Smolders, Erik


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Name Role Start End
Evaluation of critical concentrations of metals in soil. promotor
Zinc toxicity to plants and soil microbial processes as affected by Zn availability. promotor
Effects of elevated zinc concentrations in soil on the potential nitrification rate: identification of biological availability and mechanisms of tolerance. promotor
Development of a predictive model of bioavailability and toxicity of nickel in soils. promotor
Metal fixation in soil: kinetics, mechanisms and its effect on metal bioavailability. promotor
Selection of soils for copper and zinc toxicity studies. promotor
Effects of sludge applications on soil fertility and soil quality. promotor
Copper bioavailability in soils: development of a predictive model of bioavailability and toxicity of copper in soils. promotor
Secondary poisoning of nickel to marine birds. promotor
Analysis of the cadmium and zinc toxicity on nitrogen fixation in soil. promotor
Behaviour and leaching of cadmium in sandy soils. promotor
Assessment of lead secondary poisoning to mammals and birds: proposal for a different approach. promotor
Effects of increased zinc concentrations in the soil on the potential nitrification: identification of the biological availability and mechanisms of tolerance promotor 2002-10-01 2006-09-30
Stimulated reduction of dehalogenation of trichlorine-ethylene in the sub-soil: research of the velocity controlling parameters by the reactive transport promotor 2005-01-01 2008-12-31


Name Role Start End
Division Soil and Water Management leader

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