Phylogeography, population and eco-genetics of European marine and terrestrial molluscs


This research is conducted in collaboration with Carlos Brito and A. Frias Martins (the University of the Azores).


genetics, phylogeny and evolution, systematics and taxonomy, morphology, marine and coastal habitats, benthos, population, allozyme electrophoresis, morphometrics, DNA sequencing, Biogeography, Genetics, Systematics and taxonomy, Marine and coastal habitats, Morphology, Phylogeny and evolution, Marine Biodiversity, Origins, Maintenance and Change of Biodiversity, Systematics, Inventorying and Classification, Demography and life-history, Ecology, Forests, Cultivated and artificial habitats, Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity, Invasive Species and their Effect on Biodiversity, NE Atlantic, Mediterranean, Mollusca, Metazoa, Invertebrata, Pulmonata, Gastropoda, Arionidae, Carinarion, Helicidae, Leptaxinae


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Breugelmans, Karin member
De Wolf, Hans member
Jordaens, Kurt member
Van Riel, Patrick member
Backeljau, Thierry member


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Malacology unknown
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Reference Role
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