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Comparison of ecosystem functioning and biogeochemical cycles in temperate forests in Southern Chile and Flanders co-promotor
Assessment of the mineral nitrogen concentrations in soil as a policy tool. member
Analysis of the cadmium and zinc toxicity on nitrogen fixation in soil. member
Replenishing phosphorus capital in depleted soils of the central highlands and eastern region of South-Vietnam. promotor
Effects of biodiversity and climate warming on carbon sequestration mechanisms in terrestrial ecosystems. promotor
Modeling soil organic matter fractions and soil aggregation using modular programming techniques. promotor
Risk assessment of agricultural intensification on N deposition on pristine forests and plantations in Southern Chile. promotor
Invloed van de organische-stoftoestand van bodems op de erosiegevoeligheid. promotor
Achieving development impact and environmental enhancement through edoption of Balanced Nutrient Management Systems by Farmers in the West-African Savanna (BNMSII). promotor
Improved fallows by legume plants in Eastern and Southern Africa. Impact of soil biota improvement on bean and maize yields, soil organic matter dynamics and soil conservation. promotor
Biodegradation of methyl-t-butyl ether (MTBE) in gasoline contamined aquifers under in situ bioremediation conditions. promotor
Development of an integrated wetland monitoring scheme for the assessment of the effects of desiccation, acidification and eutrophication on ecosystem structure and function. promotor
Abiotic characterisation of vulnerable habitats with regard to desiccation, acidification and eutrophication. promotor
Surface fluxes of carbon and soil particles and their relation with carbon sequestration. promotor
Improving phosphorus availability in strongly weathered soils by adapted legume - cereal rotations - determining the available P-pool by an enhanced assessment of the E-value. promotor
Key processes and controlling factors in the storage of carbon in terrestrial ecosystems. promotor
Rol van biogeochemische reacties in de duurzaamheid van permeable reactieve wanden. promotor
Key processes and controlling factors in the sequestration of carbon in soils of terrestrial ecosystems. promotor
Integrated soil fertility management strategies to enhance food security in the Central Highlands of Kenya (ZEIN2003PR287). promotor
Soil biology, physics and fertility; their controls and effects on emissions of selected greenhouse gases. promotor
Aggregation in highly weathered, tropical soils: the relationship with carbon sequestration and sustainable soil fertility. promotor
Bio-availability of aged polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in heavily contaminated soils. promotor
In situ mineralization and availability of phosphorus along a gradient of nutrient limited natural ecosystems. promotor
Effects of sludge applications on soil fertility and soil quality. co-promotor
Nutrient management in EU countries. co-promotor
The prediction of the influence of climate changes on soil organic matter dynamics over the entire soilprofile: a process and simulation study promotor 2006-01-01 2009-12-31


Name Role Start End
Department of Land Management and Economics leader
Division Soil and Water Management unknown

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