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Marine and Coastal


Metapopulations of marine fishes: a case study of the sand goby Pomatoschistus minutus on the Belgian Continental Shelf.
Modeling migrations of marine juvenile fish between coastal zones and estuaries.
Metapopulation structure and dynamics of estuarine fish populations.
The impact of estuaries upon the goby Pomatoschistus minitus.
TROPHOS: Higher trophic levels in the Southern North Sea. Monitoring, biological interactions and dispersal.
The quantitative importance of the Scheldt estuary for marine fish populations: an analyse for the goby species Pomatoschistus minutus using geochemical tracers.
High resolution space-time modelling of the distribution of flounder, pleuronectes flesus, on an intertidal mudflat in the Scheldt estuary.
Biotic interactions in turbid estuarine systems
Aquaculture of marine species in Chile: biotechnological improvements for reliable and cost-effective production
Biogene mariene carbonaatskeletten als archieven van klimaatsveranderingen op wereldschaal.
Effect-evaluatie van perfluorverbindingen bij mariene en estuariene organismen.
Effecten van omgevingsstress op de genetische structuur van natuurlijke populaties van intertidale ongewervelden.
Het gebruik van Littorina als TBT biomonitor langsheen het Schelde estuarium en de Noordzeekust
Populatiegenetica van Europese alikruiken (Mollusca, Gastropoda: Littorinidae).
Karakterisatie van toxicologische werkingsmechanismen en effect-evaluatie van perfluorverbindingen bij mariene en estuariene organismen.
Relatief belang van blootstellingsroutes voor de accumulatie en effecten van metalen in benthische organismen.
Ecologische karakterisatie van Europese estuaria, het Schelde-estuarium als model.
Genetic characterisation of the periwinkles Littorina littorea and L. saxatilis along a pollution gradient in the Scheldt estuary.
Prokaryotic diversity in polar seas and Antarctic lakes.
Functional diversity and process rate: role of nematodes in organic matter decomposition in a brackish water habitat.
Quantification of carbon-, nitrogen-, phosphorus- and oxygenfluxes in the Westerschelde Estuary: integration of observations and numerical methods
Systematics and evolutionary biogeography of the genus Halimeda (Chlorophyta), with emphasis on the Indian Ocean.
A study of the free-living, marine nematodes from tropical and cold water coral structures.
The energy metabolism of the estuarine mysid Neomysis integer (Crustacea, Mysidacea) as a biomarker for endocrine disruption in estuaries
Ecology of fouling-organisms: a detailed study of Mytilopsis leucophaeata (Bivalvia, Dreissenidea)
Biodiversity of marine benthic communities along ecological gradients.
Meiobenthic biodiversity and fluxes within the Antarctic biogeochemical environment.
MARE-DASM: Marine Resources Damage Assessment and Sustainable Management of the North Sea.
MARE-DASM - The development of technical and legal procedures which allow to assess the damages caused to marine resources and to recover them from the polluter.
Taxonomic database of North Sea meiofauna.
Long term trends in the macrobenthos of the Belgian Continental Shelf.
Monitoring of large-scale Nature Development in the Integral Coastal Nature Reserve the Ijzermonding.
Biodiversity studies on seaweeds and echinoderms in the transition between temperate southern Africa and the tropical western Indian Ocean.
Seasonal variation of macro algae, macrobenthos and avifauna associated with intertidal hard substrates along the Flemish Coast.
Ecological monitoring of a coastal defense project
Characterization of habitat types in Flanders for the biotopes coastal dunes, heathland, marshes, grasslands, mudflats and tidal marshes
Evaluation of grazing management in Flemish coastal dunes.
Habitat-model extension.
Quantitative analysis of evapotranspiration of dune slacks: role of the vegetation.
Administrative and legal grounding for integrated coastal zone management.
Zeeschelde: evaluating the effects of the Sigmaplan, dredging activities and harbour expansion on the environment.
The ecology of fouling-organisms: a detailed study of Mytilopsis leucophaeata.
Interactions between meiobenthis biodiversity (in casu Nematoda) and tourism on three European sandy beaches.
Subfossil Chironomidae (Insecta: Diptera) as quantitative indicators for salinity and oxygen in African lakes, with applications in paleoecology and paleoclimatology.
