Impact of host plants on the genetic diversity of aphid (Homoptera) populations


The aim of this program is to analyse the influence of plant resistance on the DNA polymorphism of aphids, biotypes production and microspeciation. In the same context, the relationships between mites and plants are investigated. Moreover, the characterization of mite strain (Tetranychus urticae) by the use of RAPD-PCR, is now currently realized.


Acari, acarology, aphid control, Aphididae, bean, biological control, biotypes, Belgium, cultivated and artificial habitats, demography, Diptera, dipterology, dicotyledons, DNA polymorphism, endosymbionts, entomology, Fabaceae, human dimensions, Gamasidae, genetic diversity, genetics, Homoptera, Hordeum vulgare, host-plant relationships, Insecta, life tables, maize, Metopolophium dirhodum, monocotyledons, morphology, parasitoids, pathology, Phaseolus vulgare, Phytose, plant resistance, Poaceae, population biology, population genetics RAPD-PCR, predatory behavior, Rhopalosiphum padi, Sitobion avenae, Syrphidae, Tetranychidae, Tetranychus urticae, Triticum aestivum, tritrophic levels, varietal screening, vascular plants, Wallonia, wheat, Zea mays


Origins, Maintenance and Change of Biodiversity {Research orientation}
Belgium {Geographical scope}
Agricultural {Habitat type}


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Hance, Thierry promotor


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Ecologie des interactions et contrôle biologique unknown


Reference Role
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