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Laudisoit, Anne PhD student 2004-10-01 2007-12-01
Verheyen, Erik unknown 2007-12-01
Verhagen , Ron unknown 2007-12-01
Verhaeghen, Katrijn unknown 2007-12-01
Van Gossum, Hans unknown 2007-12-01
Van Dongen, Stefan unknown 2007-12-01
Tersago, Katrien unknown 2007-12-01
Sluydts, Vincent unknown 2007-12-01
Rogival, Damien unknown 2007-12-01
Moerkens, Rob unknown 2007-12-01
Meulepas, Greet unknown 2007-12-01
Jordaens, Kurt unknown 2007-12-01
Helsen, Philippe unknown 2007-12-01
Durnez, Lies unknown 2007-12-01
Dillen, Lobke unknown 2007-12-01
De Winne, Koen unknown 2007-12-01
De Bruyn, Luc unknown 2007-12-01
Davis, Stephen unknown 2007-12-01
Bots, Jessica unknown 2007-12-01
Berckmoes, Veerle unknown 2007-12-01
Beernaert, Joke unknown 2007-12-01
Backeljau, Thierry unknown 2007-12-01
Neerinckx, Simon PhD student 2006-10-01 2007-12-01
Leirs, Herwig leader 2007-12-01
Sofie, Geenen unknown
Kennis, Jan (scientific) collaborator 2005-10-01 2006-10-01
Robles-Diez, Hugo unknown


Name Role Start End
Life history responses to time constraints and ecological constraints during the larval period in the damselfly Lestes viridis (I) unknown
Genetic differentiation in uniparental terrestrial slugs (Stylommatophora) (I) unknown
Population dynamics of Mastomys natalensis in different habitattypes: an experimental and theoretical study. unknown
Population genetics, phylogeography and conservation of the Azorean Leptaxinae (Mollusca: Pulmonata). unknown
Development of a conservation plan for insectivores in the Flemish community. unknown
Analysis of ecological and parasitological factors which contribute to the distribution and transmission of the tapeworm, Echninoccus multilocularis. unknown
Gene flow and effective population size in non-equilibrium conditions unknown
Protecting staple crops in eastern Africa: integrated approaches for ecologically based field rodent pest management. unknown
Conservation and evolutionary genetics of phytophagous endemic insects of the Galápagos islands. unknown
Systematics, phylogeography and population genetics of introduced and autochtonous populations of the hermaphroditic land slug Arion subfuscus (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Pulmonata). unknown
Evaluatie van beheersmaatregelen om de ecologische waarde van populieraanplantingen te optimaliseren. unknown
Ecological and genetical determinants of phally-polymorfism in land gastropods unknown
The relationship between growth rate and antiherbivore defences in higher plants. unknown
Investigation of the applicability of remote micro-video systems for behavioral studies of small mammals in the field unknown
Genetical and ecological influences on phenotypic plasticy for phally polymorfism in the land slug Deroceras laeve (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Stylommatophora) unknown
Life history responses to time constraints and ecological constraints during the larval period in the damselfly Lestes viridis (II) unknown
Genetic differentiation in uniparental terrestrial slugs (Stylommatophora) (II) unknown
Micro-evolutie en hybridisatie op de Galapagos eilanden: genetica en morfologie binnen en op de grenzen van een soort unknown
De effecten van zware metaal contaminatie op de trofische interacties binnen plant-insect-parasitoïd systemen unknown
<span><span>Soortgrenzen en mogelijke hybridisatie bij de Opuntia</em> snuitkever en zijn waardplant op de Galapagos archipelago</span></span> unknown
Haalbaarheidsstudie voor het gebruik van biosensoren en ontwikkelde randapparatuur bij de detectie van organische polluenten in het milieu en aanverwante toepassingen unknown
Ecologie van een knaagdiersoort met populatie-explosies: een moleculaire aanpak voor het onderzoeken van interne en externe factoren in populatiedynamiek. unknown
Fylogeografie van tweeslachtige landslakken in Europa (Mollusca, Gastropoda) unknown
Populatiegenetica van Europese alikruiken (Mollusca, Gastropoda: Littorinidae). unknown
Ontwikkelen van een moleculaire gegevensbank voor de forensische identificatie van Afrikaanse kleine zoogdieren. unknown
Densiteitsafhankelijke dispersie en overleving bij de veeltepelmuis Mastomys natalensis: beschrijvende, experimentele en modelmatige aanpak. unknown
Prevention of sanitary risks linked to rodents at the rural/peri-urban interface. unknown
Diagnostics and control of rodent-borne viral zoonoses in Europe. unknown
Maintenance and evolution of intrasexual colour polymorphism in damselflies. unknown
