Adhesive mechanisms in marine invertebrates, especially echinoderms


Animal adhesive systems and biofouling: An integrated study -biomechanical, morphological, biochemical, molecular- of the processes involved in the adhesion of marine invertebrates to natural or artificial substrata.


adhesion, adhesive, behaviour, biochemistry, biochemical ecology, biological effects, cytology, ethology, fouling, functional morphology, histology, macrobenthos, marine biodiversity, marine biology, morphology, nerval systems, organism-substratum relationships, physiology, zoology, Asteroidea, Crinoidea, Echinodermata, Echinoidea, Gasteropoda, Holothuroidea, Invertebrata, Metazoa, Mollusca, coastal, coral reefs, marine, Africa, America, Asia, Atlantic Ocean, Europe, Indian Ocean, Indo-Pacific Ocean, Mediterranean, North Sea, Oceania


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Jangoux, Michel promotor
Flammang, Patrick co-promotor


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Centre interuniversitaire de biologie marine unknown


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