Floristics of the Antalya, Burdur and Isparta regions in SW-Turkey (approx. C3 floristic region in DAVIS, Flora of Turkey)


Analysis of the flora and description of the vegetation of the Aglasun area near the archaeological site Sagalassos (Burdur province, SW-Turkey). Establishment of a reference collection for palynological research and the identification of plant macrorests.


floristics, terrestrial, archaeology, vegetation reconstructions, environmental history, palaeo-ecology, botany, Biogeography, Bioinformatics and databases, Ecology, Paleontology, Bogs and fens, Dry grasslands and steppes, Cultivated and artificial habitats, Origins, Maintenance and Change of Biodiversity, Monitoring of Biodiversity, Human Dimensions, SW-Turkey, Antalya, Burdur, Isparta, Sagalassos, Middle East, Asia, South-West Asia, vascular plants


Turkey {Geographical scope}
Agricultural {Habitat type}
Dry and Sub-humid Lands {Habitat type}


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Vanhecke, Leo member


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Flora of temperate regions unknown


Reference Role
Beuls, I., De Cupere, B., Vermoere, M. & Vanhecke, L., 1998. Dental microwear and the reconstruction of ovicaprine diets in Sagalassos (Burdur province, Turkey): a preliminary analysis.Internat. Conf. of ASWA, 28 June-3 July 1998, Paris. author
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