Spatio-temporal variability and population dynamics of the Abra alba - Mysella bidentata community on the Belgian Continental Shelf.
The role of fungi during decomposition of reed (Phragmites australis) in the Schelde-estuary
Diatoms as indicators for Late-quaternary environmental history of Antarctica.
Marine biodiversity: the hyperbenthic fauna of continental slopes
Evolutionary biogeography and systematics of the Halymeniaceae (Rhodophyta) in the western Indian Ocean
Biodiversity and role of the interstitial benthos of two European sandy beaches.
Evolutionary biogeography and systematics of the marine benthic macroalgae in the Indo-Pacific region
Atlantic Coral Ecosystem Study.(ACES)
BIOMARE: Implementation and networking of large-scale long-term MARine BIOdiversity research in Europe
Analysis macrobenthic
Early warning system for mussels-fouling.
Functional and structural aspects of biodiversity in an estuarine detrital food web, with emphasis on free-living nematodes and their interactions with bacteria
Eco-hydrological study of the “De Putten” site
Tidal freshwater marshes as processors and sinks of nitrogen in estuaries: a whole ecosystem 15N-labeling study
Ecological characterization of European estuaries, with emphasis on the Scheldt estuary.
Research on the impact of the Sigma plan, dredging activitities and port expansion on the environment in the Zeeschelde. Partim 8 : study of the effects of water quality and tide on flooding areas of the Zeeschelde.
Research of the impact of the Sigma plan, dredging activities and port expansion on the environment in the zeeschelde: partim1: study of the water quality.
The role of a freshwater marsh in the silica cycle in the Schelde estuary (I)
Ecosystem modelling to support strategical environmental impact assessment for the Sigma plan.
'Monitoring van ontwikkelingen in slik- en schorgebieden in de Zeeschelde' in het kader van : 1) de baggerstortvergunning op de platen van Doel en Boomke; 2) het afgraven van de Ketenissepolder.
Nature development plan Scheldt estuary (NDP)
MANUDYN I - Macrophytes and nutrient dynamics in the upper reaches of the Schelde basin.
Synthesising all monitoring data of the Beneden Zeeschelde needed for the environmental license and development of a monitoring program.
The role of a freshwater marsh in the silica cycle in the Schelde estuary (II)
Pilot study in preparation of the spatial implementation of the EU Habitat and Bird directives in general and the conservation objectives in particular for parts of EU Bird directive site 3.6 and Habitat directive site 3.5 on the Left bank of the Schelde,
Zeeschelde L.O. te Kruibeke - Realisatie van een gecontroleerd overstromingsgebied; Opmaak van een integraal plan (o.a. t.b.v. de MER procedure).
Nutrient pathways at the continent-ocean interface and coastal eutrophication. The Scheldt-South Bight of the North Sea.
Study and modelling of coastal eutrophication in the Phaeocystis-dominated Southern Bight of the North Sea
Biology of echinoderm-based symbioses.
Conservation Targets for Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and Special Protection Area (SPA)
Colonisation patterns and processes of reconstructed brackish tidal marshes.
