Interactions between coastal pelagic and benthic food webs: modelling physical and ecological processes in a Mediterranean site


This project concerns a study of the interactions between trophic pelagic and benthic chains in the Calvi Bay (Corsica, France). A deep knowledge of these different ecosystems is nessecary (structure and functioning). The Laboratory of Oceanology studies especially the ecosystem of Posidonia oceanica


interactions, phycology, zoology, seaweeds, phytoplankton, zooplankton, oceanology, coastal pelagic food webs, benthic food webs, modelling, physical processes, ecological processes, oceanography, ecology, marine and coastal habitats, deep sea, macrobenthos, nutrients, pigments, fecal pellets, oligotrophy, eco-toxicology, bio-, chemistry and chemical ecology, pelagos, Posidonia oceanica, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, pollution, ecosystems, seagrass, Ecology, Oceanography, Marine and coastal habitats, Modelling, W-Europe, Mediterranean, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Corsica, Mammalia, Aves, Plantae, Posidonia oceanica


Name Role Start End
Goffart, Anne member
Hecq, Jean-Henri member
Bouquegneau, Jean-Marie co-promotor
Demoulin, Vincent co-promotor


Name Role Start End
Laboratoire d'océanologie unknown
Unité de recherche "Algologie, mycologie et systématique expérimentale" unknown


Reference Role
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