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Consistent assessment of LAI and quatification of spatial distribution of foliage in forest canopies based on digital hemispherical photography.
Effects of habitat fragmentation on the viability of forest plant populations: a demographic and genetic analysis.
Het El-Nino Southern Oscillation effect in Eastern Africa: dendrochronology and phenology of Miombo Woodland.
Land suitability assessment for food security planning in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).
Forest rehabilitation through natural regeneration in Tigray, Ethiopia.
Describing biophysical and optical characteristics of forests through computer modelling and visualisation.
Permeability of forest edges for non-forest plant species, related to anthropogenic and natural habitat variables.
Design of an ecosystem vision for woods and haeth in the sandy region of Flanders.
Risk assessment of agricultural intensification on N deposition on pristine forests and plantations in Southern Chile.
Historical ecological study of the Grotenhout forest.
Texture and change detection in forest ecosystems.
Plant functional types of forest areas in the highlands of N-Ethiopia.
Opstellen van een classificatie van bosgemeenschappen in Vlaanderen. (B&G/09/2001).
De bossen van het Land van Turnhout: een historische ecologie.
Migration of forest plant species through a fragmented landscape: integrating local demography and regional dispersal.
Potential impact of future climate change on forest plant species and their communities.
ENCOFOR: Environment and community based framework for designing afforestation, reforestation and revegetation projects in the CDM methodology development and case studies.
Dispersal and recruitment of Olea europaea ssp. cuspidata in degraded Afromontane savanna : implications for forest restoration in the highlands of northern Ethiopia
Reproduction of forest plants.
Modelling of the 3D structure of forest canopies with laser measurements.
Consequences of changes in disturbance regime on the composition and dynamics of forests on rich soils.
Comparison of ecosystem functioning and biogeochemical cycles in temperate forests in Southern Chile and Flanders
Ecology and genetics of different dispersal strategies of a forest bird in a fragmented Afrotropical cloud forest
Compartment-flux modelling of copper, zinc, cadmium and lead in willow forests on dredging silt.
Interaction between ecosystems: Nature reserves and intensive agriculture; Research about the effect of elevated N-deposition on the N-balance of soils forest soils by means of delta15N-measurements.
A spatial Decision Support System using optimisation techniques and a geographical information system for multiple use forest management.
Sampling strategies for throughfall water in a mixed deciduous forest: a model-orientend approach.
Effect of fire damage on regeneration and N loss from in Araucaria araucana forests in Chile
Evaluating the structure of forest groups in several european countries: forest groups as an instrument to realise the policy objectives concerning multifunctional forest management.
Evaluation of management tools to optimise the ecological value of poplar plantations.
Broadening the public support for the planning, the implementation and the management of forests at the urban fringes in Flanders. Development of a communication model.
Quantitative analysis of the transpiration of forests in comparison to pasture and arable land.
Close-to-nature forest harvesting in forests on vulnerable soils
The perception of the ecological function of forests : attitudes of private forest owners in Flanders.
Weighing the pros and contras of forest extension as a scenario for nature conservation and development in valley areas.
Aspects of the intensive monitoring of forest ecosystems in Flanders.
Genetic and ecological effects of forest fragmentation on populations of the spieder Coelotes terrestris (Agelenidae, Araneae.
Alternative N retention and N loss mechanisms in pristine and polluted forest soils
Relationship between recent changes of growth and nutrition of Norway spruce, Scots pine and European beech forests in Europe.
Evaluating the financing of Forests in Europe (EFFE).
cfr web site
cfr web site
Impact of silvicultural systems on biological communities in Walloon Region.
Impact of silvicultural systems on biodiversity : a comparative study in Ardenne.
Forest ecosystems – cat_SCI « Spatial modeling of foliar litter dynamics in mixed oak–beech stands » Classe_ 60
Forest ecosystems – cat_SCI « Effects of canopy heterogeneity on the spatio-temporal variability of atmospheric inputs in mixed oak–beech stands » Classe_10
Forest ecosystems – cat_SCI « Influence of thinning grade on dry matter and element storage in the holorganic layers of even-aged spruce stands » Classe_ 15
Biology and genetic population analysis of a european invasive forest species: Prunus serotina Ehrh.
Use of very high resolution satellite imagery for forest mapping applications – FORECAST
Study of the initial dynamic of the vegetation colonization in hardwood forest gaps
Studies on the patrimonial and natural values of forest's successions : the suberries
Effects of the landscape structure on dispersal, morphology and gene flow in a series of tropical forest bird species of the Taita Hills, South East Kenia.
