Ecology and control of forest and urban insects


Study of dispersal, chemical ecology (pheromones, kairomones), insect-host plant relationships, predator-prey relationships, parasitoid-host relationships and reproductive strategies in various native or introduced species of forest insects and pests of trees in urban areas. 


forest insects, ecology, control, urban pests, biological control, chemical ecology, pheromones, kairomones, dispersal


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Brahy, Olivier member
Delplace, David member
Jannin, Anaï member
La Spina, Sylvie member
Mayer, François member
Meurisse, Nicolas member
Gilbert, Marius promotor
Grégoire, Jean-Claude promotor
Piel, Frédéric member
Molenberg, Jean-Marc technician


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Lutte biologique et écologie spatiale member


Reference Role
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