Functional role and characteristics of micro-organisms in Artemia (Bacteria)
Development of non-degrading, NOvel MArine TEChnologies (NOMATEC) for the sustainable exploitation and protection of Mediterranean marine resources
Systematics and evolutionary biogeography of marine macro-algae in the Indo-Pacific region
Nature development study of the 'Zuidelijke Groenzone' on the left bank of the river Scheldt (Flanders, Belgium)
FishBase: a database on biological and applied aspects of all fish species
The ecological importance of groynes and other hard substrates in the tidal area on the Flemish coast (Belgium), partim algae
IBOY-DIVERSITAS: LITUS: Interactions of biodiversity, productivity and tourism on European sandy beaches
The ecological importance of groynes and other hard substrates in the tidal area on the Flemish coast (Belgium), partim macrozoobenthos
Fish biodiversity in the coastal zone: a case study on the genetic diversity, conservation and sustainable use in aquaculture and fisheries of black-chinned tilapia in West Africa
Endocrine disruption in the estuarine invertebrate Neomysis integer (Crustacea, Mysidacea)
Biodiversity of marine algae and echinoderms in the transition zone between temperate and tropical South Africa
The collection Gustave Gilson as a historical reference framework for the Belgian marine fauna: a feasibility study
Biodiversity and seasonality of benthic macroalgae around Socotra, Yemen
Evaluation of the 'Paardenmarkt' marine site (Belgium, North Sea)
Functional biodiversity of aquatic meiofauna
Structural biodiversity along Ecuadorian sandy beaches
Structural and functional biodiversity of copepod (Crustacea) communities on the Belgian Continental Shelf (North Sea)
Seasonality of capture and growth rate of plaice, cod, haddock and saithe (Pisces) in the North Sea based on fossil otolithes
Preparation of a Red List of the marine, freshwater and terrestrial Molluscs of Flanders (Belgium)
Catalogue of the new marine Harpacticoid Copepods (Crustacea)
Ecotoxicology, pathology and trophic position of marine mammals of European coasts
Systematics and biogeography of Siphonocladales-Cladophorales (Chlorophyta, Algae) in the Indian Ocean
Mangroves and groundwater: research into a possible critical environment factor
Ecology of marine benthic protozoa, species composition of ciliate communities
Checklist of littoral Asteroidea (Echinodermata) of the Mombasa area, Kenya
Development of a database on Admiralty Bay benthos biodiversity (Antarctica)
Compilation of a database on Antarctic Amphipoda (Crustacea)
Monitoring of sandbanks on the Belgian continental platform by means of Nematodes
Macrobenthos, epibenthos and hyperbenthos of subtidal areas along the Belgian coast
Database of marine Nematodes of Antarctica
Ecofunctional biodiversity of benthic crustacean taxocoenoses in the Southern Ocean
The role of the Amphipod Crustaceans in the trophodynamics of benthic communities in the Southern Ocean
Community structure, habitat use, distribution and trophic role of benthic Amphipods (Crustacea) in the Southern Ocean
Development of a Biodiversity Reference Centre for Antarctic Amphipoda (Crustacea)
Microevolution in Echinodermata (Invertebrata)
Bioluminescence control mechanisms in ophiuroids (Echinodermata, Invertebrata)
Physiological study of ophiuroids (Echinodermata, Invertebrata) bioluminescence
The role of marine ecology in the development of a strategic environmental effect report for sustainable development of the coastal area: case study of Saldanha Bay (South Africa)
Intraspecific genetic variation of Pomatoschistus minutus (Pallas, 1770) and P. lozanoi (de Buen, 1923) (Pisces) from the Belgian and the European continental shelf
Ecology of harpacticoid copepods (Crustacea): structural biodiversity in tropical seagrass beds
Bibliography of the molluscs of Papua New Guinea
Microbiological aspects of the culture of Turbot larvae (Scophthalmus maximus, Pisces)
Larviculture of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus): zootechny, pathology and microbiology
Role of the picophytoplankton in the Antarctic ecosystem
Mangrove vegetation structure dynamics and regeneration
Free-living marine nematodes (Invertebrata) from the Indian Ocean
Intertidal hyperbenthos
Faunistics of the Echinodermata of the western Indian Ocean
Macrobenthic fauna of the Zeeschelde (river Scheldt, Flanders, Belgium), mainly Oligochaeta
Structure and dynamics of microplankton communities in the Schelde Estuary (Belgium, The Netherlands)
Ecology of estuarine fish communities in the Zeeschelde (river Scheldt, Belgium)
Nematode diversity in different bottom substrates in the Antarctic region: sponge spicule mats, bryozoan mats, sandy and muddy sediments, iceberg scours
Meiobenthos of hydrothermal sediments
