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BeBIF: Belgian Biodiversity Information Facility
FishBase: a database on biological and applied aspects of all fish species
Phaseoleae - Phaseolinae seed collection - IPGRI base collection for wild Phaseolus and Vigna species
Phytogeographical links between Africa and Southwest Asia
Systematics, phylogeny, biogeography and conservation of Staphylininae (Coleoptera, Insecta)
Molecular evolution and phylogeny of protists and invertebrates
Ecology and biogeography of Anostraca (Crustacea)
Characterisation and identification of unusual pathogenic bacteria from human and animal origin
Ecology of plant-insect relationships
Sampling methodologies and techniques for invertebrates
Comparative studies of bioluminescence in marine organisms (Cnidarians, echinoderms and fishes)
(Agro)industrial Fungi & Yeasts Collection, BCCM/MUCL
Phenology of woody plants in the outdoor collections of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Variation of winter-hardiness of woody plants in the outdoor collections of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Biodiversity of the non-marine Ostracoda (Crustacea) of the World
Phylogeny of the flowering plants with special emphasis on Gentianales, Dipsacales, Ericales and Dioscoreales
Genetic Diversity in River Populations of European Black poplar lor evaluation of biodiversity, conservation strategies, nature development and genetic improvement (EUROPOP)
Patterns and drivers of the diversity of the African rain forests
Development of Belgian REDD Information Systems (BE REDD)
VALUE Valuing attractive landscapes in the urban economy
Economic Valuation of ecosystem services of (semi) natural landscapes for Cost-Benefit Assessments 
Distributed Dynamic Diversity Databases for Life
Central African Biodiversity Information Network


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