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Forest Ecology and Management working_with


Name Role Start End
Ryckeboer, Jaak post-doc 2006-02-01
Neerinckx, Simon PhD student 2006-10-01
Smolders, Erik leader
Merckx, Roeland unknown
Deckers, Jozef unknown
Diels, Jan unknown
Feyen, Jan unknown
Quevauviller, Philippe unknown
Raes, Dirk unknown
Springael, Dirk unknown
Vanderborght, Jan unknown
Wyseure, Guido unknown
Thomas, Van Nooten unknown
Klaartje, Vandersypen unknown
Jelle, Mertens unknown
Pieter Jan, Haest unknown
Jeroen, Gillabel unknown
Amery, Fien unknown
Bers, Karolien unknown
Abu El-Nasr, Ahmed unknown
Cheyns, Karlien unknown
Defrijn, Sven unknown
Degryse, Fien unknown
De Troyer, Inne unknown
Govaerts, Bram unknown
Hoorelbeke, Sofie unknown
Mertens, Jelle unknown
Philips, Jo unknown
Rossi, Joni unknown
Van Holm, Lieven unknown
Van Laer, Liesbeth unknown
Verstraeten, Willem unknown
Geerts, Sam unknown
Hamonts, Kelly unknown
Segers, Kaatje unknown
Sniegowski, Kristel unknown
Vancampenhout, Karen unknown
Verbist, Bruno unknown
Boonen, Miet unknown
Buekers, Jurgen unknown
Carrera Arellano, Oscar H.F. unknown
De Bièvre, Bert unknown
Debor, Linde unknown
Descheemaeker, Katrien unknown
Gillabel, Jeroen unknown
Haest, Pieter Jan unknown
Hernandez-Soriano, Maria Del Carmen unknown
Horemans, Benjamin unknown
Nyssen, Jan unknown
Ore, Solvita unknown
Ruyters, Stefan unknown
Vandersypen, Klaartje unknown
Wouters, Katinka unknown
Breugelmans, Philip post-doc 2007-10-01