Hyperbenthic communities of beaches: structure and interactions with demersal fish and epibenthic macro-Crustacea
The distribution and spread of coastal plant species along inland roadsides in Belgium
Revision of the genus Dictyota (Dictyotales, Phaeophyta) in the Indian Ocean
Ecology of Phelsuma-geckos (Reptilia) of Mayotte (E-Africa)
Microbial assemblages: comparative study of recent (oncolithes) and fossil (bacterial cover and bioherms) assemblages and their (paleo)ecological significance
Taxonomy and biogeography of Algae of the tropical Indian Ocean and the South Pacific
Ecology of the Gobiidae (Pisces) in a tropical mangrove ecosystem (Gazi Bay, Kenya)
Echinoderm biodiversity in tropical marine environments
Meiobenthos of intertidal and subtidal areas along the Belgian coast and the Westerschelde estuary
Taxonomy of Mysidacea (Crustacea), taxonomical databases
Macrobenthos of shallow intertidal and subtidal waters
Biological diversity of the freshwater and brackish water fish fauna from Cameroon
Molecular adaptation to low temperatures in two species of unicellular Algae (Chlorophyta, Chloromonas)
Feeding ecology of marine Nematods
Host-parasite relationships in sympatric gobiid species Pomatoschistus sp. (Teleostei, Pisces) in the Voordelta area (North Sea, the Netherlands): influence of ecological and phylogenetic factors
Historical limnology and paleolimnology of Flemish (Belgium) fresh and brackish waters in relation to nature conservation and management
Morphology and systematics of harpacticoid copepods (Crustacea) from the Gulf of Mexico
Phytoplankton ecology in the North Sea
Biomonitoring and restoration ecology of the river Scheldt (Belgium)
Ethnobotanical survey of the Namib desert
Phylogeny of Desmodoroidea (Nematoda, Invertebrata)
Larval biology of Echinodermata
Inventory of the freshwater and brackish water fish fauna of the protected nature reserve Mayombe in Congo-Brazzaville
Epibenthos of salt marshes in the Westerschelde estuary
Nature conservation in the marine and coastal environment. Overview and analysis of legal possibilities.
Parasites of the whitespotted rabbitfish (Siganus sutor, Siganidae, Pisces) off the Kenyan coast: distribution within the host population and microhabitat use
Research on light production processes (bioluminescence) in Echinodermata
Abundance, fluxes and effects of contaminants (metals, radionuclides, organics) in marine ecosystems
Morphology and taxonomy of terrestrial Nematodes of the Galapagos archipelago
Study of bioluminescence in echinodermata (Invertebrata)
Ecology of demersal fish species and larger epibenthic crustaceans in the coastal zone and estuaries in the SW-Netherlands
Taxonomy and identification of Bacillus (Eubacteria) and relatives
North Sea seabirds and marine mammals: pathology and ecotoxicology
Effects of groundwater on tropical coastal ecosystems
Population genetics of Teleostei (Pisces)
Eutrophication of coastal waters in Belgium
Ecology, specificity, taxonomy and systematics of Laboulbeniales (Ascomycetes, Fungi)
Morphology and systematics of copepods (Crustacea) of Belgium
Pacific coral cay islands vegetation
Systematics, phylogeny, biogeography and conservation of Staphylininae (Coleoptera, Insecta)
Taxonomy and biogeography of diatoms
Ecology, habitat affinity and zoogeography of European Dolichopodidae (Diptera)
Taxonomy and zoogeography of Holothurians (Echinodermata, Holothuroidea)
Comparative studies of bioluminescence in marine organisms (Cnidarians, echinoderms and fishes)
Genetic diversity in natural populations of water plants
Evolutionary ecology, systematics and population genetics of spiders in the Galapagos Archipelago (Ecuador)
Taxonomy, ecology and anatomy of boring Coralliophilidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in the Indo-Pacific Ocean
Taxonomy and geography of Dolichopodidae (Diptera) in Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea
Identification of Poaceae
Diversity, phylogeny, taxonomy and zoogeography of Rotifera
BALANS: Balancing impacts of human activities in the Belgian part of the North Sea
ECOTOX2: Effects of pollutants on benthic populations and communities of North Sea organisms
BIANZO: Biodiversity of 3 representative groups of the Antarctic Zoobenthos
TROPHOS: Higher trophic levels in the Southern North Sea
PELAGANT: Status, control and role of the pelagic diversity of the Austral Ocean
BWZee: A biological valuation map for the Belgian continental shelf
SPEEK: Study of post extraction ecological effects in the Kwintebank sand dredging area
REFCOAST: Typology, reference condition and classification of the Belgian coastal waters
BEWREMABI: Belgian shipwreck: hotspots for marine biodiversity
The Hinder Banks: yet an important region for the Belgian marine biodiversity?
