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Describing biophysical and optical characteristics of forests through computer modelling and visualisation. member
AFFOREST: Afforestation management in north-western Europe - influence on nitrogen leaching, groundwater recharge and carbon sequestration promotor
Forest rehabilitation through natural regeneration in Tigray, Ethiopia. promotor
Consistent assessment of LAI and quatification of spatial distribution of foliage in forest canopies based on digital hemispherical photography. member
Biodiversity of small landscape elements: influencing factors and functional processes, with special attention to the flora of hedgerow network landscapes. co-promotor
SAFE General framework for the evaluation of the sustainability of Belgian agricultural systems member
Hydrological modeling as part of the land use impact category in life cycle assessment. promotor
EDUBO Development of integrated indicators for the ecological aspects of sustainable forest management. promotor
Dispersal and recruitment of Olea europaea ssp. cuspidata in degraded Afromontane savanna : implications for forest restoration in the highlands of northern Ethiopia promotor
Scenarios of greenhouse gas reduction by carbon fixation and energy substitution: space requirement, environmental impact and cost efficiency. promotor
Scenarios for CO2 reduction through CO2-captation and energy substitution: spatial demand, environmental impact and cost- efficiency. promotor
Plant functional types of forest areas in the highlands of N-Ethiopia. promotor
ENCOFOR: Environment and community based framework for designing afforestation, reforestation and revegetation projects in the CDM methodology development and case studies. promotor
An integrated study of the success of invasive plant species. co-promotor
Water modelling as a part of  land use impact in LCA promotor 2002-01-01 2005-12-31
Effects of tree species induced soil acidification on litter and herb layer dynamics along a natural gradient of soil buffering capacity co-promotor 2008-11-01
FORBIO - Assessment of the effects of tree species BIOdiversity on FORest ecosystem functioning promotor 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
Forest and landscape modeling in the context of conservation and restoration of disturbed afromontane forest promotor 2009-01-01 2013-01-01
Development of Belgian REDD Information Systems (BE REDD) member 2010-01-01 2012-01-01
Productivity and genetic diversity of Wild coffee (Coffea arabica) in its center of origin, southern Ethiopia, in relation to forest management and land use member 2008-10-01 2011-09-01
SimForTree – A decision support tool for sustainable forest management based on ecophysiological analysis and simulation of the variability in tree development member 2007-01-01 2011-01-01
Sustainability assessment of alternatives for energy production from biomass in Flanders promotor 2007-01-01 2008-01-01
Dispersal and recruitment of African wild olive (Olea europaea subsp. cuspidata (Wall. ex G. Don) Cif.) in the highlands of Central-Tigray, Northern-Ethiopia promotor 2003-01-01 2006-01-01
Hydrological modelling in the context of life cycle assessments of land use systems promotor 2002-01-01 2005-01-01
Towards integrated catchment management in tropical mountain areas: the problem of sediment management, Paute catchment, Ecuador member 2001-01-01 2005-01-01
JATROPHABILITY member 2009-01-01 2011-01-01
BIOTROPHA member 2006-01-01 2010-01-01
FORSA - Forest resources modelling in the territory of ancient Sagalassos, South Anatolia, Turkey member 2002-01-01 2010-01-01
Bird communities as indicators of stand structural complexity in fragmented Afrotropical rainforests promotor 2007-01-01 2008-01-01
Soil conservation management in Southeast Tanzania. member 2002-01-01 2006-12-01
KLIMOS Research platform Climate and Development member 2009-01-01 2013-01-01
Predictive modelling of forest site quality on landscape and regional scale member 2007-01-01 2011-01-01
ENCOFOR - ENvironment and COmmunity based framework for designing afFORestation, reforestation and revegetation projects in the CDM promotor 2003-01-01 2007-01-01
Sustainable agriculture: an integrated approach for communication between scientists and stakeholders member 2003-12-01 2006-06-01
ECOWORM - Erosion COntrol in arable land through the management of earthWORM communities member 2005-01-01 2009-01-01
Woody vegetation for integrated gully erosion control in Tigray, Ethiopia promotor 2005-01-01 2009-01-01
be-REDDi member


Name Role Start End
Forest Ecology and Management leader

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