Chorological and floristic database of the vascular plants of Flanders (Belgium) (Florabank)


Florabank aims to centralize all distribution and chorological data on vascular plants in Flanders (Belgium). Beside distribution data it also includes a database on plant trait of vascular plants indigineous or naturalised in Flanders. One of the major outputs of this research was the Atlas of Vascular Plants in Flanders which was published in 2006 (Van Landuyt et al. (ed.) 2006. Atlas van de flora van Vlaanderen en het Brussels Gewest. Instituut voor Natuur- en Bosonderzoek & Nationale Plantentuin van België i.s.m. Flo.Wer. Brussel, 1008 p.).


terrestrial, freshwater, brackish water, floristics, botany, database, distribution, chorology, phytogeography, biogeography, monitoring, ecological parameters, Biogeography, Bioinformatics and databases, Ecology, Estuaries, Streams, running waters, Ponds and lakes, standing waters, Bogs and fens, Heathland, moorland and tundra, Forests, Cultivated and artificial habitats, Monitoring of Biodiversity, Belgium, Flanders, vascular plants


Botany {Research discipline}
Species {Integration level}
National {Cooperation status}
Monitoring of Biodiversity {Research orientation}
Belgium {Geographical scope}
General Measures for Conservation and Sustainable Use {Research purpose}
Exchange of Information {Research purpose}
Identification and Monitoring {Research purpose}
Impact Assessment and Minimizing Adverse Impacts {Research purpose}
Lycopodiophyta {Taxonomical scope}
Magnoliophyta {Taxonomical scope}
Pteridophyta {Taxonomical scope}
Coniferophyta {Taxonomical scope}
Equisetophyta {Taxonomical scope}


Name Role Start End
Hoste, Ivan member
Vanhecke, Leo member
Van Landuyt, Wouter member


Name Role Start End
Flora of temperate regions unknown
OG Toestand en Verspreiding van Soorten member 1995-07-01


Reference Role
Van Landuyt W., Hoste I., Vanhecke L., Van den Bremt P., Vercruysse W. & De Beer D. (2006). Atlas van de Flora van Vlaanderen en het Brussel Gewest. Instituut voor natuur- en bosonderzoek, Nationale Plantentuin van België & Flo.Wer. Brussel, 1008 p. author
Maes, D., Bauwens, D., De Bruyn, L., Anselin, A., Vermeersch, G., Van Landuyt, W., De Knijf, G., & Gilbert, M. (2005) Species richness coincidence: conservation strategies based on predictive modelling. Biodiversity and Conservation, 14, 1345-1364. author
Van Landuyt, W., Vanhecke, L., Hoste, I., Hendrickx, F., & Bauwens, D. (2008) Changes in the distribution area of vascular plants in Flanders (northern Belgium): eutrophication as a major driving force. Biodiversity and Conservation, 17, 3045-3060. author

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