing the position of the genus Verhuellia (Piperaceae)
Molecular phylogeny and phylogeography of the genus Hydrangea sensu lato (Hydrangeaceae)
Molecular characterisation and population dynamics of Gram-Positive bacteria associated with the production of Flemish artisan Gouda-type cheeses
Introduction to taxonomy and systematics of freshwater oligochaetes and assessment of their biodiversity in ground waters of Eastern Morocco
Taxonomy and systematics of freshwater oligochaetes and assessment of their biodiversity in Moroccan groundwaters
HOLANT: Holocene climate variability and ecosystem change in coastal East and Maritime Antarctica
AMBIO: Antarctic Microbial Biodiversity: The importance of geographical and ecological factors
MICROMAT: Biodiversity of microbial mats in Antarctica
Providing access to biodiversity data on African Rodentia
Updating the database of the Belgian Arachnofauna
Potential vectors and reservoirs of the plague bacillus Yersinia pestis in the <b>West</b><b> </b><b>Usambara</b><b> </b><b>Mountains</b><b> (Lushoto district, </b><b>Tanzania</b><b>). </b>
Morphology and molecular characterization of Lactarius sect. Deliciosi and their ectomycorrhiza
Variability and cultivation potential of Passiflora spp. in the Yungas of Bolivia
Burmanniaceae (Dioscoreales): molecular taxonomy, pollen morphology and phylogeny
Morphological and molecular-genetic characterization of savage and old plum taxa (Prunus spinosa - P. x fruticans - P. domestica subsp. insititia) in Flanders for the expansion of maintenance strategies
A phylogenetic study of the African Ebenaceae
Genome expression during the morphogenesis of Micrasterias Ralfs (Chlorophyta)
Molecular evolution of B-function MADS-box genes in the basal asterides
Taconomy and phylogeography of Lactarius subgenus Plinthogali
The role of fungi in the decomposition of Reed (Phragmites australis) in the Scheldt-estuary.
Morphology and ontogeny of pollen, orbicules and tapeta in the Dioscoreales.
Phylogeny of the rhabdocoel turbellaria and the origin of the freshwater representatives
Dispersal and rarity of mossen in Flanders [elaboration of Red Lists of Belgian mosses] (ZELDZMOS)
Contribution to the study of lichens and lichenicolous fungi in Belgium and neighbouring areas (LICBEL)
Lichen Flora of the Greater Sonoran Desert Region (LICSON)
Biodiversity of Antarctica
Lichenized fungi of tropics (LICTRO)
Reconstruction of the evolutionary history of fungi (LICMOL)
Systematics, ecology and floristics of macromycetes of Europe (FUNGEURO)
Chorology of macromycetes of Belgium and the Grand Duchey of Luxembourg (FUNGMAP)
Fungus Flora of Tropical Africa (FFTA)
Qualitative and quantitative ethnomycology in Africa (and extralimital areas) (KEKE)
Systematical en ecological studies of Laboulbeniales (Ascomycetes) from Belgium (LABOUL)
Moss-inhabiting-diatom-based biogeography of the (sub-)Antarctic Region (ANTARCDIAT)
Non-marine diatom atlas of the Senegal River in the framework of water quality monitoring (AFRDIAT)
Systematics and morphology of the diatoms in Swedish rivers (SWEDIDIAT)
Diatom Biogeography &amp; Morphology: Capita Selecta (DIVDIAT)
African Surirellaceae types and typical specimens (AFRSURI)
Setting up of a typology and ecological classification of Walloon reservoirs to meet the requirements of the Water Framework directive 2000/60/CE
Digitization of a reference collection of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Paraguayan dry Chaco
Specimen database of dacine fruit flies (Diptera, Tephritidae) from Africa
Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in contrasting Southern European deep-sea environments: from viruses to megafauna
Phylogeny and population genetics of invasive Asiatic clams
Image classification of the earth for a tropical forest cartography<a href="" target="_blank">
LifeWatch - E-science and technology infrastructure for biodiversity data and observatories
Wild coffee species (Coffea; Rubiaceae) in central and West Africa
Ecological study of the north Ardenne rivers : Diatoms flora and vegetation and water chemistry
Ecological study and integration in the landscape of the motorway connection A27 (Verviers-Steinebrück)
Umbellifers flora of Belgium
Identification of cryptic diversity in the groundwater genus Trichodrilus Latreille (Clitellata, Lumbriculidae)


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