Biodiversity indicators and sustainable management in parks


In this project we developped a method for the general monitoring of the biodiversity in (sub)urban parks. The method works along two lines, that of habitat diversity and that of species diversity. On the habitat level we measure the diversity inm diversity possible. On the species level we use the species number and diversity index of vascular plants, as measured in random sampling plots of 100 m² (for trees and shrubs) and 4 m² (for herbaceous vegetation). In addition we also use the species number of butterflies, amphibians and breeding birds. These numbers are compared with the total species number in Flanders, resulting in a saturation index per park for butterflies, amphibians and breeding birds. In this way 20 biodiversity indicators are obtained. The proposed method was applied to the municipal park of Loppem (West-Flanders, Belgium), from which the necessary time budget has been calculated.


terrestrial, biodiversity indicators, sustainability, sustainable management, structural diversity, parks, GIS, monitoring, park history, park functions, park typology, site unit, sampling methods, breeding birds, Ecology, Habitat management, restoration, Land cover and habitat mapping , GIS, Cultivated and artificial habitats, Monitoring of Biodiversity, 10. Human Dimensions, Flanders-Belgium, vascular plants, breeding birds, Aves, Insecta, Lepidoptera, butterflies, Amphibia


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