Evolutionary changes of morphology and behaviour in a woodland butterfly (Pararge aegeria</em> L.) due to habitat fragmentation (I)
Evolutionary changes of morphology and behaviour in a woodland butterfly (Pararge aegeria</em> L.) due to habitat fragmentation (II)
Migration of forest plant species in a fragmented landscape: an ecological, population genetic and modelling approach
Influence of the canopy structure heterogeneousness on the spatio-temporal variability of atmospheric deposition in a mixed oak-beech stand
Early dynamic of the vegetation community and the natural regeneration in gaps, in beech mixed forests, in the Alsace region (France)
Contribution to the epigeal invertebrates study related to forest management (sylviculture) in south-east of Belgium
Distribution of the red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) in the Brussels Capital Region - Effects of patch size, patch quality and patch isolation, taking the matrix between the patches into account by using the Cost Distance extension in ArcView
The Red squirrel project - Monitoring of numbers and distribution of the Red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) in Flanders
Biodiversity of litter ant communities of the Ceará (Brazil)
Ecology, distribution and control of the Coypu (Myocastor coypus Molina 1782) in Flanders (Belgium)
The new alder disease caused by a Phytophthora (Fungi)
Evaluation of management practices to optimise the ecological value of poplar plantations in Flanders (Belgium)
Morphology of Salix alba, S. fragilis and <i>S.</i> x <i>rubens</i> (Salicaceae) in Flanders (Belgium)
The Influence of regional processes at the mesoscale on forest plant community composition: a test for the existence of metacommunity dynamics
Study of mixed natural regeneration of white birch (Betulaceae) and scots pine (Pinaceae)
Development of nature-based decission support system for forest extension in river plains
Inventarisation and identification of invertebrates as ecological indicators in Flemish forest reserves (Belgium)
Evaluating the effect of Pleistocene climate changes on speciation patterns in selected African vertebrates
Experimental and comparative research on the effects of trampling on vegetation and soil in different plant communities
Large apes (Primates) densities in relation to vegetation structure and human pressure in the Dja and Mouloundou-Kika regions (Cameroon, C-Africa)
Study of below-ground (root) competition between young seedlings of scots pine (Pinus sylvestris, Pinaceae) in natural regeneration
Ecological study of the guild of the frugivorous and granivorous anmals (Aves, Megachiroptera, Primates, Rodentia) as possible seed dispersers and/or predators in the littoral rainforest of Ste Luce, SE-Madagascar
Impact of forest management systems on the biodiversity of three indicator groups (vascular plants, carabid beetles and breeding birds)
Medicinal plants from the forest region of Dja as suspected malaria antagonists (Cameroun, Central Africa)
The inselberg flora of Atlantic Central Africa: vegetation description, ecology,  biogeography and phylogenetic structure.
Monitoring the sustainable use of game species in Flanders (Belgium)
Status of wild Primula populations (Primulaceae, Angiospermae) in Flanders (Belgium)
Measurements of biodiversity in parks in Flanders (Belgium)
Multi-purpose species for agroforestry (East Africa)
Modeling spatial impact of tree species mixture on chemical characteristics of forest top soils
Indicators for plant species diversity and fragmentation impact there on in Flemish forests (Belgium)
Development of indicators and indices for forest plant species diversity and the consequences of fragmentation on forest plant species in Flemish forests (Belgium)
Developement of a framework to evaluate forest expansion as a possibility to increase nature developement in alluvial ecosystems
Preparation of a Red List of the marine, freshwater and terrestrial Molluscs of Flanders (Belgium)
Biodiversity of fishes in Gabon rainforest, one hundred years after Mary Kingsley
The vegetation of the Sonian Forest (Brussels, Belgium): area covering vegetation mapping
Inventory of the Asian chipmunk (Eutamias sibiricus, Laxmann 1769) in De Panne (Belgium)
Ecology of ground beetles (Coleoptera) in forests in Flanders (Belgium)
Selection of noble hardwoods (Quercus, Prunus, Acer, Fraxinus) in Flanders (Belgium)
Monitoring of conversion of homogeneous pine stands into mixed stands of pine, oak and birch in the Kempen natural region (Belgium)
Study of mixed natural regeneration in older scots pine (Pinus sylvestris, Pinaceae) plantation forests in Flanders sandy regions (Belgium)