Name Role Start End
Numerical assessment of the nitrate losses to the shallow drainage system and the underlying aquifer system at soil and regional scale. unknown
Identification and characterization of soil structural elements that define water flow and solute leaching at different scales. unknown
Influence of land use on the hydrological properties of volcanic soils in the high Andes region. unknown
Modeling soil organic matter fractions and soil aggregation using modular programming techniques. unknown
Determination of macroscopic hydraulic soil properties based on the structure of the pore network. unknown
Replenishing phosphorus capital in depleted soils of the central highlands and eastern region of South-Vietnam. unknown
Assessment of the mineral nitrogen concentrations in soil as a policy tool. unknown
Improved fallows by legume plants in Eastern and Southern Africa. Impact of soil biota improvement on bean and maize yields, soil organic matter dynamics and soil conservation. unknown
Biodegradation of methyl-t-butyl ether (MTBE) in gasoline contamined aquifers under in situ bioremediation conditions. unknown
Development of an integrated wetland monitoring scheme for the assessment of the effects of desiccation, acidification and eutrophication on ecosystem structure and function. unknown
Abiotic characterisation of vulnerable habitats with regard to desiccation, acidification and eutrophication. unknown
Experimentele en numerieke analyse van de zwaveldynamiek in de bodem. unknown
Risk assessment of agricultural intensification on N deposition on pristine forests and plantations in Southern Chile. unknown
Participatieve ontwikkeling en adaptatie van technologische innovaties voor het duurzaam beheer van bodem en water in Ecuador. unknown
Determination of key parameters for the sustainable management of irrigation of Quinoa. unknown
Evaluation of critical concentrations of metals in soil. unknown
Methodology for a multidisciplinary agroecological characterization in Syria at different scales with special reference to irrigated agriculture. unknown
Surface fluxes of carbon and soil particles and their relation with carbon sequestration. unknown
Metal fixation in soil: kinetics, mechanisms and its effect on metal bioavailability. unknown
Hydrological and pedological response to exclosures in the Tigray highlands, Northern Ethiopia. unknown
Improving phosphorus availability in strongly weathered soils by adapted legume - cereal rotations - determining the available P-pool by an enhanced assessment of the E-value. unknown
Towards a water balance- and heavy metals balance model for vegetated roofs. unknown
Soil conservation management in Southeast Tanzania. unknown
Selection of soils for copper and zinc toxicity studies. unknown
Invloed van de organische-stoftoestand van bodems op de erosiegevoeligheid. unknown
Begroting vban de evapotranspiratie en het bodemvochtgehalte als limiterende factoren van de fotosynthese op regionale schaal met behulp van een energiebalansmodel en teledetectiebeeldinformatie. unknown
Microbial utilization of solid sorbed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in soil. unknown
Effects of sludge applications on soil fertility and soil quality. unknown
Zinc toxicity to plants and soil microbial processes as affected by Zn availability. unknown
Achieving development impact and environmental enhancement through edoption of Balanced Nutrient Management Systems by Farmers in the West-African Savanna (BNMSII). unknown
Effects of biodiversity and climate warming on carbon sequestration mechanisms in terrestrial ecosystems. unknown
Role of biofilms in interspecies interactions and activity of a linuron degrading bacterial consortium: a strctural and functional analysis. unknown
Evaluatie van de fysico-chemische toestand van de vallei van de Winterbeek. unknown
Key processes and controlling factors in the storage of carbon in terrestrial ecosystems. unknown
Rol van biogeochemische reacties in de duurzaamheid van permeable reactieve wanden. unknown
Effects of elevated zinc concentrations in soil on the potential nitrification rate: identification of biological availability and mechanisms of tolerance. unknown
Development of a predictive model of bioavailability and toxicity of nickel in soils. unknown
Copper bioavailability in soils: development of a predictive model of bioavailability and toxicity of copper in soils. unknown
Particpatory discussion and experimentation platform for bridging the gap between academic research and stakeholders. unknown
Water flow and sulfate transport in agricultural soils. unknown
Key processes and controlling factors in the sequestration of carbon in soils of terrestrial ecosystems. unknown
Field-scale analyses of water flow and solute transport in furrows. unknown
Integrated soil fertility management strategies to enhance food security in the Central Highlands of Kenya (ZEIN2003PR287). unknown
Assessment of lead secondary poisoning to mammals and birds: proposal for a different approach. unknown
Zero-tillage als duurzaam productie-alternatief voor mais/tarwe bedrijfssystemen in de vulkanische hooglanden van de tropen. (Oost-Afrika). unknown
ICP: Water resources engineering. unknown
Water demand-supply and administrative management in medium sized irrigation schemes in the Sierra of Ecuador. unknown
Mountain irrigation: performance assessment and introduction of new concepts to improve the water distribution at field level. unknown
Soil biology, physics and fertility; their controls and effects on emissions of selected greenhouse gases. unknown
Secondary poisoning of nickel to marine birds. unknown
Integrated modelling of the hydrological cycle at different time and space scales. unknown
Land evaluation for land use planning and development of sustainable agriculture in South Vietnam. unknown
Diagnosis and remediation of soil degradation in the Austro Ecuatoriano. unknown
Bio-availability of aged polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in heavily contaminated soils. unknown
Analysis of the cadmium and zinc toxicity on nitrogen fixation in soil. unknown
Participatory agro-ecological characterisation in Syria. unknown
Experimental and nuemerical analysis of the soil water dynamics and the nutrient balance in wet alluvial plains. unknown
In situ mineralization and availability of phosphorus along a gradient of nutrient limited natural ecosystems. unknown
Behaviour and leaching of cadmium in sandy soils. unknown
Aggregation in highly weathered, tropical soils: the relationship with carbon sequestration and sustainable soil fertility. unknown
Comparison of ecosystem functioning and biogeochemical cycles in temperate forests in Southern Chile and Flanders unknown
Participatory research on small scale irrigation farms in South-East Tanzania. unknown
Nutrient management in EU countries. unknown
Experimental and numerical analysis of the transport and fate of nitrogen in groundwater abstraction sites for water supply. unknown
Role of biogeochemical reactions in the long-lasting of permeable reactive walls. unknown 2003-01-01 2006-12-31
Effects of increased zinc concentrations in the soil on the potential nitrification: identification of the biological availability and mechanisms of tolerance unknown 2002-10-01 2006-09-30
Decision-supporting tools for water consumers in collective irrigation projects. A case-study in the Office du Niger irrigation project (Mali) unknown 2004-01-01 2007-12-31
Stimulated reduction of dehalogenation of trichlorine-ethylene in the sub-soil: research of the velocity controlling parameters by the reactive transport unknown 2005-01-01 2008-12-31
The prediction of the influence of climate changes on soil organic matter dynamics over the entire soilprofile: a process and simulation study unknown 2006-01-01 2009-12-31
Experimental and numerical analysis of the soil hydrology and the nutrition balance in wettish valley areas. unknown 1999-01-01 2002-12-31
Participative agro-ecological characterization in Syria. unknown 1999-01-01 2002-12-31
Bacterial abiotic cellular stress and survival improvement network (BACSIN) member

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