North Sea seabirds and marine mammals: pathology and ecotoxicology


The laboratory is involved in a program to monitor causes of death of wintering seabirds and marine mammals, launched by the Belgian authorities within the framework of the 'Sustainable management of the North Sea'. Stranded and by-caught animals are regularly collected along the Belgian coast as well as that of neighbouring countries. Both seabirds and marine mammals are fully necropsied for possible lesions and pathologies. Toxicological analysis are performed for heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Fe, Cd, Pb, Ni, Cr, Hg and organic Hg), organochlorines (PCBs, pesticides) in target tissues (liver, kidney and pectoral muscle). For seabirds, the programme is mainly focused on the common guillemot Uria aalge, by far the most numerous wintering species along the Belgian coast.


Marine and coastal habitats, seabirds, marine mammals, strandings events, by catch, wintering season, Ascoban agreement, rehabilitation centres, ecotoxicology, pollution, contaminants, heavy metals, dioxins, stable isotopes, lipids, metallothioneins, pathology, lesions, Biological control, Ecology, Eco-toxicology, Pathology, Physiology, Monitoring of Biodiversity, Marine Biodiversity, North sea, Belgian coast, French coast, Dutch coast, Flemish Banks, Seabirds, marine mammals, Alcidae, Laridae, Uria aalge, Alca torda, Fratercula arctica, Rissa tridactyla, Larus ridibundus


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