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Urban Agriculture for food security and well-being in Butembo (North-Kivu - R.D. of Congo)
Management of thistles in verges of roads and waterways.
Land suitability assessment for food security planning in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).
Permeability of forest edges for non-forest plant species, related to anthropogenic and natural habitat variables.
Biodiversity of small landscape elements: influencing factors and functional processes, with special attention to the flora of hedgerow network landscapes.
The impact of habitatfragmentation and degradation on plnatpopulations in an agricultural landscape.
Development and Maintenance of a Geographical Information Service for the Directorate-General for Agriculture of the European Commission.
Methodology for a multidisciplinary agroecological characterization in Syria at different scales with special reference to irrigated agriculture.
SAFE General framework for the evaluation of the sustainability of Belgian agricultural systems
Study on the use of organic microfilms sprayed in situ to control weeds.
Plant-plant interactions and the control of phytomass in road verge vegetation.
Farming system analysis and land use evaluation towards sustainable land use in the loess hilly area of China.
Plant-plant relationships as a means of reducing the costs of road verge management.
Ecological interactions between rice and fish in concurrent rice-fish systems.
Interactions between rice and fish culture in concurrent rice-fish systems.
Vulnerable plant populations in agricultural landscapes: distribution, dispersal and genetic diversity as a basis for a functional habitat network.
Participatory agro-ecological characterisation in Syria.
Research and development of a decision support system for agri- cultural farms, development of a procedure to aggregate isofarms and isoland.
Participatory research on small scale irrigation farms in South-East Tanzania.
Population dynamics of Mastomys natalensis in different habitattypes: an experimental and theoretical study.
Protecting staple crops in eastern Africa: integrated approaches for ecologically based field rodent pest management.
Interaction between ecosystems: Nature reserves and intensive agriculture; Research about the effect of elevated N-deposition on the N-balance of soils forest soils by means of delta15N-measurements.
Nitrate removal in grassland riparian zones: an exploration via macro- and mesocosm studies and isotope signatures of nitrate.
The use of natural vegetation to restore soil fertility, reduce erosion and increase yields for local farming communities in the central highlands of Mexico.
Characterization of habitat types in Flanders for the biotopes coastal dunes, heathland, marshes, grasslands, mudflats and tidal marshes
Quantitative analysis of the transpiration of forests in comparison to pasture and arable land.
Characterization of habitat types for the biotopes scrub, roughage, pioneer vegeation, mantle and borderline vegetation
Nitrogen cycle and fertility transfers in crop rotations.
Use of local biodiversity resources for stored grain protection in Cameroun
Economic and managerial aspects of biodiversity.
System approach of sustainable farming
Development of techniques for biodiversity restoration in grasslands
Connectiviteit van bermen voor het klaverblauwtje in de provincie Limburg.
Connectiviteit van bermen voor enkele vlindersoorten in de provincie Antwerpen.
Seed dispersal by mowing and grazing in Flemish nature reserves (Belgium)
Selection and implementation of a set of environmental indicators for the agricultural sector of Wallonia (Belgium)
Relict populations along small landscape elements in Flanders (Belgium): from habitat characteristics analysis to dynamic modelling
Experimental and comparative research on the effects of trampling on vegetation and soil in different plant communities
Safoutier, Dacryoides edulis (Burseraceae) domestication and cultivation in the Central Province in Cameroon (C-Africa)
Phytogeography of the wild flora of agricultural landscapes in South and Central Bénin (Africa)
European ECP/GR Pyrus genetic resources database
Measurements of biodiversity in parks in Flanders (Belgium)
Multi-purpose species for agroforestry (East Africa)
Biodiversity sustainable agricultural management in the Condroz natural region (Wallonia, Belgium)
Preparation of a Red List of the marine, freshwater and terrestrial Molluscs of Flanders (Belgium)
Control of spider mites (Tetranychidae, Acari) in sugar beets (Chenopodiaceae, Beta vulgaris div. cultivar.)