Micro- and macro-evolution of the threatened endemic giant Opuntia cacti</em>: conservation genetics on the Gal&aacute;pagos archipelago unknown
Demographic and population dynamic modelling of small rodents in semiarid environments. unknown
Co-existence of multiple female morphs in damselflies. unknown
Les rongeurs à Kisangani : patrimoine, peste et pilote unknown
Evaluation of management practices to optimise the ecological value of poplar plantations in Flanders (Belgium) unknown
Large apes (Primates) densities in relation to vegetation structure and human pressure in the Dja and Mouloundou-Kika regions (Cameroon, C-Africa) unknown
Safoutier, Dacryoides edulis (Burseraceae) domestication and cultivation in the Central Province in Cameroon (C-Africa) unknown
Changes in biodiversity in relation to plantation duration of poplar trees, a case study with springtails (Collembola, Insecta) and herbaceous vegetation unknown
Population trends and threats of Insectivora (Mammalia) in Flanders (Belgium) unknown
West-African Bufonidae (Anura, Amphibia) unknown
Sexual selection in Sympetrum striolatum (Odonata, Insecta) populations in the province of Antwerp (Belgium) unknown
Ecological and parasitological analysis of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes, Rodentia) population in Flanders (Belgium) unknown
Systematics, taxonomy, faunistics and ecology of Agromyzidae (Diptera, Insecta) unknown
Phylogeny and phylogeography of gastropod molluscs in relation to breeding systems, population genetics, phally polymorphism and conservation unknown
Systematics, taxonomy and biometry of the mongoose genus Crossarchus (Carnivora, Mammalia) unknown
Systematics, taxonomy and biometry of Cephalophus (Artiodactyla, Mammalia) unknown
Biochemical systematics, phylogenetics and phylogeography of African small mammals: shrews (Soricidae, Insectivora) and murids (Muridae, Rodentia) unknown
Ecology of plant-insect relationships unknown
Taxonomy and faunistics of the Chloropidae (Diptera, Insecta) in Belgium unknown
Ecology, zoonoses and conservation of mammals in Belgium unknown
Systematics, zoogeography and biometry of African Rodentia (Mammalia) unknown
Systematics, taxonomy and biometry of African Amphibia unknown
Systematics, taxonomy and conservation of European and African mammals unknown
Phylogeography, population and eco-genetics of European marine and terrestrial molluscs unknown
Population genetics and phylogeny of periwinkle (Littorinidae, Gasteropoda) unknown
Which forests are suitable for red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris, Rodentia, Mammalia)? unknown
Behavioural and ecological studies on dragonflies (Odonata, Insecta) unknown
Collembola of Belgium unknown
African small mammals (Insectivora- Rodentia) unknown
Tissue collection of African small mammals (Insectivora-Rodentia) for biochemical systematics and phylogeography unknown
Rodents of Papua New Guinea (Mammalia, Rodentia) unknown
Amphibia and Reptilia of Papua New Guinea unknown
Amphibia and Reptilia of tropical Africa unknown
Pitfall monitoring of soil dwelling invertebrates and color traps for flying insects in Flemish forests (Belgium) member
Ecology of ground beetles (Coleoptera) in forests in Flanders (Belgium) member
Geographical modelling of the distribution of bubonic plague in Africa: an ecological study on different scale levels member 2006-10-01
Providing access to biodiversity data on African Rodentia member 2007-02-01 2007-12-01
Pyrethroid resistance by malaria vectors: KDR-gene variation and detection unknown 2002-10-01 2006-09-30
Evolution of female colour polymorphism by dragonflies (Odonata, Zygoptera) unknown 2004-10-01 2008-09-30
Genetic differentiation by uniparental landsnail (stylommatophora) unknown 2000-01-01 2003-12-31
&quot;Life history&quot; response on time pressures and ecological pressures during the larval stadium of the dragonfly Lestes viridis.&quot; unknown 2000-01-01 2003-12-31
Population genetics and morphological variation of Littorinidae unknown
GeÔntegreerde, multidisciplinaire studie van speciatie en adaptatieve radiatie aan de hand van enkele zoˆlogische probleemgroepen uit terrestrische en lacustriene milieus. II unknown
GeÔntegreerde, multidisciplinaire studie van speciatie en adaptatieve radiatie aan de hand van enkele zoˆlogische probleemgroepen uit terrestrische en lacustriene milieus. I unknown
Macrogeografische variatie en populatiegenetica van Littorina striata en Melarhaphe neritoides (Mollusca : Prosobranchia) unknown

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