Colonization of forest plants: relative importance of dispersal and habitat quality
Biosystematic study of tropical Rubiaceae with a focus on the tribes Pavetteae and Ixoreae and on Malagasy representatives of the family
Changes in biodiversity in relation to plantation duration of poplar trees, a case study with springtails (Collembola, Insecta) and herbaceous vegetation
Basic inventory of four forest reserves in Flanders (Belgium): Hallerbos, Bos Ter Rijst (Pepingen), Wijnendalebos and Beiaardbos
Distribution patterns and vulnerability for recreation of a selection of biological indicators in the Kempisch Plateau natural region (Flanders, Belgium)
Ethnobotany of Quercus suber (Fagaceae) in Morocco
Economic valuation of forest ecosystems: Case study Heverleebos- Meerdaalwoud
Biodiversity indicators and sustainable management in parks
Management of big game, especially red deer (Artiodactyla, Mammalia), habitat use in a GIS
Effects of habitat fragmentation on the genetic variability of vertebrates in Belgium (Flanders) and Kenya (Taita Hills)
Beetle diversity and forest characteristics in Flanders (Belgium)
Systematics, taxonomy, ecology and ethnomycology of macromycetes (Fungi) of tropical Africa
Development of indicators and instruments for sustainable forest management
Taxonomy, systematics and chorology of the Dipterocarpaceae (Angiospermae) in Central Africa
Conservation of indigenous elm species (Ulmus minor, U. glabra and U. laevis, Ulmaceae, Angiospermae) in Flanders (Belgium)
Nematode communities in forest soils
Biogeochemical cycles of the mixed deciduous forest ecosystem (Aelmoeseneiebos, Gontrode, Oost-Vlaanderen) related to global change and sustainable development
Pitfall monitoring of soil dwelling invertebrates and color traps for flying insects in Flemish forests (Belgium)
Plant species and soil dynamics across ancient-recent forest ecotones: consequences for ecological restoration
Effects of landscape structure on the morphology, dispersal and gene flow of nine tropical forest bird species
Conservation, characterisation and usage of autochthonous gene sources of woody plants in Flanders (Belgium)
Vegetation dynamics of cork oak (Quercus suber, Fagaceae) forests in Morocco and genetic diversity of cork oak in Morocco and Spain
Mangrove vegetation structure dynamics and regeneration
Wood anatomy as an ecological evaluation tool for the environmental issues of Asian monsoon region
Development of a monitoring methodology for strict forest reserves in Flanders (Belgium)
Predator-prey relationships between Thanasimus formicarius (Cleridae, Coleoptera, Insecta), Ips typographus and Ips sexdentatus (Coleoptera, Scolytidae)
Wood anatomical and dendrochronological aspects of oak decline in the Flemish region (Belgium)
Diversity (genetic, morphologic and phenologic) and mating systems of black poplar (Populus nigra): strategies for conservation of Black poplar and restoration of populations in the Meuse Valley (Flanders, Belgium)
Germplasm collection, characterisation and crop development of locally used fruit species in southern Ecuador
Genetic diversity in natural plant populations
Spatial and temporal distribution of forest plant species in fragmented habitats in Flanders (Belgium)
Oak decline in forest ecosystems in Wallonia (Belgium)
Intensive monitoring of eight experimental forest stands for trees' health status, growth, soil conditions, atmospheric deposits and evolution of the herbaceous layer
Sustainable management at landscape level
Phytodiversity in relation with ecological and patrimonial values
Ecology of the hymenopteran parasitoids of Ips typographus and Ips sexdentatus (Scolytidae, Coleoptera, Insecta)
Phytopathological research on oak decline in the Flemish Region (Belgium)
Genetic diversity in forest plants with contrasting life strategies in Belgium
Management of urban forest semi-natural areas in the Brussels region (Belgium)
Use and management of &quot;wild&quot; food plants in southern Ecuador
Monitoring of the fungal and lichen flora from the Brussels Capital Region
Spatial ecology in conifer bark-beetles (Coleoptera)
Seed predation by harvester ants in Mediterranean ecosystems
Increasing ecological value of the Sonian Forest of Brussels (Belgium) through small scale management in recently established nature reserves
Spatial ecology of forest and urban insect pest
Effects of habitat fragmentation on dispersal and population dynamics of european red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris L. 1758)
Biodiversity of weevil communities (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in tropical environments, rainforests in particular, its origin, maintenance and conservation
