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Monitoring of Biodiversity


BeBIF: Belgian Biodiversity Information Facility
Chorological and floristic database of the vascular plants of Flanders (Belgium) (Florabank)
Global change effects in high arctic ecosystems: experimental physical-ecological and paleo-ecological approach of tendencies in biodiversity and community structures
Ecotoxicology, pathology and trophic position of marine mammals of European coasts
Mangrove vegetation structure dynamics and regeneration
Identification of Poaceae
Adaptive significance of intraspecific diversity: paedomorphosis and cannibalism in polyphenic amphibians
Has biodiversity been overestimated?
Survey of the ladybirds (Coccinellidae, Coleoptera, Insecta) in Wallonia (Belgium)
ALIEN IMPACT: Biodiversity Impacts of highly invasive alien plants: mechanisms, enhancing factors and risk assessment
Conservation biology of an endemic methallophyte: Viola calaminaria
Study of the genetic variation, spatial organisation of genetic diversity and gene flow of an African tropical tree Pericopsis elata (Fabaceae)
Coordination and completion of the HBIS database in the context of the ecological network setting up in Wallonia
Population biology of the Japanese knotweeds: Alien invasive species of the genus Fallopia Adans. (Polygonaceae) in Belgium
Adaptive plasticity of aeronautic dispersal in plants and arthropods
Phylogeny and evolution of the genus Peperomia (Piperaceae)
Molecular characterisation and population dynamics of Gram-Positive bacteria associated with the production of Flemish artisan Gouda-type cheeses
HOLANT: Holocene climate variability and ecosystem change in coastal East and Maritime Antarctica
PONDSCAPE: Towards a sustainable management of pond diversity at the landscape level
AMBIO: Antarctic Microbial Biodiversity: The importance of geographical and ecological factors
MICROMAT: Biodiversity of microbial mats in Antarctica
Updating the database of the Belgian Arachnofauna
Mosses of woods, heathlands and pastures in Flanders (BOSHEIMOS)
Aggressive exotic mosses in Belgium (LOPHOSPREAD)
Geocalycaceae in “Mosses and Liverworts of Uganda” (GEOCALAFR)
Conservation biology of amphibians : intra- and inter-specific diversity
Non-native species of the Belgian part of the North sea and adjacent estuaries
Invasive speed of alien plant species related to plant traits and habitat characterisitcs
Distribution Patterns of Introduced Plants Differ From Native Plants in Lowland England
Image classification of the earth for a tropical forest cartography<a href="" target="_blank">
Biological Valuation Map
LifeWatch - E-science and technology infrastructure for biodiversity data and observatories
(MESMA) Monitoring and Evaluation of Spatially Managed Areas


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