Risk assessment of cereal crop contamination by mycotoxins in Belgium
Biodiversity indicators and sustainable management in parks
Taxonomy, behaviour and rearing of mites (Acari) associated with stored seeds in northern Iran
Detection of the sinuate pear borer (Agrilus sinuatus l., Buprestidae, Coleoptera, Insecta) in pear nurseries
Floristics of the Antalya, Burdur and Isparta regions in SW-Turkey (approx. C3 floristic region in DAVIS, Flora of Turkey)
Comparative biochemistry of maize resistance to aphids (Homoptera)
Plant diversity in grassland and on field margins
Germplasm collection, characterisation and crop development of locally used fruit species in southern Ecuador
Selection of an effective strain of a parasitoid hymenopterid in the biological control of cereal Aphids (Insecta)
Augmentation of natural parasitoid hymenopterid populations (Insecta) by strip management
Integrated and biological control in orchards and cereal culture
Sustainable management at landscape level
Phytodiversity in relation with ecological and patrimonial values
Genetic resources of crops, use of morphological and molecular markers
Propagation of seeds of native plants (grasslands and cereal weeds) from different regions in Wallonia (Belgium)
The distribution and spread of coastal plant species along inland roadsides in Belgium
Variation and adaptation of heavy metal tolerant plants
Use and management of "wild" food plants in southern Ecuador
Monitoring of the fungal and lichen flora from the Brussels Capital Region
Spatial ecology of forest and urban insect pest
Barriers of incompatibility of Vigna unguiculata (Fabaceae) and its wild relatives in Northern Africa
The impact of small dam constructions on the environment and the phreatic surface in northern Togo
Species-rich grasslands restoration, from the sowing to the biomass production
Detection of the apple bud weevil (Anthonomus piri Kollar, Curculionidae, Coleoptera, Insecta) in pear orchards
Use of entomopathogenic nematodes (Invertebrata) in insect control
Assessment and management modelling of woody vegetation in a forest zone in southern Senegal
Breeding systems: the case of a short-living perennial alternatively outbreeder-inbreeder, Phaseolus lunatus L. (Fagaceae), and its consequences for germplasm conservation
Screening for insecticide and acaricide resistant strains
Ecology of the African oil palm Elaeis guineensis (Palmae)
The use of homoclimates to determine the theoretical possibilities of cultural extension of Eminia holubii (Fabaceae) in the world, out of the natural area of the species
Genetic diversity in Phaseolus (Fagaceae, Leguminosae)
Patterns of genetic variation in animal populations in fragmented habitats
Inventory of Acari Phytoseiidae (Insecta) in apple orchards
Inventory of Homoptera Psyllidae (Arachnida) in apple and pear orchards
Impact of host plants on the genetic diversity of aphid (Homoptera) populations
Agro-meteorology in apple and pear orchards
Fruit trees virus detection
Genetic diversity of fungal phytopathogens
Weeds in Leguminous Crops in Sri Lanka
Multidisciplinary approach of the taxonomy of the genus Otacanthus (Scrophulariaceae): morphology, chemotaxonomy and physiology of the essential oil production, micropropagation
Survey of biological communities of derelict railways in the Walloon region (Belgium)
Monitoring of orchid populations in the Philippeville region
Biology, ecology and biocontrol potential of predatory Heteroptera (Pentatomidae, Asopinae; Anthocoridae; Miridae; Insecta)
Morphology and systematics of copepods (Crustacea) of Belgium
Taxonomy and ecology of weeds, especially Polygonum aviculare (Polygonaceae)
Inventory of spiders (Arachnida) in apple and pear orchards
Faunistics and floristics of old sand quarries and recolonization after exploitation
Inventory of Nevroptera (Insecta) from apple and pear orchards
Host range, ecological requirement and genetic diversity of Polymyxa spp. (Fungi), vectors of plant viruses
Plant viruses diagnosis
Population dynamics of earthworms (Lumbricidae)
Ecology, habitat affinity and zoogeography of European Dolichopodidae (Diptera)
Feeding ecology of carabid beetles (Carabidae, Coleoptera)
(Agro)industrial Fungi & Yeasts Collection, BCCM/MUCL
Biodiversity of carabid (Coleoptera, Insecta) fauna in agricultural ecosystems
Comparative germination ecology of Fabaceae and the genus Rumex (Polygonaceae, Angiospermae)
Insularisation of birds in the western Indian Ocean isles, especially the Comoro Islands
Integrated control of insect pests in orchards
Identification of Poaceae
Spot vegetation: desert locust (Orthoptera, Insecta) habitat monitoring
Adaptive significance of intraspecific diversity: paedomorphosis and cannibalism in polyphenic amphibians
Biological Control
Invasion and biodiversity in grasslands and field borders
BIOCORE: Conservation and restoration of fragmented biodiversity hot spots: Calcareous grasslands of South-Belgium
INPLANBEL: Invasive plants in Belgium: Patterns, processes and monitoring
MALUS: Studying apple biodiversity: opportunities for conservation and sustainable use of genetics resources