Population biology and genetics of Sorbus aucuparia (Rosaceae) in Europe
The use of butterflies (Lepidoptera) as indicators for evolution in the tropical rainforest of East and West Africa
Calculating the biodiversity of regions in tropical Africa by means of the moth fauna (Lepidoptera)
Selection and breeding of noble hardwoods (Quercus, Prunus, Fraxinus) in Flanders (Belgium)
Preparation of identification keys to African spider families and subfamilies
Study of the spider fauna with respect to the restauration of tropical rainforest in Ivory Coast
Assessment and management modelling of woody vegetation in a forest zone in southern Senegal
Biogeography of bees and bumblebees (Hymenoptera Aculeata, Apoidea) in Wallonia (Belgium)
Tritrophic relationships in the system Picea sp. (Gymnospermae) - Dendroctonus punctatus (Coleoptera) - Hapalaraea sp. (Coleoptera)
Faunistics and ecology of dragonflies (Odonata) in Papua New Guinea
Monitoring of flora and vegetation in managed nature reserves in the Zoniën forest (Belgium)
Analysis of environmental information stored in lignified tissues
Ticks (Ixodida, Acari) as vectors of Lyme disease in Belgium
Patterns of genetic variation in animal populations in fragmented habitats
Seed bank of wild plants specific for the phytogeographical districts of Belgium
Taxonomy of tropical Polyporaceae and Hyphomycetes (Fungi)
Compiling a database of the freshwater molluscs in Belgium
Monitoring of orchid populations in the Philippeville region
Inventory and monitoring of butterflies and dragonflies (Odonata) in Wallonia (Belgium)
Ecology, specificity, taxonomy and systematics of Laboulbeniales (Ascomycetes, Fungi)
Morphology and systematics of copepods (Crustacea) of Belgium
Taxonomy of the Xylariaceae (Ascomycetes, Fungi)
Phytogeographical links between Africa and Southwest Asia
Systematics, phylogeny, biogeography and conservation of Staphylininae (Coleoptera, Insecta)
Biogeography and community ecology of carabid beetles (Coleoptera) in Belgium
Impact of heavy metals on the species diversity of mycorrhizal Fungi
Ecology, habitat affinity and zoogeography of European Dolichopodidae (Diptera)
Population dynamics of red deer (Artiodactyla) in Wallonia (Belgium)
Evolutionary biology, taxonomy and biogeography of termites (Insecta, Isoptera)
Bryophytes of Belgium and Europe
Insularisation of birds in the western Indian Ocean isles, especially the Comoro Islands
Taxonomical revision of certain spider families
Phylogeny of the flowering plants with special emphasis on Gentianales, Dipsacales, Ericales and Dioscoreales
Identification of Poaceae
Belgian Biodiversity Platform
Biological Control
Multicriteria evaluation and comparison of integrated forest management alternatives
XYLOBIOS: Diversity, ecology and roles of saproxylic organisms in Belgian deciduous forests
INPLANBEL: Invasive plants in Belgium: Patterns, processes and monitoring
ECONET: Feasibility study of ecological networks: ecological, economic, social and legal aspects
FEFOCON: Environmental, social and economic feasibility of forest conversion
Biological evaluation and restoration of forest margins
Study on the diversity and resilience of canopy spiders in Afrotropical rainforests
ALIEN IMPACT: Biodiversity Impacts of highly invasive alien plants: mechanisms, enhancing factors and risk assessment
Study of the genetic variation, spatial organisation of genetic diversity and gene flow of an African tropical tree Pericopsis elata (Fabaceae)
SELNAT: How to make Natura 2000 work properly? Socio-economic, legal &amp; ecological management
Coordination and completion of the HBIS database in the context of the ecological network setting up in Wallonia
Population biology of the Japanese knotweeds: Alien invasive species of the genus Fallopia Adans. (Polygonaceae) in Belgium
Demography of two avian frugivores in a recently fragmented rainforest in south-east Kenya
Avian dispersal and settlement strategies in a fragmented Afrotropical cloud forest
Heavy metal pollution as a potential originator of reproductive isolation in wolf spiders
Relationships between developmental instability, environmental stress and inbreeding in two related butterfly species: an experimental study
Does habitat fragmentation affect the evolution of prey-capture, dispersal and aposematism in an Afrotropical webspider
Patterns and processes of frugivory in a fragmented afromontane cloud forest (Taita Hills, SE Kenya)
Adaptive plasticity of aeronautic dispersal in plants and arthropods
Arthropods as bio-indicators for habitat deterioration
Morphological and molecular-genetic characterisation of wild plum taxa in Flanders
Phylogeny and evolution of the genus Peperomia (Piperaceae)
