BCCM/LMBP Plasmid collection (including DNA libraries and microbial host strains


LMBP (Laboratory of Molecular Biology - Plasmid collection) is a node of the Belgian Coordinated Collections of Micro-organisms (BCCM), a non-profit consortium of seven complementary, research-based and government-funded culture collections serving the international scientific and industrial community.

Core activities at BCCM/LMBP

High-quality biological resources and related information are key elements on which the life science and the biotechnological research are built.

BCCM/LMBP meets these needs by

- ensuring the supply of quality-controlled, fully characterized plasmids, mainly designed for high-level expression of homologous and heterologous genes in bacteria, yeast, fungi, insects, plants or mammalian cells, as well as of their required and/or recommended microbial host strains and of unique DNA libraries, from fungal to human origin;

- accepting public deposits and as such offering scientists a pragmatic solution for a long-term preservation of their authentic biological resources and the distribution of these resources to the scientific community. The deposit is subjected to stringent quality control tests and the related information is electronically catalogued according to European norms, with explicit reference to the depositor and the original publication;

- protecting valuable biological resources against potential loss by maintaining them as confidential safe deposits

- offering storage possibilities for third party’s biological material

- accepting - as an International Depositary Authority under the provision of the Budapest Treaty - biological resources for patent purposes

These activities are quality guaranteed by an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system.

Other services at BCCM/LMBP

BCCM/LMBP continuously develops its scientific, technical and technological expertise making use of up-to-date techniques and information technologies. This expertise is combined with quality in service to meet our customers’ expectations.

In this context, BCCM/LMBP offers the N-glycan profiling service using the DSA-FACE technique in view of the analysis of complex glycosylation profiles of serum or other biological samples from animal or plant origin, as well the plasmid profile analysis service.


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Van den Bossche, Sylvie technician
Remaut, Erik co-promotor
Galle, Jeroen technician 2011-02-01
Vanhoucke, Martine curator


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