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Division Forest, Nature and Landscape Research isParentOf
Division Soil and Water Management isParentOf


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Merckx, Roeland leader


Name Role Start End
Role of polluant driven motility of xenobiotic degrading bacteria in biodegradation of hydrophobic organic pollutants in contaminated soils. unknown
The Influence of regional processes at the mesoscale on forest plant community composition: a test for the existence of metacommunity dynamics unknown
Seed dispersal by mowing and grazing in Flemish nature reserves (Belgium) unknown
Experimental and comparative research on the effects of trampling on vegetation and soil in different plant communities unknown
Status of wild Primula populations (Primulaceae, Angiospermae) in Flanders (Belgium) unknown
Measurements of biodiversity in parks in Flanders (Belgium) unknown
Development of a decision support system to evaluate afforestation as a strategy for nature conservation in river valleys unknown
Impact of ammonia-deposition on plant communities in Flanders (Belgium) unknown
Development of indicators and indices for forest plant species diversity and the consequences of fragmentation on forest plant species in Flemish forests (Belgium) unknown
Developement of a framework to evaluate forest expansion as a possibility to increase nature developement in alluvial ecosystems unknown
Selection of noble hardwoods (Quercus, Prunus, Acer, Fraxinus) in Flanders (Belgium) unknown
Colonization of forest plants: relative importance of dispersal and habitat quality unknown
Economic valuation of forest ecosystems: Case study Heverleebos- Meerdaalwoud unknown
Biodiversity indicators and sustainable management in parks unknown
Development of indicators and instruments for sustainable forest management unknown
Plant species and soil dynamics across ancient-recent forest ecotones: consequences for ecological restoration unknown
Vegetation mapping of the valley of the river Demer (Flanders, Belgium) unknown
Spatial and temporal distribution of forest plant species in fragmented habitats in Flanders (Belgium) unknown
Points and lines in the landscape (Belgium) unknown
Nature gardens (Belgium) unknown
Effects of site history on plant species diversity in forests (in Belgium and northern France) unknown
Nature management in forest areas in Flanders (Belgium) unknown

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