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West Tropical Africa


Revision of Pauridiantha (Rubiaceae) and its allies from Continental Africa.
Revision of the genus Pauridiantha (Rubiaceae): a multidisciplinary approach.
Achieving development impact and environmental enhancement through edoption of Balanced Nutrient Management Systems by Farmers in the West-African Savanna (BNMSII).
Taxonomic-systematic research of the genus Lactarius (Basidiomycetes, Fungi) in Europe, tropical Africa, Asia and Australia.
Estimating population parameters in endangered afrotropical birds using temporal genetic samples. (BIRDGENOTEMP)
Evaluating the effect of Pleistocene climate changes on speciation patterns in selected African vertebrates
Fish biodiversity in the coastal zone: a case study on the genetic diversity, conservation and sustainable use in aquaculture and fisheries of black-chinned tilapia in West Africa
Preparation of identification keys to African spider genera
West-African Bufonidae (Anura, Amphibia)
Revision of the genera Coffea and Psilanthus (Rubiaceae) for Central and West Africa
Systematics and phylogeny of Neotropical and Afrotropical Cryptobiina (Paederinae, Staphylinidae, Coleoptera, Insecta)
Morphometric and genetic characterization of natural populations and cultured strains of species used in fish culture in West Africa
Systematic revision of the African spiny-eels (Mastacembelidae, Pisces)
Ecology of the African oil palm Elaeis guineensis (Palmae)
Long-term dynamics of shallow aquatic ecosystems in tropical Africa
Systematics, taxonomy and biometry of the mongoose genus Crossarchus (Carnivora, Mammalia)
Systematics, taxonomy and biometry of Cephalophus (Artiodactyla, Mammalia)
Taxonomy of African Tachinidae (Insecta, Diptera)
Floral nectaries, Systematics of flowering plants
Providing information services to partner countries under the Convention on Biological Diversity
Study on the diversity and resilience of canopy spiders in Afrotropical rainforests
Study of the genetic variation, spatial organisation of genetic diversity and gene flow of an African tropical tree Pericopsis elata (Fabaceae)
Monitoring structural attributes of trees and surrounding vegetation to detect and forecast status and changes in mangrove forests and assemblages
Wild coffee species (Coffea; Rubiaceae) in central and West Africa


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