Selection and Implementation of a set of environmental indicators for the State of the Environment Report of Wallonia (Belgium)


Abstract: On the basis of a contract with the Directorate General of Natural Resources and the Environment (DGRNE) of the Walloon Region, the CEDD has developed a scientific and official way of reporting based on the use of indicators, for a synthetic and regular assessment of the environment. The objective of this new reporting scheme is to support decision-making processes through the provision of information on the state and trends of the various environmental components, the pressureof human activities, and the performance of policy measures according to environmental targets. This reporting scheme is designed in order to underline the relationships between the different environmental issues. It is the intention of the DGRNE topublish this "monitoring board" annually, and a first annual report is available since december 2000. In a first step, the CEDD has conducted a selection of pertinent indicators to be included in the annual report. In the second step, CEDD workedwith a partner (Institut Wallon, Namur) to collect the necessary data and elaborate the indicators as well as their interpretation.The CEDD has also contributed to the implementation of a new global structure of reporting within the DGRNE. This project, closely linked with the indicators project, aimed at identifying issues and setting goals for sustainable development within a coherent reporting framework, taking into account the international (mostly European) framework, as well as the local conditions.


sustainable development, indicators, policy-formulation, policy assessment, Land cover and habitat mapping , GIS, Socio-Economy, Not relevant, Human Dimensions, Wallonia, Belgium


Belgium {Geographical scope}


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Zaccaï, Edwin promotor


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Centre d'études du développement durable unknown


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