Viability of the Northeast Atlantic harbour porpoise and harbour seal populations (genetic and ecological studies)
GAUFRE: Towards a spatial structure plan for sustainable management of the sea
SELNAT: How to make Natura 2000 work properly? Socio-economic, legal & ecological management
Effects of dune stabilization on life history, dispersal capacity and community structure of arthropods associated with Ammophila arenaria
Adaptive plasticity of aeronautic dispersal in plants and arthropods
Arthropods as bio-indicators for habitat deterioration
The Cyperaceae of Bénin for the 'Flore Analytique du Bénin'
Habitat Suitability model for the analysis and prediction of macrobenthos in the North Sea
COREPOINT - Coastal Research Policy Integration
MODELKEY Models for assessing and forecasting the impact of environmental key pollutants on marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity
Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning
Expeditie Zeeleeuw
Planet Ocean
CALMARS: Validation of alternative marine calcareous skeletons as recorders of global climate change
CALMARS II: Critical evaluation of marine calcareous skeletons as recorders of global climate change
HOLANT: Holocene climate variability and ecosystem change in coastal East and Maritime Antarctica
PEACE: Role of pelagic calcification and export of carbonate production in climate change
CLIMAR: Evaluation of climate change impacts and adaptation responses for marine activities
AMORE III: Combined Effect of Changing Hydroclimate and Human Activity on Coastal Ecosystem Health
INRAM: Integrated risk assessment and monitoring of micropollutants in the Belgian coastal zone
MICROMET: Microbial diversity and metal fluxes in contaminated North Sea sediments
WESTBANKS: understanding benthic, pelagic and air-borne ecosystem interactions in shallow coastal seas
BIANZO II: Biodiversity of three representative groups of the Antarctic Zoobenthos - Coping with Change
AMBIO: Antarctic Microbial Biodiversity: The importance of geographical and ecological factors
BELCANTO II: Assessing the sensitivity of the Southern Ocean’s biological carbon pump to climate change
BELCANTO III: Integrated Study of Southern Ocean Biogeochemistry and Climate Interactions in the Anthropocene
European Network of Excellence for Ocean Ecosystems Analysis (EUR-OCEANS)
Southern European Seas: Assessing and Modelling Ecosystem changes (SESAME)
Sea Ice Biogeochemistry in a CLimate change perspective (SIBClim)
Nutrients Cycling and the Trophic Status of Coastal Ecosystems (EUROTROPH)
LAQUAN: Late Quaternary climate history of coastal Antarctic environments: a multi-proxy approach
CCCC: Role of oceanic production and dissolution of calcium carbonate in climate change
AMORE II - Advanced modelling and research on eutrophication linking eutrophication and biological resources
CANOPY - Biogeochemical carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus fluxes in the North Sea
SISCO: Silica retention in the Scheldt continuum and its impact on coastal eutrophication
ENDIS-RISKS: Endocrine disruption in the Scheldt estuary: distribution, exposure and effects
North Sea Benthos Project
MICROMAT: Biodiversity of microbial mats in Antarctica
Updating the database of the Belgian Arachnofauna
Functional consequences and ecological implications of extreme morphological specialisation: design and function of the feeding apparatus in seahorses and pipefishes (Syngnathidae)
Eco-hydrological and socio-economical approach for the restoration of the lagoon Merja Zerga in Morocco.
Development of  ruling supporting techniques for assessment and management of  waterlines
Interaction between biodiversity of the meiobenthos (in casu Nematoda) and tourism on three European sandy beaches
Spatial and temporal genetic structure of the European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) based on microsatellite DNA and allozymatic markers
Molecular-genetic analysis of a zoöplankton-resting egg bank in a African lake : investigation of  patterns of extinction and recolonization of coexisting Daphnia-species
Diatomeeën as indicators for the late-quarterly environmental history of Antarctica : construction of a regional calibration-dataset and reconstruction of environmental changes on the basis of lake sediments
Climate fluctations, productivity and nourishment web structure in the Tanganyika lake
The influence of local versus regional factors during the colonization of new pools through zooplankton  factoren tijdens de kolonisatie van nieuwe poelen door zoöplankton
Development of neural network models for the prediction of macro-invertebrate communities for application in river management
Application and development of evolutionary algorithms in Artificial Neural Networks for the prediction of macro invertebrates in rivers
Role of a  freshwater hoarse in the silicon cycle in the Scheldt estuaria
Spatio-temporal variability and population dynamics of the Abra alba – Mysella bidentata community on the Belgian Continental Plateau
Efemeral neustonic macrofauna communities on floating seaweed (Belgian Continental Plateau)
Temporal variation in the meiobenthos along a bathymetric transect ('Hausgarten', Arctica): impact of climate oscillations.
