Research Orgunit:BB|115

Centre d'études du développement durable
Localisation: Campus du Solbosch Avenue Buyl, 145, 3e étage



Analyse de politiques d'environnement, Recherche théorique sur les concepts relatifs au développement durable, Consommation durable, Participation et Communication


Name Role Start End
Zaccaï, Edwin co-leader
Stengers, Isabelle co-leader
Wallenborn, Grégoire (permanent) researcher
Sebastien, Lea (permanent) researcher
Baudoin, Marie-Ange PhD student
Bauler, Thomas (permanent) researcher
Van Gameren, Valentine (permanent) researcher
MUTOMBO, Emilie PhD student
Goor, François unknown 1900-01-01
Godin, Marie-Céline unknown 1900-01-01
Frendo, Lise unknown 1900-01-01
Dozzi, Joël unknown 1900-01-01
Callens, Isabelle unknown 1900-01-01
Brahy, Vincent unknown 1900-01-01
Boulanger, Christophe unknown 1900-01-01
Gérard, Alexis (permanent) researcher
Kayitakire, François unknown 1900-01-01


Name Role Start End
Selection and implementation of a set of environmental indicators for the agricultural sector of Wallonia (Belgium) unknown
Selection and Implementation of a set of environmental indicators for the State of the Environment Report of Wallonia (Belgium) unknown
Indicators and environmental data unknown
Political Instruments of sustainable development and population role unknown
Scientific collaboration on an exhibition on sustainable development for the Belgian Royal Institute of Natural Sciences. (IRSNB) unknown
Sustainable development: concepts, principles, practices unknown
Scientific communication in the field of sustainable development unknown
Contribution to a methodology for a 'more responsible consumption guide' unknown
Opinion poll on sustainable development unknown
Establishment of agro-environmental indicators unknown
Contribution to the editing of the DGRNE activity reports unknown
Study of follow-up of impact studies in Wallonia unknown
Enhancing methodology and feasibility of Sustainability Impact Assessments (SIA) for the Belgian federal level member
Platform ''Indicators for sustainable development'' member
Surveys on the existence of a knowledge-base on sustainable development - 1999, 2002, 2005 member
Evaluation of the environmental policy-strategy for Wallonia member
Sustainable development policy-instruments and role of population member
Identification of prioritarian product categories for the federal environmental product policy member
Criteria and impulse for change towards sustainable consumption: sector-based approach member
Evaluation of policies related to biodiversity conservation and waste management in Benin member
Identification, selection and development of an environmental indicator dashboard for Wallonia member
Euromodel : Training in International Development Co-operation member
Participatory Prospective and Planning for Sustainable Development: analysis of approaches and initiatives member
Sustainable Consumption : What Role for Consumers member
Sustainable production and consumption patterns : The Belgian process member
CEECEC: Civil society engagement with ecological economics member
WellBeBe - Towards theoretically sound and democratically legitimate indicators of well-being in Belgium  member
CONstruction of ScENarios and exploration of Transition pathways for SUStainable consumption patterns (CONSENTSUS)  member 2006-12-01 2009-12-01
CONstruction of ScENarios and exploration of Transition pathways for SUStainable consumption patterns (CONSENTSUS) (PHASE II)  member 2009-01-01 2011-12-01
Climate change mitigation policies and social justice member 2009-09-01 2010-09-01

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