Jangoux, Michel


Professor {Researchers academic Title}


Name Role Start End
ECOTOX2: Effects of pollutants on benthic populations and communities of North Sea organisms member 2002-02-01 2006-04-01
Adhesive mechanisms in marine invertebrates, especially echinoderms promotor
Biology and cultivation of marine invertebrate resources promotor
Biology of echinoderm-based symbioses. promotor
Biology of invertebrate larvae and comparative biology of echinoderm larvae promotor
Description and comparison of the animal biodiversity in tropical zones and of mechanisms underlying its emergence and maintenance promotor
Echinoderm biodiversity in tropical marine environments promotor
Echinoderm biology promotor
Ecotoxicologic study of North Sea sediments using echinoderm larvae promotor
History of French travels of discoveries at the beginning of the XIXth century with a special interest for the Baudin expedition promotor
Larval biology of Echinodermata promotor
Symbioses and biodiversity in marine environment promotor
Systematics and phylogeny of echinoderms and of their symbiotes promotor
Basic researches in echinoderm biology (marine invertebrates). promotor
Biodiversity (zoogeography, systematics and bioecology) of echinoderms (echinoids and asteroids). promotor
Zoogeography, bathymetry, systematics and faunistics of the world echinoderm fauna (echinoids and asteroids) promotor
Basic research in echinoderm biology promotor
Bioecology of echinoderm populations in littoral marine ecosystems. promotor
Heavy metal ecotoxicology in marine environments promotor
Microbial bioconstructions: comparative study of recent (biofilms, bacterial mats) and fossil (oncoïds, bacterial tufts and mats, bioherms) bioconstructions and of their (paleo)ecological significances. promotor
Research on light production processes (bioluminescence) in Echinodermata promotor
Role of echinoderm populations in marine littoral ecosystems promotor
Sea-urchin and sea-cucumber cultivation. promotor
Relationships between carapid fish (Carapidae) and their hosts (Echinodermata and Bivalvia) co-promotor
Tropical Echinoculture: creation of a pilot eclosery at Madagascar promotor 1999-04-01 2003-01-01
Holothuriculture tropicale : établissement d'une ferme de grossissement d'holothuries comestibles à Madagascar member 2004-04-01 2008-01-01
Oceanography: Role of the benthos in marine ecosystems and effects of environmental pollution. II promotor


Name Role Start End
Centre interuniversitaire de biologie marine leader
Biologie marine leader
Musée de zoologie leader

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