Genetic Diversity in River Populations of European Black poplar lor evaluation of biodiversity, conservation strategies, nature development and genetic improvement (EUROPOP)


The main objective of this project is to advice managers of the riparian ecosystem how to restore and maintain wild populations of European Black Poplar. After restoration of the borders of the rivers, nature can develop and the biodiversity will be restored. These natural borders will have an important corridor function through which other nature conservation areas are connected. To accomplish the main objective the followed detailed objectives must be fulfilled: a. To develop strategies for the conservation of P. nigra and its restoration to riparian ecosystems based on the measurement of the genetic diversity in wild populations. b. To describe the genetic diversity within ex situ collections in order to evaluate the current state of conservation in Europe. c. To study key parameters of stand dynamics for in situ management and re-introduction strategies. d. To maintain population with a broad genetic diversity to ensure adaptation to changing environmental conditions and breeding programmes are provided with new genotypes. Within this project the genetic diversity of populations along eight river systems will be studied and the diversity, currently present in eight European gene banks will be evaluated. Key parameters of stand dynamics will be studied for in situ management and re-introduction strategies. Selection of new genotypes for breeding programmes is an important economic issue. The genetic diversity will be studied at different levels; morphological characteristics will be compared with isozyme patterns, polymorphisms on the chloroplast DNA and on the genomic DNA. Methods and techniques will be standardised so that data are comparable and can be used for general conclusions.


Black poplar, Populus nigra, genetic diversity, conservation, riparian ecosystem


Population and Ecological Genetics {Research discipline}
Life Histories (incl. Population Ecology) {Research discipline}
Management and Environment {Research discipline}
Environmental Management and Rehabilitation {Research discipline}
Conservation {Research discipline}
Genetic {Integration level}
European (EU) {Cooperation status}
Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable use of Biodiversity {Research orientation}
Terrestrial {Geographical scope}
Forest {Habitat type}
General Measures for Conservation and Sustainable Use {Research purpose}
Access to Genetic Resources {Research purpose}
Exchange of Information {Research purpose}
Identification and Monitoring {Research purpose}
In-situ Conservation {Research purpose}
Ex-situ Conservation {Research purpose}
Sustainable Use of Components of Biological Diversity {Research purpose}
Public Education and Awareness {Research purpose}
Magnoliophyta {Taxonomical scope}


Name Role Start End
Vanden Broeck, An member 1998-03-01 2001-08-01


Name Role Start End
Genetische bronnen member 1998-03-01 2001-08-01


Reference Role
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