Name Role Start End
Nutrients Cycling and the Trophic Status of Coastal Ecosystems (EUROTROPH) unknown
Molecular archives of climatic history: exploring patterns of genomic differentiation in endemic species radiations of ancient lakes (MOLARCH) unknown
From Sex to Asex: A case study on the interactions between sexual and asexual reproduction(SexAseX) unknown
Simplified and rapid molecular assays for diagnosis of Leishmaniasis and Human African Trypanosomiasis and parasite (sub-)species identification. unknown
European Network for Forest vegetation management : towards environmental sustainability unknown
Improving pikeperch larval quality and production by broodstock management and nutrition, husbandry and sex control unknown
European Network of Excellence for Ocean Ecosystems Analysis (EUR-OCEANS) unknown
High-resolution continental paleoclimate record from lake Baikal : a key-site for eurasian teleconnections to the north Atlantic ocean and monsoona system (CONTINENT) unknown
Tsetse flies and the control of African sleeping sickness unknown
MICROMAT: Biodiversity of microbial mats in Antarctica unknown
MODELKEY Models for assessing and forecasting the impact of environmental key pollutants on marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity unknown
Development, Evaluation and Implementation of a Standardised Fish based Assessment Method for the Ecological Status of European Rivers. A contribution to the Water Framework Directive (FAME) unknown
Biodiversity and reflexive governance: The collective learning as a contribution to democratic governance unknown
GEPAC: Contribution à l'amélioration des processus de gouvernance environnementale et de Gestion Participative en Afrique Centrale unknown
Biological Control unknown
Wild coffee species (Coffea; Rubiaceae) in central and West Africa unknown
AlterIAS-Increase awareness to curb horticultural introductions of invasive plants in Belgium unknown
Multi-species swards and multi scale strategies for multifunctional grassland-based ruminant production systems  (MULTISWARD) unknown
Distributed Dynamic Diversity Databases for Life unknown
Development of rye grass allele-specific markers for sustainable grassland improvement unknown
Extensive management of grassland, impact on conservation of biological resources and farm output (EGRO) unknown
VALUE Valuing attractive landscapes in the urban economy unknown
Advanced ecological farming systems (EFS) based on best practices with organic farmers pilot-groups (ECOFARM) unknown
AEMBAC Definition of a common European analytical framework for the development of local agri-environmental programmes for biodiversity and landscape conservation (ERO) unknown
Advanced Terrestrial Ecosystem Analysis and Modelling - ATEAM unknown
European biodiversity forum - implementing the ecosystem approach (BIOFORUM). unknown
Silviculture and wood science - CoForKo : Coopération Forestière / Forstliche Kooperation unknown
Tidal River Management unknown
System approach of sustainable farming unknown
ASEM Aquaculture Platform unknown
(NDGP) National Data Gathering Programme unknown
ENCOFOR - ENvironment and COmmunity based framework for designing afFORestation, reforestation and revegetation projects in the CDM unknown
Study of the limits & potential of systems & techniques of integrated and alternative agriculture unknown
European network of excellence for ocean ecosystems analysis unknown
PUMPSEA Peri-urban mangroves forests as filters and potential phyoremediators of domestic sewage in East-Africa unknown
Modelling land use change in Europe unknown
Alter-Net 2, Working Package 'Interdisciplinary Research' unknown
A classification framework for habitat status reporting with remote sensing methods (HABISTAT) unknown
Transmission and transformation of environmental savoirs in indigenous and mongrels groups unknown

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