Systematics, taxonomy, ecology and ethnomycology of macromycetes (Fungi) of tropical Africa


Special interests in ectomycorrhizal taxa, the relationships between mycosociology and phytosociology, forest regeneration, biomass production and indigenous knowledge of taxa from the dry open forests (Miombo, forêts claires) in Western Africa. Systematics and taxonomy of african macromycetes south of the Sahara. In situ collecting, describing and photographing macromycetes for taxonomic and systematic studies in Flore Illustrée de champignons d'Afrique Centrale. Special attention is paid to ectomycorrhizal taxa. Recording and listing of all indigenous knowledge on edibility or other uses of african fungi. Recording of presence and abundance of macromycetes in permanent plots, mainly in open dry forests (Miombo, forêts claires). Special attention goes to ectomycorrhizal taxa and the relation with forest type and regeneration stage. Valorisation of non-timber forest products through the study of net biomass production of edible species in forest plots. Collaboration with local NGO's for all aspects of valorisation of fungi as NTFP's and sustainable forest managment.


terrestrial, distribution, macromycetes, mycology, systematics, taxonomy, ethnomycology, relations between mycocoenoses and open dry forest regeneration stages , Miombo, forêts claires, ectomycorrhizae, botany, ectomycorrhiza, mycosociology, phytosociology, biomass production, indigenous knowledge, dry open forests, Miombo, forêts claires, NTFP, sustainable use, forest regeneration, miombo, forêt claire, Ecology, Ethnobiology, Habitat management, restoration, Socio-Economy, Systematics and taxonomy, Savannahs, Forests, Pristine and relic forests, Systematics, Inventorying and Classification, tropical Africa, W-Africa, Benin, SE-Africa, Zimbabwe, macromycetes, Fungi, Boletales, macromycetes, Basidiomycetes


East Tropical Africa {Geographical scope}
South Tropical Africa {Geographical scope}
Zimbabwe {Geographical scope}
Forest {Habitat type}


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De Kesel, André member


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