Study of the genetic variation, spatial organisation of genetic diversity and gene flow of an African tropical tree Pericopsis elata (Fabaceae)


The study of the genetic variability of commercial tree species are required essential one for the establishment of a forest management which takes account of the requirements of conservation of these species. Indeed, the knowledge of the genetic variability of a species is essential to establish good strategies of conservation. Nevertheless, few knowledge are available for the species of the wet tropical forest of Africa. Pericopsis elata is a commercial raised species considered as vulnerable (category IN A1 of the IUCN; appendix II of QUOTE). The project will aim at studying the diversity and the genetic variability of Pericopsis elata, using the markers microsatellites. The distribution and the spatial organization of the genetic diversity of the species will be mainly studied and compared with demographic and ecological studies in order to better understand gene flows (seed and pollen) and the modes of dispersion of species. Finally, we hope to better understand the factors which govern the distribution of the species and its recruitment. This study is a part of a collaborative project with the tropical and subtropical forestry laboratory of Gembloux Agricultural University and Hardy Olivier (ULB). This project aims to analyse the ecological factors and the dispersion processes responsible for the tree species diversity and for the genetic diversity of these species in tropical forest.  


genetic variation conservation Pericopsis elata gene flow microsatellite


Population and Ecological Genetics {Research discipline}
Conservation and Biodiversity {Research discipline}
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Genetic {Integration level}
Effect of Biodiversity on Ecosystem Functioning {Research orientation}
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West Tropical Africa {Geographical scope}
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Forest {Habitat type}
General Measures for Conservation and Sustainable Use {Research purpose}
In-situ Conservation {Research purpose}
Sustainable Use of Components of Biological Diversity {Research purpose}
Magnoliophyta {Taxonomical scope}


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Bizoux, Jean-Philippe promotor 2006-10-01 2008-10-01


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