Long term monitoring of wintering geese populations in Flanders (Belgium)


Ecological study of wintering geese in Flanders, focussing on the factors infuencing numbers and distribution.


ornithology, waterfowl, bird census, wintering, grasslands, arable land, polders, IWRB, population trends, population ecology, colour rings, neck rings, terrestrial, Ecology, Marine and coastal habitats, Streams , running waters, Ponds and lakes , standing waters, Bogs and fens, Dry grasslands and steppes, Cultivated and artificial habitats, Monitoring of Biodiversity, Land cover and habitat mapping , GIS, Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity, Belgium, Flanders, Oostkustpolders, W-Europe, Aves, Anser albifrons, Anser brachyrhynchus, Anser fabalis, Anser anser, Branta leucopsis, Branta bernicla, geese


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