The genetic architecture of predator induced defence mechanisms
The optimization of the mow management of waterlines.
The evolution response of a 'keystone species' in relationship with habitat degeneration and recovery management in a shallow lake
Converging patterns in cliff pool communities
Dynamic modelling of the effects of toxics on aquatic ecosystems
Reproductive, genetic and phenotypical variation patterns in relationship with toxicity by Pseudo-nitzschia pungens
Identification and characterization of the genes modulated during the sexual reproduction of diatomers
Ecological condition of hydrological different temporal wetlands in the Western Cape region.
Biodiversity and structure of pool communities as a hydrological gradient: a case-study in Hungary.
Habitat suitable models for the analysis and prediction of macrobenthos in the North Sea
Succession -and re-colonization mechanisms of the macrobenthos in slugs
The genomics of local adaptation in a marine demersal fish
Structural and functional biodiversity of copepod communities on the Belgian Continental Plateau (North Sea).
Micro and macro evolution of the marine ectoparasite Gyrodactylus (Monogenea, Platyhelminthes)
The evolution of host-parasite interactions in natural populations: Daphnia and her micro parasites as a model
Influence of differences in bio-available environment concentrations of copper on the physiology and population dynamics of freshwater algae and -crustacea
Copper homeostasis and -stress by the water flea Daphnia magna straus : relationship between bio-availability, physiological response and toxicity.
Genetic structure and genetic diversity of natural Daphnia magna populations : a research on European scale.
Diversity and process rapidity in a detritus food web: relationship between nematodes and heterotrophic bacteria in the decomposition of organic material.
Marine biodiversity: the hyperbenthic communities of continental inclinations
Molecular phylogeny, phylogeography and speciation mechanisms of Salicornia (PHYLOSAL)
Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in contrasting Southern European deep-sea environments: from viruses to megafauna
Non-native species of the Belgian part of the North sea and adjacent estuaries
Assessment of mangrove degradation and resilience in the Indian Sub-continent: the cases of Godavari Estuary and South West Sri Lank
MARE-DASM Marine Resources Damage Assessment and Sustainable Management of the North Sea
Sustainable production of mud crab (Scylla sp.) through enhancement in mangroves
A description of ecosystem services of the Schelde estuary and development of ecosystem goals based on natural functions of the estuary
FLOODSCAPE Creating new landscapes for flood risk management
CLIMAR Evaluation of climate change impacts and adaptation responses for marine activities
Operational Evaluation Tools for Fisheries Management Options
PUMPSEA Peri-urban mangroves forests as filters and potential phyoremediators of domestic sewage in East-Africa
Planning for Ecosystem Services (ECOPLAN)
Alter-Net 2, Working Package 'Interdisciplinary Research'
CEECEC: Civil society engagement with ecological economics
Belgium Ecosystem Services : a new vision for society-nature interaction (BEES)
Tidal River Management
CcASPAR: Climate change and changes in Spatial structures in Flanders
Risk analysis of marine activities in the Belgian Part of the North Sea (RAMA)
(SUMANOS) Cluster Sustainable Management North Sea
Economic Valuation of ecosystem services of (semi) natural landscapes for Cost-Benefit Assessments 
Ecosystem Services in Flanders: A new challenge for nature conservation?
Design and renovation of urban public spaces toward sustainable cities (DRUPSSuC)
Studies about ecosystems in Flanders
People for Ecosystem Based Governance in Assessing Sustainable Development of Ocean and Coast (PEGASO)
(AWARE) How to achieve sustainable water ecosystems management connecting research, people and policy makers in Europe (AWARE)
(MESMA) Monitoring and Evaluation of Spatially Managed Areas
Socioeconomic aspects of water pollution and contamination in the Scheldt river system, ground water and the Belgian coastal zone
SPICOSA - Science and Policy Integration for Coastal System Assessment
Social Cost Benefit Analysis for the actualization of the Sigmaplan and for the long term vision of the Scheldt (ProSes)
Social Cost-benefit analysis of development of coastal nature in the Hemmepolder
Costs and benefits of nature development in the Scheldt Estuary


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