Global change effects in high arctic ecosystems: experimental physical-ecological and paleo-ecological approach of tendencies in biodiversity and community structures


The main question around which this program pivots is: how will communities of organisms deal with the expected warming in the Arctic? Several approaches are used: what is the present ecological situation (recent ecology ), what can we learn of the past communities (palaeo-ecology), and what is their response to a warmer microclimate (radiation-experiment). The studied organisms are higher plants, diatoms and testate amoebae.


Alaska, algae, algology, arctic regions, Bacillariophyceae, Belgium, biodiversity, biogeography, bogs, Canada, Chrysophyta, climatology, coastal, community structures, deserts, ecology, ecosystems, Europe, faunistics, fens, floristics, freshwater, global change, Greenland, heathland, High Arctic, human dimensions, ice and snow ecosystems, lakes, marine, microbial biodiversity, microcosms, moorland, paleo-ecology, paleontology, palynology, peatlands, phycology, polar desert, ponds, Protista, protistology, Quaternary, Rhizopoda, running water, standing water, streams, Svalbard, systematics, taxonomy, terrestrial, Testaceae, testate amoebae, tundra, wetlands


Origins, Maintenance and Change of Biodiversity {Research orientation}
Monitoring of Biodiversity {Research orientation}
Subarctic America {Geographical scope}
Alaska {Geographical scope}
Greenland {Geographical scope}
Svalbard {Geographical scope}
Dry and Sub-humid Lands {Habitat type}
Inland Waters {Habitat type}


Name Role Start End
Beyens, Louis promotor
Nijs, Ivan member 1998-01-01 2001-12-01


Name Role Start End
Polar Ecology, Limnology and Paleobiology unknown
Research Group of Plant and Vegetation Ecology member 1998-01-01 2001-12-01


Reference Role
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