MANSCAPE: Integrated management tools for water bodies in agricultural landscapes
ECONET: Feasibility study of ecological networks: ecological, economic, social and legal aspects
Biological evaluation and restoration of forest margins
Implementation of the agri-environmental measures « flowered stretch » and « stretch of arable plants »: scientific support
ALIEN IMPACT: Biodiversity Impacts of highly invasive alien plants: mechanisms, enhancing factors and risk assessment
Growing halophytes in China for agronomic and ecological purposes: a case study for flowering deserts
SELNAT: How to make Natura 2000 work properly? Socio-economic, legal & ecological management
Coordination and completion of the HBIS database in the context of the ecological network setting up in Wallonia
Population biology of the Japanese knotweeds: Alien invasive species of the genus Fallopia Adans. (Polygonaceae) in Belgium
Feeding facilitation as a possible mechanism for coexistence between herbivores: the case-study of rabbits and large grazers
Adaptive plasticity of aeronautic dispersal in plants and arthropods
Morphological and molecular-genetic characterisation of wild plum taxa in Flanders
Biodiversity and evolution of the giant genus Cyperus (Cyperaceae): The C4 clade with laterally compressed pistil: Pycreus, <i>Kyllinga</i> &amp; <i>Queenslandiella</i>
The Cyperaceae of Bénin for the &#39;Flore Analytique du Bénin&#39;
Molecular characterisation and population dynamics of Gram-Positive bacteria associated with the production of Flemish artisan Gouda-type cheeses
MYCARBIO: Mycorrhizae impact on biodiversity and C-balance of grassland ecosystems under changing climate
Layout of an ecosystem-vision for the hilly region of Western Flanders (West-Vlaamse Heuvels)
Pest risk analysis for invasive alien plant species (PRAVEG)
Providing access to biodiversity data on African Rodentia
Updating the database of the Belgian Arachnofauna
Potential vectors and reservoirs of the plague bacillus Yersinia pestis in the <b>West</b><b> </b><b>Usambara</b><b> </b><b>Mountains</b><b> (Lushoto district, </b><b>Tanzania</b><b>). </b>
Induction, characterization and prediction of acaricide resistance by Tetranychus urticae : a preventive strategy
Interactions between plant secondary metabolites and parasitic nematodes (changed)
Key role of a induceable lectine in a new type of insect-plant interaction in tobacco
Evolution of parasitism genes by plant parasitic nematodes and the role of horizontal gene transfer
The exotic predator Harmonia axyridis in Flanders: a risk analysis
Study of the antiviral and antifungal activity of the ribosome-inactivating proteins from iris and elder in plants.
Mosses of woods, heathlands and pastures in Flanders (BOSHEIMOS)
Conservation biology of amphibians : intra- and inter-specific diversity
Study of the relationship between farmland biological activity and CO2 emissions
Study of the biological activity of biofilters substrates regarding pesticides residues
Study of the contribution of composts on the inorganic elements dynamics and microbial activity in acidic soils of Rwanda
Study of the leaching and streaming of meteoric waters on organic matters stocks on field borders
GEPAC: Contribution à l&#39;amélioration des processus de gouvernance environnementale et de Gestion Participative en Afrique Centrale
Layout of an ecological vision for the land-us planning project Brugse Veldzone (Western Flanders)
Distribution Patterns of Introduced Plants Differ From Native Plants in Lowland England
Intraguild predation by Harmonia axyridis on native coccinelid species
Strengthening the scientific and technological capacities to implement spatially integrated land and water management schemes adapted to local socio-economic and physical settings
Biological Valuation Map
Planning for Ecosystem Services (ECOPLAN)
Alter-Net 2, Working Package &#39;Interdisciplinary Research&#39;
Ecological study and integration in the landscape of the motorway connection A27 (Verviers-Steinebrück)
CEECEC: Civil society engagement with ecological economics
Belgium Ecosystem Services : a new vision for society-nature interaction (BEES)
CcASPAR: Climate change and changes in Spatial structures in Flanders
Valuation of Terrestrial Ecosystem Services in a multifunctional peri-urban space (VOTES)
ECOWORM - Erosion COntrol in arable land through the management of earthWORM communities
Sustainable agriculture: an integrated approach for communication between scientists and stakeholders
Agronomical, economic and sociological norms and indicators for sustainable farming systems
Study of the limits &amp; potential of systems &amp; techniques of integrated and alternative agriculture
AEMBAC Definition of a common European analytical framework for the development of local agri-environmental programmes for biodiversity and landscape conservation (ERO)
VALUE Valuing attractive landscapes in the urban economy
MUSICAL-Multifunctionality and local identity as paradigms for sustainable and competitive agriculture
(STEP) Status and Trends of European pollinators
Agrobiodiversity in flower-rich field margins


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