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Name Role Start End
SELNAT: How to make Natura 2000 work properly? Socio-economic, legal & ecological management co-promotor 2006-12-01 2009-01-01
Relict populations along small landscape elements in Flanders (Belgium): from habitat characteristics analysis to dynamic modelling promotor
BIOCORE: Conservation and restoration of fragmented biodiversity hot spots: Calcareous grasslands of South-Belgium co-promotor 2002-02-01 2006-04-01
ECONET: Feasibility study of ecological networks: ecological, economic, social and legal aspects co-promotor 2003-01-01 2004-12-01
Towards a water balance- and heavy metals balance model for vegetated roofs. co-promotor
Permeability of forest edges for non-forest plant species, related to anthropogenic and natural habitat variables. promotor
Plant-plant interactions and the control of phytomass in road verge vegetation. promotor
Plant-plant relationships as a means of reducing the costs of road verge management. promotor
Potential impact of future climate change on forest plant species and their communities. promotor
Social and ecological aspects of recreative trampling of various plant communities in Flanders. promotor
Study of the abiotic and biotic environment of the valley of the 'Drie Beken' (Flanders, Belgium) promotor
The effect of fragmentation on the biodiversity of heathlands. promotor
The impact of habitatfragmentation and degradation on plnatpopulations in an agricultural landscape. promotor
The relationship between distribution and abundance of plant species in plant communities: a test of the core-satellite hypothesis on different scale levels. promotor
Towards a better understanding of greening of buildings in an urbanized Flanders: façade green and wall vegetation. promotor
Vulnerable plant populations in agricultural landscapes: distribution, dispersal and genetic diversity as a basis for a functional habitat network. promotor
Life history traits of the northwest European Flora: a database. promotor
Management of thistles in verges of roads and waterways. promotor
Migration of forest plant species in a fragmented landscape: an ecological, population genetic and modelling approach promotor
Migration of forest plant species through a fragmented landscape: integrating local demography and regional dispersal. promotor
Opstellen van een classificatie van bosgemeenschappen in Vlaanderen. (B&G/09/2001). promotor
EDUBO Development of integrated indicators for the ecological aspects of sustainable forest management. member
Forest rehabilitation through natural regeneration in Tigray, Ethiopia. member
Dispersal and recruitment of Olea europaea ssp. cuspidata in degraded Afromontane savanna : implications for forest restoration in the highlands of northern Ethiopia member
An integrated study of the success of invasive plant species. promotor
B&G/12/2001 - Vegetated roofs. promotor
Biodiversity of small landscape elements: influencing factors and functional processes, with special attention to the flora of hedgerow network landscapes. promotor
Consequences of changes in disturbance regime on the composition and dynamics of forests on rich soils. promotor
De bossen van het Land van Turnhout: een historische ecologie. promotor
Design of an ecosystem vision for woods and haeth in the sandy region of Flanders. promotor
Design of an longterm ecosystemvision for nature-conservation in Flanders. promotor
Ecohydrological study on the Dijle valley north of Leuven. promotor
Ecologische inventarisatie en systeemvisie in het kader van integraal waterbeheer: perceel 4: stroomgebied van de Bosbeek. promotor
Effect of habitat fragmentation on plant diversity of calcareous grasslands. promotor
Effects of habitat fragmentation on the viability of forest plant populations: a demographic and genetic analysis. promotor
Historical ecological study of the Grotenhout forest. promotor
The impact of habitat fragmentation and degradation on plant populations in agrarian areas. promotor 2001-01-01 2004-12-31
Potential impact of the prospective climate change on forest plant species and their communities promotor 2003-01-01 2006-12-31
Consequences of alterations in disturbance regimen on the composition and dynamics of forest plant communities in forests with a abundant food supply promotor 2003-11-01 2007-10-31
Relic populations of plant species in small landscape elements : from habitat analysis to dynamic modelling promotor 2000-01-01 2003-12-31
Present and future population dynamics of black cherry (Prunus serotina Ehrh.) in forests on sandy soils co-promotor
The effect of phosphorous bioavailability on the recovery of plant communities in post-agricultural forests promotor 2009-04-01 2011-01-01
FORBIO - Assessment of the effects of tree species BIOdiversity on FORest ecosystem functioning member 2008-01-01 2010-12-01
Economic valuation of forest ecosystems: Case study Heverleebos- Meerdaalwoud member 1997-03-01 2000-02-01
Productivity and genetic diversity of Wild coffee (Coffea arabica) in its center of origin, southern Ethiopia, in relation to forest management and land use member 2008-10-01 2011-09-01
Dispersal and recruitment of African wild olive (Olea europaea subsp. cuspidata (Wall. ex G. Don) Cif.) in the highlands of Central-Tigray, Northern-Ethiopia member 2003-01-01 2006-01-01
Bird communities as indicators of stand structural complexity in fragmented Afrotropical rainforests promotor 2007-01-01 2008-01-01
Sustainable agriculture: an integrated approach for communication between scientists and stakeholders member
ECOWORM - Erosion COntrol in arable land through the management of earthWORM communities member 2005-01-01 2009-01-01
The influence of fragmentation on the diversity of heath areas promotor 2002-01-01 2005-12-01
Economic valuation of forests: case study Heverleebos-Meerdaalwoud member
SAFE General framework for the evaluation of the sustainability of Belgian agricultural systems member


Name Role Start End
Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation leader
Division Forest, Nature and Landscape Research leader

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