Biodiversity and evolution of the giant genus Cyperus (Cyperaceae): Taxonomy and evolution of the Cyperus species (Cyperaceae) with C3 photosynthesis type
The Cyperaceae of Bénin for the &#39;Flore Analytique du Bénin&#39;
Molecular phylogeny and phylogeography of the genus Hydrangea sensu lato (Hydrangeaceae)
Monitoring structural attributes of trees and surrounding vegetation to detect and forecast status and changes in mangrove forests and assemblages
Diversity and biogeography of lichenized and non-lichenized fungi in four African Hotspots
An extinction debt for forest plant species in fragmented landscapes?- An integrated molecular and ecological approach
Action-2 Project “The spider fauna in the canopies of forests northwards and southwards from the central African rainforests: a study of biodiversity gradients”
IMPECVOC: Impact of phenology and environmental conditions on BVOC emissions from forest ecosystems
Genetic Diversity in River Populations of European Black poplar lor evaluation of biodiversity, conservation strategies, nature development and genetic improvement (EUROPOP)
Layout of an ecosystem-vision for the hilly region of Western Flanders (West-Vlaamse Heuvels)
Ecologie du paysage d’une zone de transition forêt-savane dans le département de Tanda (Est de la Côte d’Ivoire)
Evaluation et cartographie de la déforestation au Katanga (RDC)
Patterns and drivers of the diversity of the African rain forests
Pest risk analysis for invasive alien plant species (PRAVEG)
Providing access to biodiversity data on African Rodentia
Updating the database of the Belgian Arachnofauna
Inventorisation and valorisation of crops in Kisangani tropical forest
Potential vectors and reservoirs of the plague bacillus Yersinia pestis in the <b>West</b><b> </b><b>Usambara</b><b> </b><b>Mountains</b><b> (Lushoto district, </b><b>Tanzania</b><b>). </b>
Mosses of woods, heathlands and pastures in Flanders (BOSHEIMOS)
Conservation biology of amphibians : intra- and inter-specific diversity
FORBIO - Assessment of the effects of tree species BIOdiversity on FORest ecosystem functioning
Effects of distinct forest stands on substrate weathering and silicon flow towards the hydrosphere.
GEPAC: Contribution à l&#39;amélioration des processus de gouvernance environnementale et de Gestion Participative en Afrique Centrale
Layout of an ecological vision for the land-us planning project Brugse Veldzone (Western Flanders)
Effects of tree species induced soil acidification on litter and herb layer dynamics along a natural gradient of soil buffering capacity
Recruitment and performance of forest understorey plants in post-agricultural forests
Distribution Patterns of Introduced Plants Differ From Native Plants in Lowland England
Strengthening the scientific and technological capacities to implement spatially integrated land and water management schemes adapted to local socio-economic and physical settings
Biological Valuation Map
Comparison of insectivory by sympatric western lowland gorillas and chimpanzees in lowland rainforest, southeast Cameroon
Planning for Ecosystem Services (ECOPLAN)
Alter-Net 2, Working Package &#39;Interdisciplinary Research&#39;
Wild coffee species (Coffea; Rubiaceae) in central and West Africa
Ecological study and integration in the landscape of the motorway connection A27 (Verviers-Steinebrück)
CEECEC: Civil society engagement with ecological economics
Belgium Ecosystem Services : a new vision for society-nature interaction (BEES)
CcASPAR: Climate change and changes in Spatial structures in Flanders
Economical value of natural reserves: Case study Meldert Bos
Valuation of Terrestrial Ecosystem Services in a multifunctional peri-urban space (VOTES)
Development of Belgian REDD Information Systems (BE REDD)
FORSA - Forest resources modelling in the territory of ancient Sagalassos, South Anatolia, Turkey
Extensive management of grassland, impact on conservation of biological resources and farm output (EGRO)
VALUE Valuing attractive landscapes in the urban economy
Enhancement of forest ressources value
Economic Valuation of ecosystem services of (semi) natural landscapes for Cost-Benefit Assessments 
Ecosystem Services in Flanders: A new challenge for nature conservation?
Design and renovation of urban public spaces toward sustainable cities (DRUPSSuC)
Studies about ecosystems in Flanders
Woody vegetation for integrated gully erosion control in Tigray, Ethiopia
(STEP) Status and Trends of European pollinators
Economic valuation of forests: case study Heverleebos-Meerdaalwoud
Cost-benefit analysis of the location of new forest land
FunDivEUROPE: Functional significance of forest biodiversity in Europe


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