Research Orgunit:BB|337

Section Fungi & Lichens
Domein van Bouchout Nieuwelaan 38




Name Role Start End
Bogaerts, Ann unknown
De Kesel, André unknown
Fraiture, André unknown
Ertz, Damien unknown


Name Role Start End
Taxonomic revision of the Paleotropical corticolous Opegrapha (Lichenes) unknown
Systematics, taxonomy, ecology and ethnomycology of macromycetes (Fungi) of tropical Africa unknown
Monitoring of the fungal and lichen flora from the Brussels Capital Region unknown
Taxonomy of Central African Macromycetes (Fungi) unknown
Taxonomy and ecology of Myxomycetes (Fungi) unknown
Management of Mycological Herbarium Collections unknown
Myxomycetes (Fungi) in Belgium, herbarium management and fieldwork unknown
Floristics of the Macromycetes (Fungi) of Belgium, mainly Flanders unknown
Systematics, ecology and floristics of Lactarius and Amanita (Fungi) in Europe unknown
Determination of fungi growing in buildings unknown
Floristics and chorology of Macrofungi in Belgium unknown
Ethnomycology in Africa unknown
Herbaria of Fungi BR unknown
Herbarium collection of Nannenga-Bremekamp BR unknown
Bibliography of Nannenga-Bremekamp Herbarium BR unknown
Lichen Herbarium of National Botanic Garden of Belgium BR unknown
Biodiversity of Antarctica member 2001-01-01
Lichenized fungi of tropics (LICTRO) member 2006-01-01
Reconstruction of the evolutionary history of fungi (LICMOL) member 2006-01-01
Lichen Flora of the Greater Sonoran Desert Region (LICSON) member 2004-01-01 2006-01-01
Contribution to the study of lichens and lichenicolous fungi in Belgium and neighbouring areas (LICBEL) member 2002-01-01
Fungus Flora of Tropical Africa (FFTA) member 1935-01-01
Chorology of macromycetes of Belgium and the Grand Duchey of Luxembourg (FUNGMAP) member
Morphological and molecular studies on the order Arthoniales, in particular on the genus Opegrapha (ARTHON) member 2002-01-01
Mycocoenological study of different types of forests in the South of Belgium (MYCOSOC) member 2007-01-01
Qualitative and quantitative ethnomycology in Africa (and extralimital areas) (KEKE) member 1997-01-01
Systematical en ecological studies of Laboulbeniales (Ascomycetes) from Belgium (LABOUL) member 1992-01-01
Systematics, ecology and floristics of macromycetes of Europe (FUNGEURO) member

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